Mom & Baby: 10 Months

Well, we have officially hit double digits as of July 12th. The big 10 months! And what a month it has been! I think it might be my favorite so far. His development has exploded and he is mastering a ton of new skills. I tell myself he was just waiting for me to be home with him over the summer to show them off 🙂



I weighed Kevin on our baby scale at home and he is now 20 pounds and 13 ounces, which according to the Baby Connect app on my phone is the 59th percentile. I can’t believe that he used to be off his chart completely for weight! I don’t know how tall he is, but I swear he keeps getting taller and taller!

DSC_3168    photo

He is still in all 9 month clothing and size 3 disposable diapers at night, cloth the rest of the time. As he continues to get taller I’m noticing some of his onesies are getting tight, so we may be trying some 12 month clothes soon. I can’t believe my baby who was wearing newborn size clothes until he was 3 months old is getting ahead of his age in clothing sizes now!


Here are the monthly comparison shots: 1 month to 10 months.

DSCN8365          DSCN8866          DSCN9329          DSCN9676

DSCN9841          DSCN0196          DSCN0334          DSCN0636

                                            DSCN1015          DSCN1211

He is still loving food. He eats 3 hearty meals a day plus a snack or two, and has a bottle/nurses 5-6 times a day. His favorites right now are eggs, banana, applesauce, roasted chickpeas, black beans, corn, and sweet potato fries. Last month we had some issues with him refusing to nurse, but thankfully that has gotten better. I think he just had to get used to me being home and feeding him myself rather than with a bottle. We still have our moments, but they are few and far between now.

photo 3

Remember last month when I said we would have to go to Occupational Therapy if Kevin wasn’t pulling up to standing and sitting up from his tummy by the time he hit 10 months? Well he did both of those things within a few days of his appointment. He pulled himself up to stand the next day (June 20th), and a few days later I went into his room in the morning to find him sitting up (June 24th). No more worries there!



Not only that, but he has learned so many other things this month! He started army crawling a couple days after he turned 9 months (June 14th), and has gotten really good at it. He’s still not crawling consistently on all fours though. He can make it a few steps and then collapses on his tummy.


Other developments include dancing! I discovered it when I was playing Pandora and the song “Can’t Hold Us” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis came on and he just started bouncing around all over the place, waving his arms, and rocking back and forth. I realized he was dancing and died laughing. It was SO CUTE!


He has also learned how to wave hi and bye. We have been working on this with him for a while and he finally got it. We will wave and him and say, “Say Hi!” or “Say Bye!” and he will go, “Ahhh” and wave back. Sometimes he uses one hand and sometimes he uses both.


Since he is now pulling up on everything to stand, we lowered his crib as soon as we knew he was able to pull up on it. Now when I go in to get him in the morning or after naps, he is usually standing up waiting for me. I love it!

So grown up!

So grown up at my dad’s house!

Being more curious and mobile has come with a lot of bumps and bruises. We have both had to grow some thicker skin to deal with it. Obviously I want to keep him safe but he also needs to learn by falling on his butt sometimes as he practices pulling up and bumping his head into his toy baskets as he crawls toward them. We did completely baby-proof the living room including putting a gate up, so he is able to explore in a safe environment and I have some piece of mind.

Not a fan of the baby gate

Not a fan of the baby gate

Diaper changes are a wrestling match these days. He does not want to have to lie down and stay still so he wiggles, flips onto his belly, arches his back… anything to try to get out of having his diaper changed.

Never stops moving!

Never stops moving!

We had a little regression with sleep this month, which I have read is pretty typical in the 9th-10th month. He continued to have some night wakings which I am pretty sure was related to teething, developmental milestones, and/or separation anxiety.  This is also spread to his naps, and they got a lot shorter than before, sometimes lasting only 30-40 minutes. It’s been rough, but things are starting to improve now thankfully.


I think separation anxiety is playing a big part, because he has become SUPER attached this month. He wants me and only me. If I walk away, he cries. If I hand him over to someone, even his dad sometimes, he cries. If he wakes up in the middle of the night and Kevin goes in, he will cry until I go in too. It’s sweet and exhausting at the same time.


He is teething big time. His fingers are in his mouth constantly and he’s still trying to bite us and gnaw on anything he can find. I know we’ll have a top tooth soon, I can feel it.

4th of July family photo

4th of July family photo

We have been working with Kevin on some baby sign language. We do milk, eat, drink, more, all done, mommy, and daddy. We try to do them whenever we say the word so that he associates the sign with it. So far he hasn’t signed anything back, but hopefully he will in a few more months!

Apparently this is the baby sign for sleepy!

Apparently this is the baby sign for sleepy!

One of the most exciting parts of this month is that we got a kitten named Koli! Kevin loves him and Koli is really loving and patient with him for the most part. Kevin has definitely tested him by pulling his fur or his tail, and Koli usually just runs away. There have been a couple minor scratching incidents, but nothing bad at all and nothing that bled. They are both babies and they both need to learn not to mess with each other.

1013190_10104684046195764_251378560_n     382538_10104664397546814_1976466294_n


He is still loving the water this month! We were able to take him to the pool a couple of times. In a few weeks he’ll get to see the beach and ocean for the first time. I can’t wait!



He even loves the rain! 🙂



I have been running more than I have in over a year and despite the summer weather, my body has been responding well to it. I’m slowly building my mileage back up and I am trying hard to get some speed back into my legs.

photo 1

It has been a little confusing to transition my body from working and pumping three times a day to being home with the baby and feeding him myself. My supply has had to readjust to that and it has, it just took some time. Sometimes I can’t believe that he’s 10 months and we’re still going strong with breastfeeding. I never thought we’d get this far with all of the issues we had in the beginning!



I can’t remember the last time I felt so great mentally and emotionally. Being off for the summer has been SO GOOD for my soul. It has been amazing to be able to witness all of Kevin’s developments and spend the days with him. I have never been happier 🙂


Going for walks, reading stories, singing songs, watching him explore, talking with him, helping him learn new things… I have been looking forward to all of it since I went back to work in November and it’s been everything I have dreamed about. It is so much fun.


Kevin got me an amazing gift this month. I have been wanting this necklace since before I was even pregnant. It is an imprint of Kevin’s fingerprint on the front, and his name and birthdate are engraved on the back. I LOVE it!

photo 2

We have also had some good family and friend time which is always nice. There’s more to come too, with a trip to Myrtle Beach to see Kevin’s parents in a couple of weeks!

Kevin with his cousins Aiden and Austin

Kevin with his cousins Aiden and Austin

With cousins Jasmine, Jordan, Jayda, and Austin

With cousins Jasmine, Jordan, Jayda, and Austin

Spending the 4th of July with friends- last year vs. this year!

Spending the 4th of July with friends- last year vs. this year!

Playing with his aunt Lauren

Playing with his aunt Lauren

We love you Kevin! I can’t believe that next month you turn our favorite number- 11 months old!


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  1. You are glowing! And Kevin is so big now!

  2. It’s such a fun age but so much more challenging for us to watch her out from putting slippers into her mouth! 🙂

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