Mom & Baby: Week 6

I’m really late writing our 6 week update, but this little man has kept us VERY busy! His little personality reveals more of itself every day, and he is becoming so much fun!



The biggest thing this week is that we finally had the baby’s one month appointment. At this appointment we learned that he now weighs 8 pounds and 5 ounces, which the doctor was very happy about. He’s also 22 inches long! He’s a tall and skinny boy.

Such a long body!

He’s still wearing newborn clothes and diapers. I am not sure when he’s going to grow out of them. Some of the newborn clothes are getting small in length but the 0-3 size clothes are SO big on him still. His cloth diapers are huge as well. Every time it’s time to buy a new box of disposables I try them on him again to see if they fit, but nope. Still too big! He’s a little peanut 🙂

At the doctor’s appointment we found out that everything came back great from his hip ultrasound, which is great news! She said it was probably just a harmless clicking due to his ligaments and joints not being fully developed and in their place yet. I’m so happy it’s not hip dysplasia.

Happy boy!

We also talked about his acid reflux and how it had gotten a lot worse even though we’ve been trying all kinds of natural ways to reduce it. He’s always spitting up and I was worried he wasn’t getting enough food, but the doctor was happy with his weight gain. The more concerning part for me was the way his reflux is affecting his breathing. I took a recording of his gasping, coughing, wheezing sounds that he makes and played it for her at the appointment. She recommended that we try Zantac and we decided to go for it. It kills me to medicate such a little baby, but he’s been on it now for about a week and a half and it is helping. It’s not 100% better yet but the doctor said it takes about a week or two to fully take effect. However I’ve already noticed that he’s not having as many breathing issues, he’s sleeping better (5-6 hour stretch at night!), and he’s happier when he is awake and not always screaming in pain.

A new thing that started happening that I read is a side affect from the Zantac is constipation. Ugh. We can’t win! It’s either acid reflux or constipation. He usually goes multiple times a day with every single diaper. Then last week he went two and a half days without anything and he was obviously straining and upset while trying to get it out. I called the doctor and she said they don’t worry about it until it’s been 3 days. He finally went and has gone once a day since then, which is a lot less than before. But I also read that around 6 weeks baby’s bowel movements can slow down, so maybe it’s just a coincidence that it happened around the time he started on Zantac. I don’t know!

We got an Ergo baby carrier and he LOVES it! We love it too, it is so easy to put on quickly unlike the Moby wrap because the Moby has a lot of extra fabric that can be awkward to figure out if you are in public. The Ergo is great for putting on fast to run into the store or something, and it is also easy to take baby in and out of it. It is a little harder to do this in the Moby because I always have to redo the wrap afterwards. The baby loves being worn in both carriers. He likes to be close to us and hear our heartbeats. It puts him right to sleep.


Other current likes: music that makes him fall asleep, kicking off blankets, and sucking on daddy’s finger. Dislikes: having the hiccups. It always makes him really frustrated!



Still holding steady at 135 pounds and no change in how the body looks this week. I know this is due to sugar overload though. With Halloween approaching and a random cookie baking urge one night, I have been eating way too much sugar. It’s weird because I didn’t crave sugary stuff at all while I was pregnant, but now I can’t get enough. I know it is worse on days that I don’t eat enough, like my body is desperate for calories. I’m really trying to stay on top of eating enough, but it’s so hard now that I’m running a lot again!

Speaking of running, baby Kevin had his first stroller run this week! I know that technically I’m not supposed to run with him in there until he has better head and neck control, but I ran with him on a super smooth paved trail and put a blanket around the head support insert in his car seat. His head didn’t move at all and he loved it! We’ve gone a couple more times since then. Running with a stroller is definitely challenging but I love looking at his little face while I run!

I’m slowly increasing my running mileage and my body is responding well. It feels so good to move again and push myself. I have noticed that my abs don’t feel as weak as they did at first.  I’m not sure when I can start doing ab exercises again. I have heard that I need to wait for my stomach muscles to come back together, but how do I know when they have? I don’t even know if they ever seperated. Does that happen to everyone when they are pregnant? Let me know mommies!


I feel like I’m finally getting the hang of things. This week I was really able to be on top of everything while Kevin was at work. I even managed to make dinner (or at least start it) on my own every night this week! I’m also more productive when he is sleeping now, because he’s sleeping for longer stretches at night and I am not totally exhausted. This makes me feel so much more confident as a mommy. I even braved Target again (with Kevin) and fed him under my nursing cover while we walked around. That was a big step for me!

I am not feeling all great mentally though. I’m starting to get really sad and emotional about going back to work soon. I completely trust our babysitter 100% and we are lucky to have someone who is watching him in our own home, but I still have severe anxiety about being away from him during the day. He has been a part of me since we got pregnant in January and it makes me really sad when I think about leaving him. I just don’t want to miss anything and I’m afraid he will be sad or think we abandoned him, even though I know he doesn’t really think at that level yet. I wish there was a way I could stay home with him but it is impossible financially, with our mortgage, car payments, student loans, etc. I keep trying to think about the positive- that I am lucky to have a job at all, and that I am a teacher who has great breaks for holidays and over the summer. I know a lot of working moms aren’t that lucky.

Enjoying every minute with my baby

I am just falling more and more in love with my husband every day. It is amazing watching him develop his own special bond with our baby. He’s a great husband and father and I don’t know what we would do without him! Baby Kevin loves FaceTiming him at work on his lunch break and spending time with him when I go run. It makes my heart happy 🙂


Finally, we were invited with another couple to come to my Bradley Method teacher Marisa’s current class to share our birth story with them. It was awesome and special to be able to share what happened with these other expectant parents. We explained how Kevin and I worked together as a team and what we did to get through labor and make tough decisions when things didn’t go completely as we hoped they would. I hope that it helped them feel more confident about having a natural birth and that they took something away from it- especially the fact that things may come up and it’s okay to be flexible with your ‘birth plan.’ In the end we received the most amazing reward possible- a healthy beautiful baby boy- and it was perfect.

We’re already halfway through week 7 and it’s already been very exciting! Until then, we’re off to brace ourselves for Hurricane Sandy! Stay safe fellow east coasters!

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29 responses to “Mom & Baby: Week 6

  1. 5-6 hours stretch of sleep? I’m soooo jealous of you. when did it started? is it really the six week improvement every talks about? what about naps? does he also take regular naps?

    about the abs muscles. I thought we are ok to do all kind of exercises after 6 weeks, is not?

    it’s so cool that you got to run with him, I’m sure he will like running when he’s older!:)

    oh…. nursing while working around at target? you need to teach me how to do that!

    • He just started sleeping in longer stretches a few days before he hit 6 weeks! It was amazing! I hope you have the same experience with your little one. Naps are another story. There is nothing regular about them. He takes them when he feels like it and they are anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours long. LOL.

      As for nursing… I just made the decision not to be embarrassed about it, put on my cover and carried him underneath while he ate 🙂 It was very freeing!

  2. I hope so, she’s still sleeping 2-3 stretches at night, I really hope things turn better soon.

    I nursed in public only once in a party, now that I think about it, I think I can do it in target too. there’s nothing embarrassing about it actually! 🙂

  3. So happy to hear that his hips are good to go!

  4. not everybody’s abs separate, but mine did a little…you can tell if you crunch up and you press above your belly button to see if you can feel a gap. mine was about a finger wide and through ab work I got it back before getting pregnant this time…but now it’s about 1.5-2 fingers…I can’t wait to start working out again…my abs feel so weak.

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