WIAW: Baby Edition

photo 4

Over the weekend I thought it would be fun to do a “What I Ate Wednesday” style post that focused on the baby, so on Saturday I took photos of everything he ate. Now that he is 8 1/2 months old, he’s eating 3 solid meals a day plus a snack or two. That’s in addition to nursing and/or drinking bottles 6x a day. This boy has quite the appetite!

photo 2

We do a combination of home-made food and prepared/packaged food. I’m hoping that once I’m off for the summer I can make most of his food, but this is what works for us right now. We also do a combination of purees and baby led weaning style food, where he feeds himself. Here is a typical day of eats for him at this point in his life.

Breakfast: Scrambled egg yolks and a frozen whole wheat waffle. It took him a little while to get used to the texture of eggs, but now he loves them! We are only doing the yolks right now because our pediatrician said to wait until he is a year old to give him egg whites (they are an allergen for many babies). Sometimes I give him a piece of toast instead of a waffle and he likes that too. Other mornings I’ll give him oatmeal with some banana and cinnamon mixed into it. He LOVES it!

photo 4-1

Lunch: Baked sweet potato fries and applesauce with cinnamon. I like to make a big batch of these fries for him to eat all week because he likes them so much. I just peel and cut up a sweet potato into little sticks, spray them with olive oil in the Misto, and then bake at 375 for 20-30 minutes until they are soft. I keep my eye on them and turn them frequently so that they don’t get too crispy or brown. I cut off the ends that are super crunchy. Sometimes I make my own applesauce by baking apples in the oven then pureeing them, but it is a lot easier right now to buy this organic applesauce from the store. There is no sugar or anything else added to it and it tastes really good!

photo   photo 1-1

Other lunches we have done are lentils, banana, avocado, green beans, squash, mango, egg if he didn’t have it for breakfast, etc. Basically anything we have around that we feel like would be a good  lunch. I try to offer him at least 2 foods- a fruit and a vegetable, or a fruit/vegetable with a grain, something along those lines.


Dinner: Whole wheat pasta with avocado-cilantro sauce and broccoli. I have to say, we are very lucky in that Kevin will try anything that we offer him. We are slowly getting to the point now where we can give him what we make for ourselves for dinner, usually with a few modifications like less spices and salt. This is awesome and so much easier than making him his own little meal, and now that he has two teeth he is able to chew food a lot better too.  On this night, we just gave him a little bit of what we had made and he actually ate a good amount of it! Although a lot went on the floor since he has just discovered how fun it is to throw food. 🙂

photo 1

Snacks/Convenience Foods: We love puffs, pouches, and Baby Mum Mums around here! Puffs are great at helping him develop his fine motor skills and keeping him occupied while we prepare his meals. It took him a while to learn to pick them up and get them in his mouth, rather than bury them inside his fist, but he’s a pro now. He even claps for himself when he gets one in his mouth! Baby Mum Mums are nice to take out if I want him to be able to snack on something that will take a while to eat. He loves to gnaw on it.

photo 3 photo 2-2

These little pouches are a lifesaver for when we are busy or if we’re out or traveling during meal times. Although he is getting to the point where he isn’t satisfied by one and can suck it down in less than a minute! I’m telling you – this boy can eat! I really attribute his crazy appetite for real food as the reason why he’s 19 pounds now! His weight started to spike as soon as we introduced solids at 5 1/2 months. No more weight gain issues for this baby.

photo 1-2

In addition to all of this food, baby nursed or had a bottle at 7:30 a.m., 9:45 a.m., 12:30 p.m., 3:00 p.m., 5:30 p.m., and 7:30 p.m.

Until next time! I’ve got to go feed the baby 🙂

photo 3-1


One response to “WIAW: Baby Edition

  1. He is such a good eater. My LO is almost 8 months old but nowhere close to eating solids yet. Also, we had really bad vomiting incidents the last two times i fed him egg yolk. Now, I am really careful introducing things to him

    Love the feed me onesie!

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