Mom & Baby: 12 Months

12 Months. One Year. WOW! I can hardly believe my little baby went from this…





Kevin officially turned 12 months on September 12th and just had his 1 year doctor’s appointment this past Thursday. He weighed in at 23 pounds even (50th percentile) and 31 inches (90th percentile). He wears 12 month clothing and the pants are starting to get a bit short, so we’ll be moving into 18 month sooner than expected I think!


He’s in cloth diapers full time now. No more disposables while we are out and overnight. We got tired of buying them so we just decided to take the plunge and use them all the time. It’s way easier than we thought and we’ve saved a bunch of money!

I love that big fluffy cloth diaper butt!

I love that big fluffy cloth diaper butt!

Here are the monthly comparison shots: 1 month to 12 months.

DSCN8365 DSCN8866 DSCN9329 DSCN9676

DSCN9841 DSCN0196 DSCN0334 DSCN0636

DSCN1015 DSCN1211 11 DSCN1676

This boy loves to eat. He eats 3 hearty meals a day plus a snack or two. Some of his current favorite foods are roasted red peppers, cheese, pancakes and waffles, goldfish, and mandarin oranges. Dairy has been fine and he eats yogurt and/or cheese every day.



photo 2

During his 12th month he was nursing 4 times a day: when he woke up, before his first nap, before his second nap, and before bed. When I went back to work a few weeks ago he would have a 5 ounce bottles of pumped milk before each nap. After his pediatrician appointment we got the go-ahead to start him on whole milk, so I am finally no longer pumping at work. Thursday was my first day of no pumping and it felt really strange. I’ve gotten so used to it over the past year! I wasn’t worried about engorgement issues because I also ran out of my Domperidone, and I knew my supply would go down as a result. So now I am nursing in the morning and before bed, and Kevin has been drinking milk from a sippy cup at meal times. At first he was very resistant to it, but now he gulps it down! So far so good in that department. I am fine with nursing him as long as he wants to, but I was just SO DONE with pumping. I do worry though that my supply will disappear now, and it makes me sad to think about not being able to nurse him anymore, especially because he is still interested. I guess I’ll have to wait and see what happens.


Sleep has finally gotten better this month. We had a really rough time the past couple of months. We didn’t know if it was due to teething, separation anxiety, lots of developmental milestones, or what.  He was resisting going to sleep at night and waking up a ton. He was also resisting taking his second nap. We finally figured out he was sleeping too much during the day, and with our babysitter’s help started to modify his nap schedule a bit. Now we only let him sleep for an hour in the morning and will wake him up at that point. Before he would nap for 2-3 hours in the morning if we let him. Then we let him sleep as long as he needs to in the afternoon (usually around 1.5 – 2 hours). Limiting his naps a little during the day has helped him sleep all the way through the night again. Now he’s sleeping from 7:00ish to 6:30 a.m. straight through. It’s AMAZING to get a good night’s sleep again!

He even falls asleep at the dinner table! :)

He even falls asleep at the dinner table! 🙂

He got his 6th tooth this month- completing the row of 4 up top. He has the cutest little smile now. It’s weird to see all these teeth in his mouth!

So many teeth!

So many teeth!

Brush, brush, brush!

Brush, brush, brush!

Unfortunately with these teeth came a little issue at daycare. I got the dreaded text no mom ever wants to get while at work… “Kevin bit another child today.” My heart sunk when I read that. I am pretty sure it was just an accident because he is really too little to do that maliciously, and he hasn’t tried to bite us at all in months. He hasn’t done it since either, and I’m crossing my fingers it doesn’t happen again!

photo 3

Our new book

Another big milestone this month- he took his first steps! He can now stand by himself for up to 10 seconds and can walk 3-4 steps from me to Kevin. He is getting steadier every day. He loves toys he can push around and practice walking with. I don’t think it will be long until he starts to walk unassisted.


