OBX Marathon Training: Week 10

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So I am back to work and super busy right now which is why I haven’t blogged since last week’s update. This post will be short and sweet because there is nothing to report unfortunately. I took the entire week off after my fall during my long run last Saturday, bringing my total mileage to a big, fat ZERO.

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My whole body was very sore and it was painful to walk most of the week, especially down stairs. My knees definitely took the brunt of the fall and I was super nervous about whether my injuries were just on the surface or something deeper. I decided to be cautious and not run at all, because when I fell back in November (seriously, what is wrong with me?) I rushed back into it too soon and ran through the pain, which ended up injuring my left knee more. I then had to take an entire month off from running which caused me to not be trained enough to run the full marathon I had planned that February.

My plan this time was to be proactive and let my body rest and heal for the week, since losing one week of training and staying injury free is obviously much better than losing four weeks and hurting myself more. My plan seems to have worked, because I am happy to report that I ran this morning and felt great with no pain at all! But I’ll save those details for next week since it’s technically week 11 at this point.

photo 4

I spared you the pictures with all the blood… you’re welcome.

Week 10 Total:

  • Run: 0 miles
  • X-Train & Strength Training: walking around Philadelphia doing the tourist thing with my cousin and his daughters.

My goal for week 11 is to ease myself back into training after taking 8 days off.  I want to be a little cautious while also getting my mileage up again. I missed two long runs (an 18 and 20 miler) which does stress me out a bit, but I know I’ll be fine in the long run and that skipping them was the smarter choice. The good news is that I am officially halfway through my training plan, and since I made it 20 weeks long I still have 10 whole weeks to get myself to where I need to be. I’m confident I’ll get there. The next 3 weeks are going to be crucial as my long run jumps from 16 miles to 18 to 20. I’m so excited for the challenge. I love the journey of marathon training, the ups and the downs, and I love seeing my progress as I get stronger.

Here’s my thought for the week…



9 responses to “OBX Marathon Training: Week 10

  1. Hi
    I am reading you from Italy, I am a beginner runner and I eat meat-free diet. I really like you blog, it has been very “inspiring” for me. I hope you will completely recover from your injuries very soon.

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