Day in the Life with an 11 Month Old

My amazing summer as a Stay at Home Mom is coming to an end and Kevin is now 11 months old. Here is a 24 hour snapshot of what life is like for us these days. I took these pictures on Monday, August 19th.

7:20 a.m. For the first time in FOREVER I wake up naturally and not to an alarm or baby noises. I didn’t have to run this morning and I was up with the baby for a little while in the middle of the night, so I took the opportunity to sleep in. It felt amazing. My boobs feel like they’re going to explode since I am usually up much earlier, so I pump… knowing that he will probably wake up as soon as I’m done. Kevin also leaves for work around this time.

7:40 a.m. I finish pumping and of course the baby wakes up. That’s okay though. I go to get him and am greeted by smiles. I love this part of my day! I change his diaper and we head downstairs.

photo 1-1

7:50 a.m. Baby has a bottle of the milk I just pumped.

8:00 a.m. I make myself oatmeal for breakfast, feed the cat, and drink coffee while Kevin plays.

photo 3    photo 2-1

8:40 a.m. After I finish eating we go into the kitchen so I can make the baby breakfast. He has a waffle, egg, and applesauce (that I let him try to eat with a spoon- he’s gotten better but it’s still a work in progress). While Kevin eats I unload the dishwasher and clean up the kitchen a bit.

photo 1

9:20 a.m. Kevin finishes eating so we go upstairs for a diaper change, then I nurse him before his morning nap.

9:58 a.m. Baby’s asleep, so I go into productive mode. I finish cleaning up, plan meals for the week and make a grocery list (Kevin stops at the store on Mondays after work), start writing a blog post, and eat a snack of hard boiled eggs. Whew!

photo 4

11:25 a.m. Kevin wakes up after sleeping for an hour and a half, which is pretty typical. I change his diaper and then let him play in his nursery while I go through some of his clothes and switch out the ones that don’t fit anymore. I also try some of the next size up to see if they fit and they do. He’s getting so big!

photo 5

11:55 a.m. We head back downstairs, and I make us some lunch while he plays in his play area.

12:20 p.m. He eats. He has half of a hummus sandwich and some yogurt. While he eats I make my own lunch- a big salad. We listen to music and dance while we eat- one of Kevin’s favorite things!

photo 1-4   photo 2-4

12:50 p.m. While eating my salad Kevin keeps trying to take pieces of spinach out of my bowl, so I give him one. He eats it immediately but isn’t quite sure how he feels about it…

photo 2

1:00 p.m. A little more playtime, followed by some snuggle time when he starts to get sleepy.

photo 3-3

1:40 p.m. I take him upstairs to change him and nurse him before nap #2.

2:15 p.m. I put him down and I decide to go lay down too. I only had a few days of summer left and I knew these opportunities won’t come again for a while!

2:35 p.m. And he’s awake? After only 20 minutes? That’s weird, usually his naps are anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours, but lately they’ve been on the longer side. I change a poopy diaper then try to get him back down but he is WIDE awake and I know it won’t happen.

2:50 p.m. I give up on getting him to nap and put him in the exersaucer in our room so I can get myself dressed and ready to run errands.

photo 4-3

3:30 p.m. We head out to run errands- we stop at the gas station, the pediatrician to pick up physical forms for daycare, and then to a few stores for 1st birthday party supplies. I was hoping he might nap in the stroller but nope- he was awake and happily munching on his cheerios. Doesn’t he look SO grown up in this picture?

photo 5-3

5:30 p.m. We get home from our errands and I nurse him for a few minutes and change his diaper. He always plays with his ear when he nurses- it’s really cute :).

photo 1-3

5:45 p.m. Dinner time! He has a black bean burger, roasted red peppers, and avocado. He loves all three of these things and eats all but a few bites of each.

photo 2-3     photo 3-2

6:00 p.m. While he eats I make dinner for myself. Kevin (my husband) went to happy hour and dinner with a friend so I kept it simple with grilled cheese and roasted red pepper soup. It was delicious comfort food!

photo 4-2

6:30 p.m. We go into the living room to play for a bit until daddy gets home.

7:05 p.m. Daddy’s home! He immediately takes him up for a bath. It’s a little later than we usually start his bedtime routine but Kevin really loves giving him his bath and hadn’t seen him yet today so we let it go. After his bath he gets his lotion massage and I nurse him. While I do that Kevin puts the cloth diapers in the wash.

photo 1-2

7:45 p.m. I put baby down in his crib and he’s out. I go downstairs and have some of the s’mores pizza Kevin brought home from his happy hour. It’s sooooo good! Kevin’s dad also comes over to watch Monday Night Football.

photo 5-2

8:30 p.m. Baby is awake and crying. Unfortunately this is something that has been happening lately. For about a month now he’s been waking up once, twice, sometimes three times a night. He wakes up, cries, and stands in his crib. I don’t know if it’s separation anxiety or developmental milestones that he’s coming up on that is making him unable to stay asleep, but it’s getting bad. It can take anywhere from a few minutes to 2 hours or more to get him back to sleep. Thankfully on this night I just rocked him a bit and he fell back asleep.

8:50 p.m. I put the baby back in his crib and head downstairs to work on some projects for his first birthday party. We are doing a water/ocean theme since Kevin LOVES water, so I make some little “Octopop” party favors which are lollipops that look like an octopus. I also finally put his monthly photos in a frame I got last year at my baby shower. It only took 11 months! I’m going to display this at the party too.

photo 3-1

photo 2-2

9:40 p.m. I go upstairs way later than I wanted to (typical). I get ready for bed and pump. I’m still pumping before bed until his first birthday so I can have enough milk for his 2 bottles he gets while at daycare.

10:15 p.m. Sleep!

2:10 a.m. And baby’s up again, crying, and standing in his crib. I go in and repeatedly lay him back down but he just gets more mad. I try to rock him and it doesn’t work. Eventually I get Kevin and have him try. He’s asleep within 5 minutes.

2:45 a.m. We all go back to sleep.

5:00 a.m. My alarm goes off and I am so tired. But I know this is my only chance to run today because I have to work, so I pump, get ready and head out the door.

photo 5-1

5:30 a.m. RUN!

6:08 a.m. And I’m back after a good 4 miles and am so glad I went! I stretch for a few minutes and then hop in the shower and get ready for the day.

6:33 a.m. Baby’s awake! I get him changed and dressed and then nurse him. Kevin is downstairs making me breakfast, and packing up my lunch, Baby Kevin’s breakfast, lunch, and bottles (best husband ever) for the babysitter. I quickly eat and drink my coffee and make sure everything’s packed in the diaper bag. It’s pretty crazy and hectic since I forgot to prep all of this the night before!

7:30 a.m. We leave the house so I can drop the baby at his babysitter’s and head into work. WHEW!

24 Hour Totals

  • # of feedings: 6 + 3 meals of solids & 1 snack. He is still very much into nursing these days!
  • # of diaper changes: 8
  • # of outfit changes: 2
  • # of hours of sleep for mom: ~6.5 (<- not enough AT ALL!)
  • # of hours of sleep for baby: ~12 hours (2 hours daytime + 10 hours nighttime)
  • # of hours spent nursing: ~ 2 hours
  • # of hours spent pumping: About 40 minutes total
  • # of formula ounces eaten: He hardly ever needs formula anymore 🙂
  • # of breast milk ounces eaten: 6 ounce bottle on the first morning and the rest directly from me

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12 responses to “Day in the Life with an 11 Month Old

  1. balancejoyanddelicias

    such a good eater, I wish mine eats that well. lately she’s been very into standing in the high chair while eating according to my husband, need to re-educate that! 😉

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