A Fun Fall Weekend

This past weekend was so much fun. We spent it with family and friends doing lots of fall things – including hosting a Halloween party and going to a 1st birthday party at a local farm. We made some special memories that I will never forget!

First up- our Halloween party! We had a great turn out and had a lot of fun decorating and preparing. We made witches brew complete with dry ice fog, a keg made out of a pumpkin, spider ice cubes, a “decorate your cup like a Jack-o-Lantern station,” and lots of fall/Halloween food like pumpkin squares and “lady fingers”- soft pretzel sticks with a sliced almond for a fingernail. Our friends also brought food and drinks. We dressed up as a family and Kevin was a football player, I was a referee, and baby Kevin was the little football! We stayed up way too late and I drank way too much wine, but the baby slept through almost all of it in our Ergo baby carrier. It was a great night!

The next day (after taking some Tylenol) we were off to our friends’ daughter’s first birthday party at Clark’s Farm! Even though Baby Kevin is still too little to really do everything the farm offered, it was still fun to walk around with him and take pictures.




Clearly he had a blast at the birthday party!

Fall is my favorite season, and it’s even more fun now that we are creating our own traditions as a family and have a baby to share these special times with. I’m really looking forward to making more sweet memories during the upcoming holiday season!


8 responses to “A Fun Fall Weekend

  1. I love your blog. I came across it about a month ago when I was feeling so overwhelmed as a new mom. Especially as a new mom who moved to NOVA from New York this past August. My son was born on 9/17 so pretty much a week behind yours. I am so glad I get a little preview of what’s to come and that it gets easier and that our confidence can grow 🙂 I just got the okay to start running again so YAY! I can’t even think of starting marathon training again but hopefully I will after the holidays. Keep posting – I love it 🙂

    • Thank you so much!!! Being a new mom is the best and most challenging thing ever, and it definitely helps to talk to others who are going through it or have been there. Where do you live in NOVA? I love meeting other new mommies! And YAY for running again! 🙂

  2. It is definitely the hardest thing I have ever done, but seeing this little guy smile or having him cuddled up next to me while I smell his head makes it all worth it. And my amazing husband (Kevin, too) who is such a loving dad and a huge help when I am physically or mentally taxed.
    I live in the Falls Church area and had Michael at Inova Fairfax. 40 hours of labor before I had to have a C due to his dropping heart rate (cord was wrapped around his neck). But today he is a happy and healthy boy and getting to be quite the chunker 🙂
    It’s going to be a challenge to run again. I had to take almost a year off b/c I had placenta previa. But one step at a time…now if I can only find my box of sneakers. Good news is that I fit into my pre-pregger clothing now. Sweet!
    Good luck with your Myrtle Beach training. I am contemplating doing the DC Nike Women’s half in April….

    • Aww, I totally agree! And supportive husbands seriously make all the difference I think! I’m glad your little man is doing well 🙂

      I’m sure running will come right back to you. You’re going to feel so good once you get back at it! I didn’t know that Nike was doing a women’s half here- I have only heard of the one in San Fran. I want to do it!

  3. Yep , it’s their first one in DC. Spots are limited and it’s based on a lottery. I think you have to subscribe to the site to get updates. Maybe we can have a training run or two together 🙂

  4. Awesome! Does my email show up for you when I post a comment? If so – shoot me a line!

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