OBX Marathon Training: Week 16

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I REALLY needed a confidence boosting week after last week’s disappointment with my knee and sickness. Although my overall mileage wasn’t high, I had some good runs that left me feeling encouraged again.

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Monday: Rest. I actually took a day off from school to rest and let my body work through the terrible head cold, congestion, and sore throat I was dealing with. I sent the baby to daycare so I wouldn’t get him sick too, and spent a day by myself on the couch (first time that’s happened in over a year!). I REALLY needed it. By the end of the day I felt much more rested and more like myself.

Tuesday: Rest. I woke up coughing, so I figured one more day of rest would be good.

Wednesday: 5 miles in 49:00 (9:48 pace). After a long run cut short and two days of rest due to a terrible sickness, I finally tried running again and it went well! My knee didn’t hurt but I could feel that it was ‘there,’ especially when I ran on sidewalk as compared to asphalt. I think it was smart to give it a few days of rest. It definitely feels better when I keep the pace slow too.


Thursday: Rest. We were up super late Wednesday night packing and preparing for our trip, and had more to do Thursday morning. I wasn’t able to squeeze in a run in between all of that.

Friday: 15 miles in 2:23:33 (9:34 pace). Since I went away to French Creek the night before, I decided to do my long run on Friday morning so I could get it over with before my friends arrived for the rest of the weekend. There were many reasons why this should have been a bad run. It was pouring rain. I slept badly on an uncomfortable mattress and did something to my neck. My knee hurt during my long run last week. I finally got my monthly friend back and it was back with a VENGEANCE! So many things against me, but I went out with a positive attitude and it ended up being amazing. It poured the first 7 miles, and I told myself I would just try to get to 10 miles and call it a day. 10 came and went, the rain slowly stopped, and I ran into my sister who was also out running. I ran with her for 2 miles and it made me SO HAPPY! She has just gotten back into running after completing the Couch to 5K program. After leaving her I realized I was only 3 miles from my original planned mileage of 15, so I went for it. I was so proud of myself (and completely soaked to the bone) when I was done. Physically and mentally I felt so strong. No knee pain, no stomach issues, didn’t have to stop at all, laser sharp focus. If only all long runs could be this way! It was just the confidence boost I needed before doing my last big long run (20 miles) next weekend!


Saturday: 1.5 hour hike. So much fun with my amazing friends!


Sunday: 3 miles in 28:41 (9:34 pace). Since I did my long run on Friday I was itching to run on Sunday evening. I was feeling heavy and gross after a weekend away with too much food and alcohol, and I just wanted to get out and move a little bit. It was raining lightly (two rainy runs in one weekend!) but it felt good. It felt like I was washing away all the gluttony from the weekend and flushing it out!

Week 16 Total:

  • Run: 23 miles
  • X-Train & Strength Training: stretching, foam rolling, 1.5 hour hike

I did really well keeping a positive attitude this week. Ever since I adjusted my marathon time goals I have felt a lot less pressure and stress, and have been enjoying my runs more. I can’t believe I have only one more week until it’s taper time. This training cycle has not been the best, but I am truly giving it everything I can with the circumstances I am under. I am hoping to get myself healthy (getting sick twice in the last month has been killer!), get my knee strong again and finish this marathon the best that I can. It helps that I already have my plan B ready to go… as of tonight I am officially registered for the Myrtle Beach Marathon on February 15, 2014! More details about that to come 🙂

Thought for the week…



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