My Favorite Running Gear Lately

It has been over two years since I shared some of my favorite running gear. I thought it was time for me to do an updated post on that topic, because things have changed a bit since then. Here are some of my favorite running things lately, with a bonus personal item at the end 🙂

Margarita Shot Bloks. I am a Honey Stinger lover all the way, but I tried these Margarita Shot Bloks with extra sodium to help with my summer long runs. I am a very sweaty runner, and I noticed these shot bloks helped a ton with cramping and keeping my electrolytes balanced. Even though it’s not as hot as it was in the summer, I still take these in the beginning of my long runs, a half pack at the 30 minute mark and the other half at the 1 hour mark. I feel like it really helps my body to frontload with the salt and electrolytes. Then I switch back to Honey Stingers for the rest of the run. This has worked very well for me and I plan to do the same at my marathon next week (eeek!).

photo 3

Zensah Compression Sleeves. I can’t remember when I got these sleeves, but they are a staple for me when it comes to long runs. I have always worn recovery socks after a long run, and then I started wearing the sleeves as well during the run. I feel like they keep my blood flowing which helps my legs stay fresh and not get as fatigued. I love them!

Amanda with her pink sleeves and me with my black ones!

Amanda with her pink sleeves and me with my black ones!

Experia Socks. I love these socks. They are pricey, but luckily my local running store has a buy 3 get 1 free deal. They are cushiony without being too heavy, and they always stay in place and never slip down (a huge pet peeve of mine). They also come in super cute colors (of course I’m wearing boring black in the picture…).

photo 1

Brooks Adrenalines for Long Runs. I love wearing my Brooks Adrenalines for long runs. After getting my running gait re-analyzed, I discovered that I don’t necessarily need such supportive shoes for my shorter, weekday running since I am not over-pronating as much. However, on my long runs I found out that I do still need the support for when I start getting tired and my form isn’t as strong.

photo 2

Asics GT2000 for Short Runs. These are the shoes I wear for my shorter runs during the week. I really like them because I feel like they fit me like a glove, and since they are less of a ‘support’ shoe they really allow me to run the way I am naturally meant to.

photo 1-1

My New Running Jacket. My aunt sent me this jacket for my birthday and I LOVE it. The brand is MPG, which I hadn’t heard of before she sent it to me. She actually got it at T.J. Maxx. It reminds me of Lululemon, very well made, cute colors, and nice features like a zip pocket in the back for gels/chews/a key, thumb holes, and even a hood! It’s very lightweight and perfect for fall long runs. I love it!


My Massage Stick. I have had a traditional foam roller for a while, but have been wanting one that could get deeper into my muscles and was more portable. I had heard of “The Stick” and tried it at my chiropractor’s office. I went to my local running store and got myself a Range Roller, which functions the same way as the Stick. I really love it and it works great at getting out those tough spots that can be tough to target with a foam roller.

photo 4

Run Pace Calculator App. This is just a simple app that is fun to play around with. I will use it to figure out how long it might take me to do a long run or a race at a certain pace. It also allows me to dream of goal times that I want to run sometime in my life, and the paces that I would have to run to get there.

photo 2

Running Blogs. There are 3 running blogs that I am loving lately: Hungry Runner Girl, Mile Posts, and Run Eat Repeat. When new posts from them pop up in my Feedly I always read them before other blogs. Janae, Dorothy, and Monica are super motivating and inspiring, entertaining, and REAL.

Screen shot 2013-11-01 at 9.16.32 PM Screen shot 2013-11-01 at 9.17.13 PM Screen shot 2013-11-01 at 9.18.33 PM

BONUS (Non-Running) ITEM: My Amazing Erin Condren Life Planner! Okay, so I am totally and completely Type A. I love planning, lists, and organization. Filling out my planner makes me overly excited. So when I discovered Erin Condren and her amazing life planners, I could hardly contain myself. They are not cheap (starting @ $50) but it was a birthday present from Kevin and for me, it’s worth it. It’s something I really enjoy and makes me happy 🙂



What new running gear (or personal items) are you loving lately? I am always looking for new things to get addicted to 🙂


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