Now that he is more mobile he is into EVERYTHING. He loves to climb and crawl and cruise and explore anything he can get his hands on. We are going to have our hands full once he’s walking!


Other physical developments include pointing and waving… at everything! He is constantly pointing and saying, “Eh?” at anything and everything he sees. He also waves hi and bye, and he loves waving to himself in the mirror. It is really adorable.


He has had a lot of cognitive development this month as well. I can tell his little brain is in overdrive lately, taking everything in and learning like a little sponge. He mimics everything we say and do. He learned how to play with all of his new birthday toys just by watching us show him one time. He’s so smart!


We have also definitely noticed that he understands certain words and phrases that we say. He understands what it means when we say come here, get your ball, no, high 5, hug, kiss, and lizard (he sticks his tongue in and out). He can also say a few words. His first words were yum and bye, aside from mama and dada. Now he can also say cat (“dat!”) and hi (“haaaa!”). It kills me every time I hear him try to talk.

What he does when I say, "Give a kiss!"

What he does when I say, “Give a kiss!”

We gave Kevin cake a couple times this month- first for his 1 year photo shoot, then a cupcake on his actual birthday (one for daddy too!), and a cake at his birthday party. Each time he dove in face first and didn’t even bother using his hands at first. It was hilarious! The boy loves his sweets just like his daddy (I’m more of a salty girl).




My body had a rough time this month. I fell while running (again) this month and have been trying to recover from it while dealing with some knee pain.

photo 4

Thankfully, things are finally on the mend now, and I’m happy to report that at one year post-partum I feel pretty much like my old self. I weigh the same as I did pre-pregnancy, and although my body doesn’t look like it once did, I’m not worried about it. I’m more focused on all the things my body is able to do (run marathons, give birth to a baby, etc.) than what it looks like. I still have my days where I feel self-conscious but I have come a long way when it comes to body acceptance.


I also chopped my hair this month which felt AMAZING! I was really tired of it always getting in the way, and Kevin was constantly pulling it.


My period still isn’t back regularly but I think that it will be soon since I’m off my medication now and my supply has dropped. It’s only a matter of time! Not looking forward to it but that’s life. I am actually going to start tracking them again using the Fertility Awareness Method like I used to. Now that the baby and I are both sleeping better it will be easier to track and take my temperature and all of that.

My big boy looking like a toddler

My big boy looking like a toddler


This month I made the transition back to work after an amazing summer off. I have been trying very hard to keep work and family separate. I work hard while I’m there and then I leave the stress there and focus on my family at home. It has been great for our family, and we are all happier and closer than ever.

Visiting the Liberty Bell

Visiting the Liberty Bell

My boys

My boys

I have already seen a difference in my overall mood and attitude because of this change. It also helps that I’m in a new position as a reading teacher which I really enjoy more than what I was doing last year. Plus in the back of my mind, even though I want to be home with the baby, I know that me working is the best choice for our family. It is what I need to do to provide for my family and allow us to live a good life and I’ve accepted that.

It's easier to go to work when your child LOVES daycare!

It’s easier to go to work when your child LOVES daycare!

Mentally and emotionally I’m also feeling proud.  I am proud for making it through one year of motherhood and raising a happy, healthy baby. Proud for sticking with breastfeeding and pumping and doing whatever it took to provide the best nutrition for him. Proud for learning to balance work, family, and taking care of myself over the past year. Proud of the mommy I’ve become.


One year down, many, many more amazing years to come!

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15 responses to “Mom & Baby: 12 Months

  1. Wow Katie. This an amazing 12 month recap. You are one amazing mother wife teacher friend blogger runner sister daughter!!!
    Keep up the great work.

  2. congrats on how well Kevin is doing! I agree, being done with pumping is great but sad at the same time since nursing might end soon. 😉

  3. Love the 1 year update! It’s a pretty amazing year, right?! Crazy how much everything can change in a relatively short amount of time. My little guy is 2 now and he seems like a teenager! 🙂 Glad that you’re all doing so well!!

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