OBX Marathon Training: Week 13

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Another week of training is behind me. We are now less than 7 weeks out and I am SO EXCITED because things are finally starting to turn around.

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Monday: Rest. I started coming down with a cold on Sunday night after my long run and I woke up feeling like I was hit by a truck on Monday morning. I took a much needed rest day.

Tuesday: Rest. I needed one more day to get over my nasty cold and congestion.

Wednesday: 5 miles in 46:37 (9:19 pace). On my plan today was a 5 mile progression run. I was excited to finally get out and run and motivated to have a better week than the last one. The first four miles were good, but I was intentionally taking it a bit easy since I had knee pain during my long run a few days before. At mile 4 my knee flared up again and every step was painful. I tried to hang on but I couldn’t push hard in the last mile like I usually do. My splits were 9:57, 9:20, 9:08, 9:06, 9:09. I ended the run feel discouraged and unsure what to do about my knee.

Before the run when I was still happy!

Before the run when I was still happy!

My knee hurt while walking, going up and down stairs, even while sitting down doing nothing. I decided to take some action about it, so I went to my chiropractor on the way home from work and had him check me out. He felt around and told me my patella (kneecap) felt like it had popped out of place and was sitting too low, causing friction with my tibia (shin bone). We are pretty sure this was a result of my fall when I put all my weight on that knee to break the fall. He did a very painful adjustment and immediately I felt relief. There was no more pain while walking- I was so happy and excited to try to run again the next day.

Thursday: 3 miles in 29:42 (9:55 pace). After yesterday’s run my knee hurt all day- So on this morning I tested it out, expecting it to be fine since I didn’t feel pain in my normal everyday activities. Wrong. It started hurting after only a few minutes and never went away no matter how slow I ran. I was hoping it was just sore from being misaligned for so long and getting adjusted and would continue to improve.

Friday: 4 miles in 37:25 (9:21). I was anxious to run to see if my knee felt any better. On the plan was 5-6 easy miles. This time I didn’t feel any pain until about a mile in, which was good because the day before it started immediately. The pain was much less severe and felt more like an annoying dull ache so I was able to run through it pretty well. Around 3.5 miles it started to get worse so I cut it short to 4 miles. So I did more than the day before with a lot less pain. Progress! I stretched and foam rolled a lot when I got home and hoped it would be all up from there.

photo 2

Saturday: Rest.

Sunday: 17 miles in 2:37:50 (9:17 pace). I had low expectations for this long run. After my chiropractor adjusted my knee on Wednesday it was slowly starting to improve but I wasn’t sure how it would hold up on a long run. I decided to go out and do as many miles as I could and promised myself if my knee hurt enough to change my gait I would stop right away. During the first 5 miles I felt my knee but it wasn’t painful, just an annoying feeling. Then miraculously, the feeling faded away and it felt 100% NORMAL again! I ran the next 12 miles in complete bliss, so happy to be running pain-free. I kept a good pace over a very hilly route and didn’t need to stop at all. I ended with 17 miles and I was able push myself in the last mile, running it in 8:17. I actually got teary-eyed during that mile because I was so happy. This is the farthest distance I have run since pre-pregnancy (Jan. 2012!) and I am so thankful to finally start feeling like my old self again.

photo 3-1

Although I loved this run there was one issue I dealt with toward the end. I have noticed lately that on runs over 10 miles the bottom of my feet start getting sore. This has only happened in the new shoes I got a couple of months ago (Asics GT2000), which are a less supportive style of shoe than I am used to. It got so bad during my 17 miler that I ended up getting a painful blister on the bottom of my left foot. I was concerned about this so I went to my local running store after finishing my long run to talk to them about it. A very nice and knowledgeable employee watched me run in my Asics and also my old Brooks Adrenaline that I wore to the store because my Asics were all sweaty. He told me he thinks I need more supportive shoes like the Adrenalines on long runs because as I get tired my form most likely breaks down (especially on my left side for some reason because that’s where I feel it the most) and I’ll need that support. He told me the Asics will be good for shorter runs, but to try my old Adrenalines for my next long run and see if that helps. He was so helpful and I really appreciated his help! I went home and spent the rest of the day doing a lot of stretching, icing, and foam rolling as preventative measures.

Week 13 Total:

  • Run: 29 miles
  • X-Train & Strength Training: none, but I did a LOT of stretching and foam rolling for once!

My goal for week 14 is to make sure I stretch and foam roll every day, and continue with my training plan hopefully without any more setbacks. My hope is now restored for the OBX Marathon. 7 weeks to go!

Thought for the week…

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