12 Things I Love About Me

A few weeks ago Caitlin from Healthy Tipping Point wrote a post encouraging everyone to share 12 things that they love about themselves. Since then I’ve been posting one on my Instagram (@katiespaulding1) every couple of days. I really enjoyed doing this, and it really forced me to think positively about myself in order to come up with all 12. I wanted to share them all here and encourage you to reflect on what you love about yourself as well- physically or otherwise!

12. My Legs. They are bruised and scarred but have carried me through life, to so many amazing places, and allowed me to run 7 marathons and countless other races. I am so thankful for them!

photo 1-2

11. My Belly. The beautiful pregnant one and the imperfect postpartum one. That belly was my baby’s home for 38 weeks, and there was nothing like watching him grow, kick and move underneath it- and wondering if it was a he or a she 🙂

photo 2-2

10. My Motivation. I have always been a highly motivated person when it comes to setting goals for myself- personally and professionally- and reaching them. Plus, it takes a whole lot of motivation to get out the door and run when you look like this! 36 weeks pregnant.

photo 1

9. My Breasts. They have allowed me to breastfeed my son for almost 11 months and counting. It has been a rocky road and a ton of work but SO worth it in order to give him the best nutrition possible. I’m very proud of how far we have come. Kevin was 1 day old in this picture. Happy National Breastfeeding Week by the way 🙂

photo 3-1

8. My Naked Face. No makeup, laugh lines, wrinkles around my eyes and all. Just a sign of a happy joyful life! #nofilter

photo 1

7. My Hands. Aside from all of the great things my hands allow me to do, when I look at them and see my rings I am reminded that I am loved by my husband and best friend Kevin. It doesn’t get any better than that.

photo 4

6. My Tattoo. I got this tattoo for my mom a few years ago. It says “love” in her handwriting from a note she had written. Both my sister and I have this tattoo in honor of her short life and the impact she had on us. Miss her every day (3/13/59 -4/18/04).

photo 5

5. I Am A Mother. These pictures were taken right when Kevin was born and I met him for the first time. An indescribable feeling and love that could never be topped. I’m still learning how to be a mommy and I’m pretty sure I always will be, but it’s definitely one of my favorite things about myself.

photo 1-1

4. My Nose. This is a trait that has been passed on through my family. This “Nagel nose” (my mom’s maiden name) reminds me of my Poppy and my family and I wouldn’t have it look any other way.

photo 2-1

3. My Eyes. Blue eyes are another family trait that I have now passed along to my own baby (along with Kevin who also has blue eyes). I think it’s special to share traits like this and my nose with most of the members of my family!

photo 2

2. My Smile. Ever since I was little I have smiled HARD. I mean with all my teeth showing, eyes squinted… the kind of smile that hurts your face after a while. I still smile like this when I am super happy and I love it.

photo 2

1. My Heart. I saved the most important one for last. I have always been a person who feels things very deeply. I put my heart, soul, and love into all of my many roles- as a wife, a mother, a teacher, a daughter, a sister, a friend, and a runner. I am most proud of my heart and commitment to these roles and the people that are important to me.

photo 3

What things do you love about yourself? Share them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram  with the hashtag #12ThingsILoveAboutMe!


4 responses to “12 Things I Love About Me

  1. I love this post! So often I see the beauty in the imperfect on other people, but criticize it on myself and I’m going to challenge myself to see the positives and not beat myself up over my perceived imperfections.

    PS. I love the smiling pictures of you as a little girl!

  2. Love this! I definitely love my muscular legs… they are big and strong!

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