Mom & Baby: Week 5

We had a great 5th week of life! We took the baby to my hometown in Pennsylvania where he got to meet lots of family and friends. I also started running again which has been amazing! So many exciting things happening 🙂


Baby Kevin started doing some exciting new things this week. The biggest and best was that he started to really SMILE! Not just from gas either, it’s clear that he’s smiling in response to something. When he smiles he will make this really cute little noise along with it that sounds like a happy sigh. He does it most when he’s listening to music. He loves the Rockabye Baby channel on Pandora and the music his Snugabunny bouncer plays.

So expressive!

He has also started to be able to track objects with his eyes if we put them close to his face. He’s making eye contact with us all the time now, and will sometimes just stare at us for a long time. My favorite is when he stares at his daddy. It’s so cute!

He has developed some pretty dry skin on his face and scalp, and also some baby acne. I read that this is normal and due to hormonal changes that are happening around this time. Someone on Facebook told me that breastmilk will help clear up baby acne. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m interested to see if it really works!

Big smile!

This week I tried a lot of natural methods of helping him with his reflux (from this website) and I also avoided dairy, because I thought that was making it worse. It did get better this week, but not enough to where I feel comfortable with it.  I really don’t like how it still affects his breathing and makes him gag, cough, wheeze, and snore. I hate when he screams in pain and I can’t help. I have his 1 month doctor appointment tomorrow and I’m going to talk to her about what else I can do. I just want him to feel better, so that may mean trying some medicine. We’ll see.

Poor baby 😦

Breastfeeding is going well. He’s been latching on to my left side now but doesn’t stay on for too long. When he won’t stay on I will pump that side to keep up my supply. I’m also pumping both sides each morning after his first feeding and putting it in the freezer. By doing this every day I’m building up a nice stash for emergencies and when I go back to work. He’s still taking a bottle like it’s no big deal. We gave him one in the car on the way back from Pennsylvania and he was fine. That makes me feel better about going back to work in a few weeks, knowing that he won’t have any problem eating.

So sad in the car after we left PA. I was sad too!

Baby is looking more like his daddy every day, in my opinion! Look at this comparison photo of Baby Kevin and my husband Kevin when he was a baby. Seriously, they are identical! So crazy.


My body feels so much better ever since I started running last week! It didn’t feel great at first, but with every run I have felt more like my old self. When I ran for the first time I noticed that my hips and knee joints were really loose and weird, especially on my left side.  They even started to hurt towards the end of my first run. I told the chiropractor this and he said it is probably due to how the baby was on my right side for my entire pregnancy which made my right leg weak and numb, and my left side was used to working extra hard to compensate for that. Now that I’m not pregnant anymore it’s still overcompensating until it realizes it doesn’t have to anymore. He adjusted me and told me to keep running, and sure enough it went right away. Both legs feel normal and not as loose in the joints.

My weight stayed the same this week and I feel like my picture looks the same as last week too. Kevin says he can tell a difference but I can’t. Honestly, I really don’t care what my body looks like, especially now that I’m running again. What my body looks like doesn’t matter to me as much as what my body can do- and I’m SO THANKFUL that my body is feeling good and letting me run again!

I have been eating better in terms of making better food choices when I’m busy, but I think I need to work on eating more. Now that I’m running on top of breastfeeding, I know that I need more water and more calories. I can tell that I’m sometimes not eating and drinking enough, which is not good! It makes me have less energy and also can affect my milk supply if I’m not careful. So my goal for next week is to eat more- tough job I know.

It’s hard to remember to eat when spending the days (and nights) with this little cutie!


I am feeling really good mentally this week. I think it has to do with being able to run again and have a little bit of time to myself. I think it’s also because I got to see my family and friends back home, which always makes me really happy. Although I’m not going to lie, I was pretty stressed getting ready to leave for our trip. There was SO much to remember to bring! It’s definitely not as simple to go away for a weekend anymore.

All the stuff we brought for one weekend. And I know it will get worse as he gets older!

But once we were at my dad’s house in Pennsylvania I forgot about all of that. We stayed put all weekend while people dropped by to visit and meet the baby. It was so nice!

Baby Kevin with his Poppy (my dad)

Hanging out with his Aunt Lauren (my sister)

Another thing that has me feeling good mentally was going to a La Leche League meeting. I have only been to one before and that was while I was pregnant over the summer. I went that time with my Bradley Method teacher Marisa and another one of my classmates. This time I went alone (well technically the baby was with me). I was nervous, but it was great! Everyone was so supportive and welcoming. It was really nice to spend a couple of hours with other like-minded moms, and I felt so comfortable there that I didn’t even use my cover when I had to nurse the baby a million times during the meeting (he currently loves to cluster feed!). We were in a private room and all the other moms were doing it, so I didn’t mind. It felt very freeing and natural- that is what they were made for after all! I was proud of myself for that 🙂

This baby brings me so much joy- even in our tough moments. I feel so lucky and blessed to be his mommy!

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27 responses to “Mom & Baby: Week 5

  1. He is so expressive! Love the eyebrow move.

    You’re looking great, you keep shrinking 🙂

  2. Omg his faces are so cute! So happy for you 😀

  3. That’s a really big smile!!!!

    I am sure being able to workout again makes a big difference for your mind and body, I can’t wait to do that too in few weeks, even it’s just walking.

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