What I Loved: Third Trimester

On the night I was originally planning to write my “What I’m Loving: Third Trimester” post, I was at the hospital in labor. I didn’t want to just forget about it, because there were a lot of things that I loved during the last part of my pregnancy. So I decided to write it after the fact!

In case you missed them, here are my previous posts on this topic:

Here are some of the things that helped me get through my third trimester when I was large and in charge!

Before going to the hospital @ 38 weeks!

  • Summer Break: I cannot explain how nice it was to be off from work for most of my third trimester. It was amazing to have those weeks to relax and rest (as much as I could while also moving and finishing my Masters degree), and just escape from the stress of being a teacher. It was also a bittersweet summer because I knew that it would be the last one that I would have to myself.

Spending a beautiful summer day geocaching!

  • The Chiropractor: I started seeing a chiropractor during the third trimester after both my midwife and doula recommended it to ease some discomfort I was having and make sure my body was in good alignment for birth. I wasn’t sure about it at first but I am now a believer. I have felt so much better since I started going once a week- I feel lighter, looser, and like I’m holding a lot less tension in my body. It made the third trimester so much more comfortable!

  • Running Without My Maternity Support Belt: One of the reasons I love the chiropractor is because he helped me realize that my Gabriella Maternity Support Belt may actually be hurting me rather than helping me. I was having a lot of numbness and weakness on my right side when I ran, which is the side baby was always on. Apparently my maternity belt was compressing that area even more and contributing to the problem- which was very surprising! I tried running without it one day and I instantly felt better and running felt comfortable again. I really attribute losing the belt as the main reason why I enjoyed running so much in the third trimester when I was the biggest!

  • Walking: I was so resistant to walking at the beginning of my pregnancy, but I really grew to love it by the end. I learned that it’s okay to slow down and enjoy taking a walk, and that running isn’t the only acceptable form of exercise. I hope to continue incorporating walking into my training even when I am able to run again.

  • Sleep: This trimester I really tried to listen to everyone’s advice and sleep as much as I could. Since I was off for the summer I was able to take a ton of naps and not set an alarm most days. I wasn’t necessarily having the best sleep, but I was resting at least and it made a big difference in my energy levels at the end of my pregnancy.

What Kevin came home to after work one day…

  • Nesting:  I was all about cooking, cleaning, and preparing for baby this trimester! Since we bought a house and moved when I was 34 weeks pregnant, I was very anxious to get settled and make sure we were ready. My hard work paid off – baby came 2 weeks early and we were fully prepared for him at home!

Cooking during my freezer meal marathon!

  • Carbs: My eating this trimester was very similar to the first. All I wanted was lots and lots of carbs. Bagels, cereal, bread, pizza, chips… all those delicious things! Don’t worry, I still ate a ton of other healthy food. I just really WANTED the carbs and indulged- sometimes 🙂

  • My Body: I absolutely LOVED my body in the third trimester. I loved watching my belly grow and my body change with each week. I have struggled with body image issues in the past, but I have never felt more confident and beautiful than I did during the third trimester of my pregnancy. I still feel that way 2 weeks post partum, and I think (and hope!) it is something that has changed in me forever.

Showing off my new bikini body at the pool!

I think it is so funny to look back on the things I couldn’t live without during each part of my pregnancy. It definitely changed a lot over the course of the 38 weeks that I was pregnant. Next up in this little series–> What I’m Loving: Post Partum!


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