OBX Marathon Training: Week 3

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I’m a little late writing this, but last week was kind of a strange week of training. I was in PA visiting my family all week so I had to really think out how I was going to get my runs in without my hubby to be with the baby (and my dad and sister at work during the week). I had to run with the baby in the stroller or during his nap on a treadmill. It was also extremely hot. Then the week ended with a sorry excuse for a race that left me feeling disappointed. Here’s what was planned for week 3 (in black) and what I actually did (in red).

Screen shot 2013-07-16 at 8.10.36 PM

Here is the weekly breakdown:

Monday: 3 mile walk. I was determined to get out for a walk this week and I did! I went to one of my favorite trails near my dad’s house with baby in the stroller. He is so interested in his surroundings right now, and was mesmerized by the trees, animals, people, and the river that is next to the trail.


Tuesday: 5 miles in 45:36 (9:07 pace). I felt great on this run even though it’s been a while since I ran with the stroller! I went to another one of my favorite trails in PA, the Schuykill River Trail. It was pretty warm since I had to wait until he woke up, but I still maintained a good pace. I brought my new secret weapon to keep Kevin entertained and happy- a waffle 🙂

1003692_10104723008534924_288600231_n   photo 1

Wednesday: 5 miles in 44:08 (8:49 pace). I struggled a bit in this tempo workout. The plan was to warm up, then run 2 x 1.5 miles with .25 recovery, then cool down. I was shooting for tempo pace (8:00 – 8:15). I decided to run on my dad’s treadmill due to the humidity outside, but I think I might have been better off outdoors anyway. He has decided he doesn’t really want to use the AC this summer and it was really freaking hot in the tiny room the treadmill is in. I ran 1.5 miles to warm up then got into it. My first repeat was okay and I ran it in an 8:13 pace- perfect. I ended up doing a 1/2 mile recovery because I didn’t feel like 1/4 mile was enough. I had a hard time during my second repeat though, and became so overheated after almost a mile that I had to stop for about 2 minutes to take a breather, felt like I might pass out. I ended up finishing that one (without my break) at an average pace of 8:22- so I know that split doesn’t really “count.” I was supposed to run a mile to cool down but I walked instead because I was beat. Not my best tempo run, but still glad that I did what I could!

Thursday: Rest. I was exhausted from being on single mommy duty all week without Kevin and honestly did not want to move from my dad’s recliner 🙂

Friday: 4.25 miles in 38:35 (9:04 pace). Another treadmill run- this time it was intervals. On the plan was a 10 minute warm-up; followed by 2 x 2 minutes in Zone 4 (5K race pace), then 2 x 4 minutes in Zone 3 (10K race pace), each with 2 minutes recovery afterwards, ending with a 10 minute cool down. I did this workout perfectly, running both the 2 minute repeats @ 7:24 pace, and the 4 minute repeats @ 8:00 pace. It almost felt a little too easy. I was going to add on a few more but I had a 10K on Sunday that I wanted to race hard so I held back. I was confused though because the plan said when I was done I should have run 5-6 miles and it was only 4.25. I even double checked to see if I did the right amount of repeats and I did. Hmmm…

photo 2    photo 3

Saturday: 8 minutes abs & arms. I was really hoping to get to Body Pump today but Kevin scheduled one of his Fathers Day gift massages for that morning and it conflicted. I didn’t mind though, because he has sacrificed so much for me and deserved a massage more than anyone! Instead I did quick 8 minute arms and 8 minute abs videos while the baby took his morning nap.

Sunday: 5.54 miles in 50:12 (9:03 pace). I already wrote a recap of this (almost) 10K race yesterday so click here for all the details. Basically I felt cheated because I didn’t even run a full 10K, and I gave up my long run Sunday for it! Oh well, I will have to make up for it this week!

photo 4

Week 3 Total:

  • Run: 19.79 miles <— such a random number, it kills me!
  • X-Train: 3 mile walk
  • Strength Training: 8 minute abs (x1), 8 minute arms (x1)

My goal for week 4 is to get my booty to Body Pump, try to get out for a walk (although temps will be in the high 90s- not very baby friendly), and complete my runs the best I can despite the heat. I’m actually doing my long run with a friend this weekend so I’m super excited for that!


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