Hustle2Health 5K

This morning my little family participated in a brand new local race- the Hustle2Health 5K. This race was put on by our local community college, and one of the sponsors was the medical office that Kevin works for. Kevin’s office manager encouraged all of the employees to run or walk the race to promote exercise and good health. We all signed up together as a team and met at Northern Virginia Community College’s Woodbridge campus this morning, even though it was relatively COLD compared to just a few days ago (in the low 50s!) and raining.

We had Baby Kevin bundled up in a ton of layers and protected from the rain by the BOB’s weather shield. The shield normally fits on the BOB without the car seat, but since Baby K is way too small to go in the stroller alone we had to adapt it a bit. We made it work!

Once we were good to go, we walked over to the start and found the rest of Kevin’s team.

And I found some of my work friends too! Danielle and Denice are teachers at my school, and they also did the Light the Way 5K with us last weekend!

This was our second race with Baby K (on the outside!), and it feels amazing to be at races as a little family. This is something I have always dreamed about and now it’s real!

Even though it was cold and rainy, about 350 runners showed up to run and were in good spirits. We all hung out together for a while as we waited for the race to start. Since this was the first year for this race, it started a little late as they worked out some issues with the clock and waited for the last shuttle bus full of runners (it was a point to point race). I had good company to talk to in the meantime so it wasn’t too bad, although I was excited to start moving and get my blood flowing to warm up!

Eventually the race started and the runners were off- including Kevin. I immediately felt super jealous of everyone that was running, but luckily I had a few of Kevin’s coworkers walking with me so I wasn’t lonely. I didn’t take many pictures while walking because it was raining, but I pulled out my camera really quickly for a few, including the one below which shows one of the many hills!

Baby Kevin was content the whole time, and drifted in and out of sleep. I started getting worried toward the end of the race because I knew he would be hungry soon- especially since we started late. And when he gets hungry he lets everyone know it! Luckily he stayed passed out, and we were both happy 🙂

When Kevin finished his race (in 23:51 – after not running for about a month since the baby has been born. How does he do it?!), he came back to find us and accompany us to the finish line. He also took over stroller pushing duty.

I finished the race in 53 minutes and some change, which I was kind of surprised about. I thought it would take longer with the stroller and all the hills!

After finishing we went indoors to the post-race expo. I was really impressed by this. It was great and not what I expected from a first-year, local race. They had vendor tables, free samples and coupons, fresh bagels from Panera and hot coffee from Dunkin Donuts, free massages, and group Zumba. They even had a big truck from the hospital outside giving women free mammograms. I was so amazed by all of this that I didn’t even take a single picture except the one below. But trust me, it was impressive!

I had a great experience walking this morning, but I am SO READY to actually run my next race. This is the second race I’ve gone to where I had to walk the entire thing, and hopefully it was my last. Walking is just not my exercise of choice. I’m itching to race and push myself hard again! I will be writing a post later this week about my newest race plans once I get officially cleared to run again by my doctor (hopefully on Wednesday!). Let’s just say I have big goals for 2013  and I can’t wait to start working on them! 🙂


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