Mom & Baby: Week 4

4 Weeks. Baby Kevin will be one month old on Friday. My maternity leave is halfway over. Wahhh 😦 How is that possible? My sweet baby boy is already growing up too fast!


Baby Kevin had a better week than the last one. He wasn’t as fussy as he was when he went through the growth spurt and has been much happier in general.

New things baby likes: going in the shower with us, pulling mommy’s hair, waking up at 4 a.m. every morning and making cute happy baby noises to himself, getting his head rubbed, music, bedtime stories, and staring at the light (bringing him near light instantly calms him down too!).

Baby doesn’t like: getting his diaper and clothes changed, daddy’s scratchy face when he needs to shave, going in and out of the car seat, being startled, having blankets on him (he always kicks them off).

The only real issue this week is that I think his reflux is getting worse, and I think dairy definitely has a negative effect on it as well. This past week I ate dairy pretty heavily three days in a row and he was super fussy and spit up way more than usual. His pediatrician knows about this and said we would keep an eye on it and talk about it at his 1 month appointment next week. We think it might be GERD, because it’s starting to sound like it affects his breathing. He will make little gasping noises, wheeze, cough, and snore after eating and around the time that he is spitting up. I also notice that sometimes the milk will come back up but then he will swallow it. From what I have read those are symptoms that it’s more than just normal infant reflux because the milk is backing back up into his esophagus which causes the gasping, wheezing, coughing, etc.

This website has been super helpful at giving me ideas for how to help his reflux without medication. I have been trying the suggestions (keeping him upright after feeding, only feeding from one side so he doesn’t overeat, smaller more frequent feedings, elevating the head of his crib, and things like that) and they do seem to help. I wanted to see if these remedies would help his reflux improve before they put him on meds for it when we go to his appointment next week. I don’t want him to be medicated if there’s something more natural I can do instead to help him- that has always been our philosophy towards medicating ourselves as well as our baby. Of course, if nothing is helping and he needs the medicine then we will give it to him! I just want to try some alternatives first.

Breastfeeding is going better than last week, and I have found that he will still eat from my left side if I start with that one or if he’s sleepy and doesn’t realize what’s going on. When he doesn’t I will pump from that side to keep up my supply. I think the reason he doesn’t like it is because it doesn’t make nearly as much milk as my right side and the milk comes out slower, which makes him frustrated. My left usually makes less than half of what I can get from the right when I pump them at the same time, and even if I pump the left side for longer than the right. So weird. I’m going to a La Leche League meeting next week to talk about it and see what else I can do.

Speaking of pumping… we also gave him his first bottle last night. Since I’m halfway through my maternity leave we figured now was a good time to start introducing bottles, and he was not fazed at all by it. Kevin fed him first and I sat right next to him, and he took it like it was nothing and chowed down. Then I tried and he was fine with me feeding him through the bottle as well, which is great because I heard some babies refuse bottles if mom is nearby. He drank two ounces and promptly passed out. The interesting thing is that after he ate from the bottle his reflux symptoms were much better. We use Dr. Browns bottles which are supposed to be good for reflux and colic, so I’m wondering if maybe that helped keep the air out, or controlled the flow of milk better, or something like that?

I haven’t heard anything from the doctor about his hip ultrasound. I’m hoping no news is good news, but we have his one month appointment next week so I’m sure she will let me know what the results were then.

My Dad got us a video camera as a baby shower gift and we have been loving it! We have taken a ton of videos of him and are slowly uploading them to my Youtube channel to share with family and friends. Check them out if you want to see Baby K in action! I also uploaded some (edited) videos from labor and delivery.

Baby K always keeps us entertained 🙂


Well according the doctor at my 4 week post partum appointment this morning, I am officially healed and can run again!!!! She said I’m fine to resume all exercise as long as it doesn’t increase my bleeding. Since I asked to come in at 4 weeks PP to see if I could be cleared for exercise, they originally wanted me to still come in at 6 weeks post partum to be checked out again- BUT she told me I don’t have to because I healed perfectly. I am also allowed to resume “other” activities that I wasn’t allowed to do before – however, with a baby in a co-sleeper in between us I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Haha! But I am very excited to be able to take a bath again, which is another activity I’m not supposed to do until I was medically cleared.

