Mom & Baby: Week 3

We have made it to week 3! Every day and week that go by feel like such an accomplishment. It’s amazing to me that we managed to keep this little man alive and healthy for 3 weeks all on our own πŸ™‚


Well I think that Baby Kevin went through a growth spurt this week. He was extra fussy for a few days this week and absolutely nothing would console him except being held and eating constantly. I literally could not put him down without him screaming and he would not fall asleep either. It was exhausting for me and it broke my heart to see him so upset for no apparent reason. I was reading that babies go through their first growth spurt between 2 and 3 weeks and act just like he did during this time. It also said that following the growth spurt he would be super tired, and he definitely is. He’s been sleeping in longer stretches (4-5 hours!) and hard to wake up.

My poor upset baby 😦

We also introduced the pacifier this week to help him learn to self-soothe, and it has helped calm him since then. I don’t think he has had any nipple confusion issues because of this which I am very thankful for. However, he did start doing something weird and I’m not sure why or if it is related to the pacifier. He is very resistant to eating from my left side. Sometimes he tries hard to latch on but can’t no matter what position I put him in, and sometimes he totally refuses all together (even if I start with that side when he is hungry). It’s obvious he prefers my right side, which is weird because they look the same to me. Because of this I have noticed that my supply hasn’t been as much on that side as it was before. Maybe this is why he doesn’t want to eat from it? It’s a bad cycle. Anyway, even though I wasn’t planning to pump yet I started to on my left side to keep up my supply. I was getting nervous that it would totally dry up and I wouldn’t have enough to satisfy him using just my right one. We aren’t bottle feeding yet (we plan to introduce this next week), so right now I’m pumping and freezing it for when I go back to work. Any suggestions from my mommy readers on what is happening and what I can do?

In other baby news, we had his 2 week doctor’s appointment last Thursday. He has officially surpassed his birth weight and now weighs 7 pounds and 8 ounces! I was so happy to hear that. He is also measuring 20.5 inches- which makes us think that his first measurement of 18 inches was wrong. He couldn’t have grown that much in only 2 weeks. I asked the doctor about his gas and constant spitting up, and she said it seems like he has a touch of reflux and might be affected by all the beans and greens in my diet. She recommended trying not to eat those things to see if it helps, but I’m not sure what to eat if I eliminate two of the main food groups in my vegetarian diet. I have noticed that he seems to be getting better even though I’m not changing anything, so maybe his digestive system is maturing on its own and it won’t be a problem anymore. We’ll see!

The other thing the doctor said was that she noticed his left hip clicking when she did his exam. She said that this could be a sign of hip dysplasiaΒ and wanted us to go get an ultrasound to make sure everything was okay around his hip joint. We went yesterday and got it done, but haven’t heard anything from the doctor about the results yet. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the clicking was no big deal and something that he will grow out of eventually.

Our little model πŸ™‚


I am continuing to feel better and better with each passing day! My back is hurting less because I’ve been focusing on leaning back while nursing in bed instead of hunching over. I’m also using the Boppy pillow for more support. Other than that I really feel normal.

My weight stayed the same this week and is still 136, probably because my eating hasn’t been great. Constant hunger combined with a screaming baby going through a growth spurt means that I grabbed whatever food I could eat quickly, which weren’t always the best choices. My goal for this week is to do better with my eating, because when I don’t eat well it affects my energy level and my patience. In the picture above you can see that my upper stomach area is thinning out but I still have the bump at the bottom. But I feel great about my body so far and I also know that I will most likely hold onto some weight while I’m breastfeeding. So if I need to stay 6 pounds above where I started in order to continue breastfeeding then that is fine. It’s not a big deal at all!

I’ve had some comments from people about how they really appreciate my honesty about pregnancy, childbirth, and recovery on the blog. I was so happy to hear that because that is something I have always tried to do so that I can remember the good, the bad, and the ugly. So let’s continue to keep it real here- last week I talked about how my bleeding has stopped. Well, it has stopped from one “area” but has continued in another “area” when I go to the bathroom. Yup, I believe I have hemorrhoids! Fun stuff! I have heard that this is very common and is a result of all the trauma that my lower body went through during labor, and it will be resolved with time.


I had a really great week emotionally and mentally. I was having a hard time trying to balance taking care of the baby and taking care of everything else at home too. I felt like since I am home all day and Kevin is working that I should be the one to do the cleaning, laundry, cooking, and other household things. I found out quickly that it is extremely difficult to do anything with a needy newborn. I honestly have no idea how single moms do it all. I have so much respect for them! Kevin helped me realize that I don’t need to be superwoman. He told me not to worry about all of those things, and has been taking care of it all since then. My time at home is so short and it’s going by so quickly. It finally hit me that I will never get this special time back and I’m not going to spend it cleaning!

