Mom & Baby: Week 8

It’s been about 8 weeks since I gave birth to my sweet baby boy. Almost 2 months ago. Yesterday I went back to work. Everyone told me how quickly time would pass but I still can’t believe how fast it did. This was a very emotional week for me and I’m sure the next weeks will be too (and the next 7 months until school is out for summer). But coming home to this little face was the best feeling in the world!


This baby has the most animated facial expressions I have ever seen from an (almost) 2 month old! He will change his mood and the expression on his face multiple times a minute and it is so entertaining. I think he might be an actor or a model when he grows up 🙂

We had an important milestone this week- he slept in his crib for the first time! I decided to try to put him in there for a nap before I went back to work, so I swaddled and fed him, then laid him down while he was sleepy but not asleep yet. He had his pacifier in his mouth and the white noise was playing, and he fell asleep within a few minutes. His pacifier fell out but it didn’t bother him at all. He slept in there for an hour and fifteen minutes. Of course I didn’t want to leave the room, so I sat in the glider and read while he slept. Baby steps!!!

In other news, we actually took the baby off his Zantac a few days ago. His reflux started to get bad again, and so did his sleep because he was in pain. We also didn’t like the other unpleasant side effects like horrible gas and pooping issues that started when he went on Zantac. Plus, we’ve always felt a little uncomfortable with him being on meds. So we made the decision to take him off and look into alternative reflux solutions instead.

We decided to take him to my chiropractor after MUCH research and hesitation. My chiropractor has a lot of experience working with infants and has been able to help babies with reflux through chiropractic adjustments. He evaluated Kevin and found two areas where he was out of alignment, in his neck and his pelvis. He gave him two very gentle adjustments by just pressing and massaging these areas, and this put baby instantly into a strange calm trance. This was crazy to us because his reflux generally makes him pretty fussy when he is awake. He stayed very calm for the rest of the night, then slept for 6.5 hours straight, woke up and ate, and slept for another 2.5 hours. Recently he had been waking up every 2 hours again like when he was a couple weeks old, so this was a huge change. Then the next two days while I was at work our babysitter said he was in a happy, chatty, and smiley mood all day and didn’t fuss except when he got his diaper changed. We saw this too when we came home after work. We have never seen him so happy! He’s also hardly spitting up at all. Is this a result of him going off the meds, chiropractic care, or just a coincidence? I don’t know. Will it last? I don’t know. But we cannot deny the difference we see in him after only 2 days.

One of baby’s favorite things is taking a shower with one of us. He hates baths for some reason but loves being in the shower. He is so calm in there and I think he likes the skin-to-skin contact too. Getting out of the shower, however, is a completely different story. He is not a fan of that!

Kevin also had his first experience with the presidential election this week! I brought him with me to vote this past Tuesday and luckily the line was short and he slept the whole time. I couldn’t imagine waiting 2-3 hours like some people in Northern Virginia had to do, especially with a baby.


I lost another pound this week so I am at 134 now, 4 pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight. But I have some weird belly bloating going on this week, so my picture looks bigger than last (in my opinion). But I’m not worried about it. I fit into most of my old clothes, including my work pants and my old running shorts! YAY!

(Click to enlarge)

My chiropractor said that my spine and body are doing really well since I have been going weekly for the last two months, so from now on I will go every other week. I’m so glad that I started seeing him. My body has never felt better in my entire life, which is crazy to say since I just gave birth two months ago!

Little cutie!


Obviously the biggest thing on my mind this week was going back to work. The whole week leading up to my first day back (Thursday) I was filled with anxiety and couldn’t get it off my mind. I tried to enjoy my last week by spending a lot of time snuggling with baby as much as I could. We took naps, walked with the Ergo, and just had quality mommy-baby time.

I felt sick to my stomach yesterday morning before I left for school and when our babysitter got to our house. We are very lucky to have her watching him in our own home along with her 2 year old son. However, that didn’t make it any easier to leave. I cried when I said goodbye to him and then cried during my entire 25 minute commute to work.

It’s so hard to say goodbye to this adorable face!

Once I got to work I saw my friend Alicia (who is having a baby in December!) in the parking lot and cried again. Then I went inside my school and tried to avoid people so they wouldn’t ask me how I was doing, because I knew that would make me more upset. I pumped, then had to go use the bathroom before kids arrived. On the way there I ran into someone who asked to see a picture of him. When I showed her the picture I cried AGAIN. Jeez. Luckily, once school started and my 5th graders came, I was so distracted and busy that I didn’t have much time to think about it, which was good. Plus, it really was nice to see my other ‘babies’ again. They were so sweet and excited that I was back. Someone on Facebook wrote something to me that really helped me feel better about going back to work. She said, “You are important to those 5th graders too and if you can see little Kevin’s face in each child and remember someday, and before you know it (empty nester here!) a woman much like yourself will be standing in his classroom making an impact on his life. Maybe MAYBE it will help ease your separation today! Love thoughts and prayers coming your way!!!” I feel  lucky to have so many supportive people in my life.


The day passed quickly and I definitely did not stick around after school. I went straight home and didn’t want to let go of this little guy the whole night. I missed him SO much.

It was a little easier to go to work today, but I still cried on the way to school. Our babysitter was texting me throughout the day to let me know that he was doing well and was super happy, which made me happy too. Also, it’s Friday and I have a 3 day weekend because of Veterans Day, so I will have more time with my two favorite guys! It is our 1 year anniversary on Sunday so that makes this weekend extra exciting. I can’t believe it’s been a year since our wedding and now we have a baby!

This will be my last weekly post partum post now that we’re 8 weeks out and I have less time to blog since I’m back at work. So from now on I will be doing these updates on baby and I monthly. I’m sure a lot more will change by then!

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23 responses to “Mom & Baby: Week 8

  1. babies are really expressive, isn’t that fun?

    hope the reflux is resolved this time without the med.

    going back to work seems hard and I don’t know what m going to do. my mom will take dare of her for the first few months but then she will go to daycare. I will definitely miss her so much.

    how many times and how many are you pumping when you are away? did you build up a stash? I wonder when should I start.

    oh….baby in the shower? how do you protect his ears to prevent water getting in?

    • For pumping- I started around 4 weeks because I knew I was going back at 8 weeks and wanted to start at the halfway point. Milk supply is highest in the morning so I would pump after my morning feeding and put it in the freezer. This helped me build up a nice little stash. While I am working, I feed him right before I leave for work and then pump when I get to work (about 30-45 minutes later depending on traffic). Then I pump about 4 hours later during my lunch, and then one more time after work. I either pump before I leave work or even in the car on my way home using the battery pack and my nursing cover 🙂 Since I am a teacher this is all the time I have to pump, but it works out because he currently eats 3x a day while I am at work. I breastfeed him almost as soon as I get home too, so he only needs 3 bottles while I’m gone. I hope that helps! Pumping is definitely a time-consuming process and I can’t be as social at work on my breaks anymore, but it’s worth it to keep providing the good stuff for my baby!

      As for the shower, we never put his head directly under the stream of water to protect his ears. He likes to have the water stream on his chest and belly, and on his back 🙂

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