I lost another pound last week so I’m currently sitting at 135, which is 5 pounds away from where I started. I’m getting closer to my pre-pregnancy body but as you can see, if I compare what I look like now to what I looked like at 4 weeks pregnant, I still have a ways to go (and I was a little bloated in my 4 weeks pregnant photo!). My old jeans still don’t fit over my hips but my maternity pants are getting to be too baggy. I’m thinking I will go out and buy some jeans that fit, because these hips most likely aren’t going anywhere and I am tired of wearing maternity jeans!

4 weeks pregnant vs. 4 weeks post partum



I tried to eat better this week despite having so little time to prepare meals. Kevin’s been helping a LOT, chopping up veggies so they’re ready in the fridge to make into a salad, and sometimes even making my lunch before he leaves for work. This has made a big difference. However now that I’m not pregnant anymore the dairy REALLY doesn’t agree with me. I’ve always been lactose intolerant but it got a little better during pregnancy. Now it’s back to how it was. I had dairy three days in a row and paid for it the next few days. I think it’s time to say goodbye to it for my own benefit and Baby Kevin’s too, since his reflux seems to get better when I don’t eat dairy. Sadness!

Family nap time 🙂

The only other body issue I have had this week was pain when I was pumping. I realized that the breast shield that it came with was too small and was causing a lot of friction and pain. It literally brought me to tears when I would pump and when I fed him, because they were so sore. I went out and bought a larger shield and now it is SO much better. No pain or discomfort at all!


I’ve been doing well with focusing on enjoying my day with the baby instead of worrying constantly about things around the house like I wrote about last week. However my new mommy confidence was a little shaken this week. I had gotten more comfortable with taking the baby out to places on my own… until now. We went for a walk at a park and he was so happy the whole time. He fell asleep when he got back in the car so I thought it was safe to stop at Target really quickly to get him more diapers and a few other things we needed.

As soon as I had a cart full of stuff he woke up and started to scream louder than I have ever heard before. Nothing would soothe him except for me taking him out of his car seat which was also in the cart, and holding him. But I couldn’t push the cart AND hold him at the same time. I tried putting him back down to go to check out and he screamed again. I contemplated leaving all the stuff I needed and just going back later, but we REALLY needed diapers so I pretty much ran to the check out with him screaming the whole time and hoped for a quick cashier. While I was checking out I was getting dirty looks left and right from people. I even heard two women talking about how I should know not to bring him out yet because he’s too little, and a teenage boy saying that crying babies were so annoying. I was so upset and embarrassed, feeling like I wasn’t a good mother or something. I left the store and cried in the car while feeding him 😦

Nursing in the car after our Target fiasco

After that incident my confidence was somewhat restored later in the week. I am finding that I am better able to predict when he is going to be fussy or need something by paying attention to his cues and timing, and I’m trying to stay one step ahead of him to avoid his meltdowns. It’s been a learning process, but we’re getting there.

I am looking forward to going home to Pennsylvania this weekend to see my family and friends and have them spend some time with Baby Kevin. I can’t believe it’s been a month since they have seen him last!

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28 responses to “Mom & Baby: Week 4

  1. Your Target story is TERRIBLE! People can be SO ignorant! I’m sorry that happened 😦 I have pushed many, many shopping carts with one hand (very hard, and sometimes, impossible!) I’ve sat on benches, display chairs, etc. with a fussy baby that just wanted to be held. Luckily, our Target is next to a Babies R Us – so sometimes we’d go sit in the gliders with him until he was sleeping or ready to go back in the car.

    It sounds like you guys are doing well! It does sound like he has some stomach stuff going on. I think it’s fantastic you’re trying some home remedies before medicating him…I have the same philosophy towards medicine for myself and baby. I can’t believe he’s almost a month old!

    You look fantastic. Be proud that you did SO much work during your pregnancy and it’s all paying off now. I can’t believe you’re 5 lbs from your pre-preggo weight! Fantastic!!

    Enjoy some family time this week!

    • Thanks Becky! I ventured out alone again today and it went well 🙂 I just hope whenever it inevitably happens again I will be in a place where the people are nicer about it! And hopefully where there is a place to sit nearby too!

  2. balancejoyanddelicias

    hope the reflux situation gets better! it’s really painful to watch our baby in pain and not knowing how to help them!

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