It was also my 26th birthday on Monday and I was spoiled by my boys. Kevin made me breakfast in bed and took me to dinner at On the Border. When we got there I realized he had set up for my friends to be there as a surprise! It was so much fun!

Pumpkin pancakes and eggs!

While we were there I had my second post partum drink- a margarita! It was amazing. I have been afraid to have a drink since Baby Kevin was a few days old and screamed for food after I had just drank a glass of wine. This time I fed him in the car immediately before going into the restaurant and ordered it right away. He was fine and slept the entire time we were there. When we got back home and he woke up hungry it had been two hours so I knew it was okay to feed him. Success!

My confidence as a mother is continuing to get stronger. He’s becoming a little more predictable and I have learned a lot of strategies to soothe him if he gets upset. Because of this I am feeling more comfortable taking him out in public, knowing that I will able to handle whatever happens while we’re out. This includes breastfeeding in public. Baby needs to eat when baby needs to eat!

Obviously I am happiest when Kevin is home at night and on the weekends and we can do things as a family. Kevin can calm Baby Kevin down instantly. He loves his daddy πŸ™‚

We had a great weekend together, with the Light the Way 5K on Saturday and then we spent our Sunday walking around the Occoquan Arts & Crafts Fair with little man in the Moby Wrap. Β It is so much fun being with my little family πŸ™‚

I am looking forward to another great week with Baby Kevin! We have a bunch of things in store, including walking another 5K and cheering on daddy as he runs it!

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44 responses to “Mom & Baby: Week 3

  1. Life as a new mom sure is super busy! You look great πŸ™‚

  2. it’s interesting to know that babies have preferences over breasts! πŸ˜‰
    how are u pumping? after or before feeding him? how much do u get?

    • I know- I didn’t know that could happen either! I pump after I try to feed him from that side to get out what is left and to stimulate it so it continues to produce what I need. I have only been able to get like an ounce out though, which is what is worrying me! I don’t think I’m making much on my left side anymore 😦 I hope I can get it to increase again!

  3. Babies can have preferences over which boob they prefer! I think a lot of it is how the milk flows. Fortunately neither of my boys ever cared…but I think what you’re doing is right–feed him on that side first when he’s the hungriest and pump afterwards (and then you’ll have a nice stash of milk started πŸ™‚ ) You are looking fabulous! I found for me, I really started to lose the little bit of extra belly 4-6 months after baby (that’s when my running would pick up…)

    • Thanks Renee! I do think it has something to do with the milk flow. I’m definitely not making as much on that side anymore and I think he knows and wants the one that has more πŸ™‚ I hope that by pumping my supply will increase.

      I am getting so excited to get back into running- mostly for the mental benefits but also for the physical. I miss it!!!

  4. I 2nd Renee…always try to start nursing on the side that is not his favorite. He will be the most hungry then and more likely nurse off of it better. A lot of babies have preferences…especially if one side feels more comfortable to you than the other.

    Just a quick tip from a working mom…starting at about 2 weeks with both kids I always pumped after my first morning nurse. Since I didn’t use any milk while I was home on maternity leave that was all freezer stash. Just that one time a day was enough to get a really good head start. Your body will really quickly adjust and realize that your demanding more in the morning and your supply will be really strong. It helps me now when my little guy is just about to turn one (sniff sniff) and I’m only pumping 4 oz TOTAL in a day. I still have a ton of milk in the freezer from those early months. It saves a lot of stress worrying about getting enough each day for him.

    You’re doing amazing…life as a mom is the hardest and most rewarding job ever. Your little guy is just adorable. You will do great when you start running again. Don’t worry about the weight. I have still kept the last 3-4 lbs of baby weight because I’m still nursing. But, you cannot see it or feel it in your clothes, so don’t worry at all. You look fantastic!

    • Thank you for your sweet comment and for the tip about pumping in the morning! It is very overwhelming thinking about how I have to make sure I have enough for him when I have to go back to work. I’m hoping my body adjusts and starts producing more like you said it would!

  5. 1) My son preferred a side, too. I would always offer it first when he was hungry and eventually, we got it. He nursed fine on both sides & we made it to 12 months!
    2) Pumping: Do it in the morning! Your supply is bigger & better in the morning. I used to pump after a morning feeding (~9AM) and I’d get 5-6 ounces. Pumping is an art and it takes time to make it work well. Try using the the fast/”let down” phase until you start seeing milk, then switch immediately to the slower/”pulling” phase. If you see the milk start to slow down, go back to the fast phase and sometimes you’ll have a 2nd let down. I learned from a Lactation consultant to be relaxed and patient. I would sit and stare at the cup, waiting for the milk to come so I could get back to baby! She told me (and it worked!) to be relaxed and to think about my baby while pumping. It definitely helped when I wasn’t paying attention to how much milk I was getting.

