Myrtle Beach Vacation

Yesterday we returned from a wonderful 9 day vacation to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It had been way too long since our last summertime trip to the beach, since we didn’t get a chance to go last year while I was pregnant. I couldn’t wait to get my feet in the sand and watch Kevin experience the ocean and the beach for the first time.

photo 1

Kevin’s parents live in a part of Myrtle called Surfside Beach. They moved down here last summer, and we came to visit them this past February for the Myrtle Beach Half Marathon when Kevin was 5 months old. This time was different though. For starters, it’s SUMMER and not winter, and Kevin is now almost 11 months, which is such an awesome age for a trip to the beach. He is excited and curious about everything, and he loves the water. Also, we went with Kevin’s sister, her husband, and their two boys. Her youngest son Austin is 6 months younger than Kevin. So I knew we were in for a really fun week and a full house!


First up- family time. We’ve seen Kevin’s parents quite a few times since Kevin was born, but they were so excited to have us for such an extended time. We live nearby Kevin’s sister but with work schedules and life busy-ness we don’t see each other as often as we should. So I was looking forward to spending time with them too. I know Kevin and Austin will grow up to be great friends!


Kevin @ 10.5 months, Austin @ 4.5 months


Kevin on Daddy Duty with all the boys


Kevin’s sister and her family


The babies in the ocean for the first time


Passed out in their tent on the beach


The boys and their daddies

I knew Kevin would love the ocean since he has loved the pool and bath time, but I didn’t know just how much he would love it. As soon as we walked with him toward the water he would squeal, kick his legs, and open his eyes really big. He could not stop smiling!



I wasn’t sure how he would feel about sand, since I know a lot of babies hate it. But he loved that too! We let him crawl around in it, get buried in it, and he even tasted some 🙂 He had an absolute BLAST and it made my heart burst to see him so happy.

photo 3



Jumping waves

DSCN1309   1002144_10104826284114834_1762383194_n

This proves how much he loves water- this was his face when we walked up to a fountain in a shopping area called Broadway at the Beach.


And this was his face when we tried to walk away… Haha!!!


Us parents enjoyed the beach as well. I haven’t spent an extended time with Kevin since the week he had off when Baby Kevin was born. We both needed some R & R!



My idea of perfection

I wasn’t sure how it would work nursing Kevin and getting him to nap while at the beach all day. Luckily he slept just fine as you can see in the previous photo of him passed out. He was able to nap every day in the tent, thankfully. And I was able to nurse him in there too. To minimize distractions (and getting stared at) Kevin would just hang a towel up blocking the open front of the tent so I could nurse him. It worked great, and even while breastfeeding I was still showing less skin than some of the other people on the beach!

photo 2

We spent a day at a water park, and even though it rained the whole time we still had fun. Kevin continued to love the water. We took him in the kiddie area and I floated with him on a raft around the Lazy River a few times.

DSCN1454   DSCN1457

We even got to have some fun and go out with Mamaw and Papaw babysitting! My good friend Alicia also happened to be in Myrtle Beach so we met up with her and her husband and went to a dueling piano bar called Crocodile Rocks. Then we went dancing! It was TONS of fun! We were very thankful to the grandparents for getting up early with the babies the next day and letting us go back to sleep (after I fed him), and most of the other days as well. It was such a nice treat.




We also had a date night- just the two of us. All I wanted was to go to dinner, play mini golf, and get dessert. And that is exactly what we did!


He has my heart!


What a silly face!





Somehow we TIED!


I did a lot of running too while I was away (42 miles total!) but you’ll have to read my OBX Marathon Training recap tomorrow to catch up on all of that. This vacation was so special because it was our first as a family of 3. The memories we made are unforgettable. I hope Kevin loves the beach as much next year!



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