OBX Marathon Training: Week 5

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I feel like these weeks are passing by so quickly- how is week 5 of my training already complete? This week started at home in Virginia and ended in Myrtle Beach. We are finally on vacation and it feels great!

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Here is the weekly breakdown:

Monday: Rest.

Tuesday: 5 miles in 47:15 (9:27 pace). Just an easy run on the plan this morning. Another 100% humidity day but it actually didn’t feel as hard as it used to. Could I be getting used to it?


Wednesday: 6 miles in 57:16 (9:32 pace). This morning I had a 6 mile negative split/progression run on my training plan. I went out feeling good but I wanted to be conservative because I haven’t done a progression run over 5 miles in a long time. My first mile was extra slow because I ran right into a huge spiderweb and freaked out, and had to pick all the web off me and didn’t stop my Garmin. LOL! My splits were 10:47, 9:51, 9:37, 9:21, 9:09, 8:33, and I still had energy in the tank when I was done. Now that I have completed it I won’t be as conservative and I will push the pace more from the start.


Thursday: Body Pump + 2 mile walk. Somehow I dragged myself out of bed for the 5 a.m. Body Pump class. I knew this was my only chance to go this week since we were headed to the beach on Friday. It was tough getting up but I am so glad I went! Later on we went for a little walk since the weather was actually nice and cool. We went to a new place and I liked it, but next time I’ll bring him in the Ergo so we can explore more of the trails. Our all-terrain BOB did okay but some spots were tricky to get through.


photo 2    photo 3

Friday: 4 miles in 37:55 (9:29 pace). It was 59 degrees when I went out on this morning! Amazing. I took it easy and it felt great. I don’t want summer to end yet, but it definitely made me excited for fall weather.

photo 4

Saturday: Rest. I was supposed to do some strength training but after a long (6.5 hour) late-night drive to the beach with a baby who cried the majority of the time and wouldn’t sleep I was exhausted. Instead of working out I spent the day relaxing, lounging on the beach, and having a few drinks :).


Sunday: 12 miles in 1:53:33 (9:26 pace). This was a rollercoaster of a run. It started out great- I got 9 solid hours of sleep the night before and I felt amazing at first. I was running at a good pace until about mile 5. Then I made a turn by the beach and was running straight into the wind. It got tougher, but not too bad. Kevin met me at halfway to bring me more water and Stingers, and after he left things started to go downhill. It was super humid outside and my body started to feel it. I decided I would start running 1 mile, then walking 1 minute and repeat. This helped, but I had to make a bathroom stop right before mile 11 because I was having some tummy issues. I made another half a mile before I got the worst stomach cramp of my life- it felt like my insides were being crushed, almost like a contraction. I tried to run through it but I had to stop and walk. Even walking I had to hunch over because it hurt so bad. I ran a little more and struggled hard so I decided to cut it short at 12 miles. I was disappointed that I didn’t run the whole 15 but it was the right choice for me today. There’s always next week!


Week 5 Total:

  • Run: 27 miles
  • X-Train: 2 mile walk
  • Strength Training: Body Pump

This week I was able to do all my runs (although I had to modify my long run a bit), I walked and got to Body Pump. My goal for week 6 is to just do the best I can while here at the beach. I know I’ll be sleeping in a little later than usual and enjoying being on vacation mode, so I’m not going to stress about having a perfect week.

I’m keeping this in mind as I go into week 6…



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