Myrtle Beach Marathon Training: Week 1

I had a great first week of training! It feels so good to be back out there and following a plan again. If you have been reading my blog for a while now you know that I LOVE having a plan to help me work towards my goals and run for a purpose. After taking a year off from marathon training to have a baby I have so much motivation and renewed excitement for running. I’m excited to see what I can do this time around, especially since I feel like pregnancy made me so much stronger. I feel empowered after carrying my baby for 38 weeks and giving birth to him naturally without any pain medication. I really feel like I can do anything now and I am not afraid to push myself to the limit!

I am happy to say that I followed almost everything on my original training plan for week 1!

Monday: 30 minute walk with baby. I planned to walk a little longer than this but baby wasn’t having it after about a mile and a half, so we went home.

Tuesday: 3 mile run in 29:43 (9:55 pace). This was a tough run. It was really hot for late October (82 degrees at 6 p.m.!) and I didn’t drink enough water that day so I felt dehydrated and weak. Breastfeeding seriously drains me of all water and energy! I can’t keep up with my hydration. I also had a constant cramp in my side. But still managed to only walk once and was proud of myself when it was over.

Wednesday: 4 mile run in 38:40 (9:39 pace). Running redemption! This run was SO MUCH BETTER. I felt amazing- so strong and so happy. I ran a new route and had an awesome new playlist to listen to as well. I came back from the run and was on cloud 9 for the rest of the night while snuggling with my baby boy, who still loves me even when I’m sweaty 🙂

Thursday: 3 mile run in 29:02 (9:41 pace). I ran with the baby in the stroller after my chiropractor appointment in the morning. There is a smooth asphalt path right by the office that I feel safe running on with the stroller. I was a bit tired because I had done my 4 miler the night before, but I am getting more used to running with the stroller so that’s good!

Friday: Rest. I spent this day preparing for our amazing Halloween party that we had that night. It was so much fun!

Saturday: 6 miles in 56:50 (9:29 pace). I woke up on Saturday with a killer headache from too much wine at the party, so I didn’t go to Body Pump like I had planned. I started feeling better that afternoon and it was beautiful outside so I went out to do my “long” run of 6 miles instead of doing it the next morning. This is the longest I have run since July and it felt amazing. I ran the same new route that I did on Wednesday but went out one more mile and then came back. I wanted to keep going, but I know I need to build my long run mileage back up slowly and carefully. Toward the end of the run I felt like my boobs were super heavy and ready to feed the baby, even though I fed him right before I left! This is definitely going to be a challenge during training when I’m gone for longer amounts of time.

Sunday: Rest. I was going to get up and go to Body Pump this morning since I didn’t go the day before, but I slept too late. Oops! But it’s fine because my body needed the rest after a very busy weekend and running 6 miles the day before.

Total: 16 miles <–the highest my mileage has been since July! Exciting!

On my new favorite running route

I feel like I had a really great first week of training. I felt strong and I know I can only improve from here on out. This week I’m going to have to be a little bit flexible because of Hurricane Sandy hitting in our area, but my goal is to make it to Body Pump this week. My body is craving some strength training!

1 week down, 15 to go!


7 responses to “Myrtle Beach Marathon Training: Week 1

  1. Nice job, Mama!! I’m impressed. Hope you guys were safe during the hurricane.

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