Sweethearts 4 Ever 4 Mile Run

Ahhh! Long time, no blog! I keep waiting for life to slow down a bit but it never does, and I have a feeling it won’t for the next 18+ years. I’m still running whenever I can fit it in- which is admittedly not much lately. However I did manage to run my second race of 2013 yesterday: the Sweethearts 4 Ever 4 Miler in Fredericksburg, VA. This was my first 4 mile race so it was exciting to try a new distance. Since I haven’t been training for speed at all recently, I went into it with the goal of having fun and enjoying myself, and I did!

One of the best parts of this race was that it didn’t start until 10 a.m.! While we don’t exactly sleep in anymore, it was nice to be able to take our time getting out of the house rather than rush around.

photo 1

Once again my favorite support team came out to cheer me on. This was Baby Kevin’s first time riding in the main part of our BOB stroller and he loved it! I quickly found my friends and we all got ready to run.



We were so busy talking that we didn’t even hear the gun go off, and suddenly everyone around us was running. I didn’t even have my Garmin ready! I quickly found an open path off to the side to avoid the crowds and tried to pick up the pace to one that felt comfortably hard. I ALWAYS go out too fast (even after making that mistake for 5+ years of racing) so I’ve been practicing better pacing on my runs.

SweetHeart 2013

My friends Danielle and Amanda weren’t too far behind me!

SweetHeart 2013

The race went through a park and was partially on a nice paved trail and partially on a fine gravel path. The course was mainly out and back with a couple little loops in it, and a few good hills thrown in too. Once the crowd thinned out I was able to pass a lot of people- especially on the hills. I guess it pays off to live in a super hilly town! I was also able to see my friends a few times, which is always a great pick-me-up.

photo 2

The race itself went by quickly, but the 4 mile distance felt strange to me. I’m used to the 5K distance, which for me feels like I’m sprinting the whole time. I did an okay job pacing myself this time, but by the time I hit 3 miles I was ready to be done. I felt myself losing steam and I could tell my training hasn’t been 100% lately.

  • Mile 1 – 8:04
  • Mile 2 – 8:15
  • Mile 3 – 8:16

photo 3

I wrapped around the corner and tried to sprint to the finish. It helped to see my two guys on the side cheering for me 🙂

  • Mile 4 – 8:09

photo 1-1

I finished the race in 32:44, an average pace of 8:11/mile. I felt like I used up everything in my tank and did better than I expected, so I was happy! Especially when I saw this baby’s big smiles at the finish line!

photo 2-1

Not very long afterwards Danielle and Amanda came through. They stuck together the whole time! These girls always sprint hard at the end- it is so inspiring!

photo 3-1

We grabbed some water and food and then went to cheer on two more of our colleagues who were about to finish. We all met them before the finish line and ran to the end with them. Gotta love special moments like that 🙂

My next race is my first half marathon post baby! I’m running the Myrtle Beach Half Marathon this Saturday, February 16th! I’m so excited and nervous. I haven’t ran that distance since I was 26 weeks pregnant, back in June. I know I can’t expect anything close to a PR (faster than 1:48:55) since my training hasn’t been great. That would require me to run at the same pace I did for this 4 mile race, except for 9.1 more miles- yeah, not happening! But it doesn’t matter. I’m looking at this race as my return to long distance running, and I’m going to enjoy our mini-vacation with my family! Wish me luck!


8 responses to “Sweethearts 4 Ever 4 Mile Run

  1. Congrats on the race!! I’ve been wondering if you were still racing this weekend. My husband and I will be there with some other friends and family. i hope to see you there!! You are going to do awesome!

  2. Great race! Good luck in the final week of training for your half!!

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