    Kevin is SO adorable. The first picture in the post is amazing! His cute little eyes. Spend allllllll the time you can with him. Before you blink, you’ll be going back to work. I let my son sleep on my chest during the day for almost every nap the first 12 weeks I was home with him. He didn’t learn any “bad” habits and sleeps the night now 12 hours. And, we have an amazing, awesome bond πŸ™‚

    Motherhood is SO amazing – it suits you well ! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks so much for the pumping tips! I have the Medela In-Style Advanced pump and it is pretty intimidating to figure out, so your advice is super helpful. You are the second person that mentioned pumping in the morning – I am going to try tomorrow and see if it helps. 5-6 ounces AFTER feeding is amazing compared to what I’m currently getting.

      What you said at the end made me cry. I am already distraught thinking about leaving him to go back to work even though I still have 5 more weeks of maternity leave. I am really trying to cherish every day and do things like let him sleep on me, cuddling with him, and getting a ton of bonding time in. I am loving motherhood! πŸ™‚

      • I hear you!!!! Everyday for the last ~4ish weeks of maternity leave I was sad about the fact that it was going to end. I won’t lie; it’s hard. The night before I went back last October I was a disssssaster. Everything my husband said made me cry. I wrote a 4 (or was it 16?!) page ‘note’ to the daycare ladies, letting them know all the things they needed to know about C. (When he makes this noise, he needs this. When he rubs his eyes, he needs to go down for a nap immediately. Etc.) πŸ™‚ I’m sure they thought I was crazy, but they did know I was a first time Mom. Turns out, if you have a good a daycare (and I’m sure you do) once you guys get your routine down and you see that K is happy and well taken care of, you won’t worry about him while at work. Of course, you WILL think about him allllllll day long but you won’t worry. I used to go in early and stay late to get things done. Never again! I arrive a few minutes before I have to and leave as soon as I can to get home to my boy! Enjoy the next 5 weeks – every. single. second. How did pumping go today?

        • I feel very comfortable with our daycare situation but it’s still SO HARD to think about leaving him! It makes me cry when I think about it already. I haven’t left him yet since he was born, although I will next week for the first time if the doctor clears me to run again. I’m sure I’ll be the same way with making sure our friend who is watching him knows everything there is to know about him. I definitely won’t be going into work early and staying late like I used to either! That is tough to do as a teacher but my baby is more important.

          Pumping went well. I definitely did get more in the morning so thanks for the advice! The only thing is that I think I need to get larger breast shields. It came with the medium size ones and they were okay at first, but now my nipples are getting SO SORE that it’s super painful to pump and to feed him. I think there’s too much friction happening. I’m going to buy the size large and see if it helps.

          • I hear you! I didn’t leave C with anyone (for more than a few hours) until he was about 8 weeks (our anniversary night!). Everyone thought I was crazy for “not wanting a break” but like you said, I was constantly thinking about the fact that I was headed back to work. I didn’t leave him overnight until he was 7 months old. I know friends and family think that’s weird, but I love my little man and see no need to spend time away from him πŸ™‚

            YES – get a bigger size. Pumping should definitely not hurt. I did have to work pretty hard each time to get just the right placement so only my nipple (TMI!?) was being pulled. If it was just *slightly* off, it would hurt/cause friction.

            I’m glad you got more in the morning pump; a sign things are headed in the right direction!

  6. Thanks for this post! My baby is three weeks old today and has been eating and sleeping for what seems like non-stop and I had no idea this was growth spurt time! Also, I’m having the exact same deal with the down there healing…. Didn’t think of hemorrhoids but will be calling midwife now that you mentioned that πŸ˜€

    Happy three weeks to your adorable baby boy!

  7. My first had a preference– and throughout my time nursing him, my left side always produced less. But that was totally okay– we still made it to 16 months, and only stopped then because I was seven months pregnant and it was super uncomfortable to nurse! But we both got frustrated with the left side, so I didn’t worry about it while I was nursing him, and just made sure to pump that side if it got uncomfortably full. My second babe hasn’t had issues with preference, but I have noticed he goes to sleep nursing a lot more if he’s on my right.

    • So weird how that happens! And most people I have heard from have issues with the left side. Interesting. Good for you for making it to 16 months! That’s amazing!

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  9. You could try a shield on the side he doesnt want to latch on to….

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