National Running Day: Top 11 Running Posts

National Running Day logo

Happy National Running Day! I celebrated today by thinking about all the reasons why I run, reflecting on my running journey, and running 4 wonderful miles after work.


I also wanted to do something on the blog to commemorate this special day, so I decided to choose my top 11 running posts (because I couldn’t choose just 10 and 11 is my favorite number) from the last 2 years that I have had this little blog.

11. Marathon #7- The Air Force Marathon: My last marathon and the most memorable, mostly because I ran the entire thing with Kevin, got a huge PR, and felt amazing (until the very end).

10. Blood Blister Surgery: Weirdly, this post is one of my most viewed of all time. I don’t really understand that but hey, whatever!

9. Running Naked: Another one of my most viewed posts, probably due to the name of it 🙂 This one is about how I ditched my Garmin and started running free!

8. Cover Girl: That time I was on the cover of a running magazine!

7.  9 in 9: A recap of the 9 races I did over my 9 months of pregnancy.

6. The Power of Mantras: The mantras I have used for each of my marathons and how they have helped me.

5. What is a “Real” Runner?: Why you should celebrate all running accomplishments- big and small!

4. Kevin’s Journey to Running: How I got Kevin to come over to my side 🙂

3. Bad Race Photos: This just makes me laugh! Never gets old.

2. My Running Story as Told by Facebook Timeline: A fun (and long) post about the status updates that tell my running story.

1. A Love Letter and a Tattoo: A letter written to running and why I love it so much… and how I display that love permanently on my body.


Happy National Running Day everyone!


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