Baby K’s Nursery Tour

Welcome to Baby K’s nursery!

The nursery was the first room we worked on as soon as we moved into our new house. I have been collecting things for it for months, and it turned out exactly how I had always pictured in my mind. We wanted something simple, sweet, and gender-neutral since we don’t know Baby K’s sex yet. We fell in love with the Skip Hop Treetop theme I found on Amazon, and built our nursery around it. It’s all about soft colors, light oak wood, nature scenes, trees, birds, and a lot of owls!

First up- the crib area!

We bought this Graco Lauren crib from, and the Skip Hop Treetop mobile, bedding, and decal are all from Amazon. Inside the crib is a mesh bumper from Babies R Us, a Sleep Sheep, and an amazing knitted owl that my little sister made!

Next to the crib is a little storage shelf with two fabric bins inside. On top is a lamp from Target, and two little owl figurines that were used as decoration at our baby shower. Inside the first bin are a bunch of teethers and feeding accessories that we won’t need for a little while. The second bin is full of stuffed animals, toys, and rattles. Next to this shelf is our bouncer, which will move all around the house with me and won’t stay in the nursery.

Next to the crib is our glider, which is by Storkcraft and also purchased on I have my Boppy pillow and another pillow on it right now, but when baby gets here they will probably be stored in the basket under the table along with a blanket. The side table is from Ikea, and the lamp is another one from Target. The curtains and the rug are also from Target!

The changing area is next. The changing table/dresser is from Storkcraft and we also got it from Walmart. It took Kevin a while to put together but it looks beautiful! The two owl pictures were gifts from Kevin’s sister, and I hung up the notes that everyone wrote to Baby K at our baby shower between them. I will take them down later, but I thought it was nice to do for baby’s homecoming 🙂 The changing pad cover, decal, and activity owl are all part of the Skip Hop Treetop line.

Here’s a look inside the drawers.

Diaper changing supplies.

Some clothes.

Blankets and swaddles.

Extra sheets, changing pad covers, waterproof pads, diapers, etc.

Next to the changing table is a closet with a hanging organizer from Target, some clothes that are boy/girl specific that will need to be exchanged after baby is born, our Mamas & Papas seat and activity mat that I haven’t gotten set up yet.

Last but not least, here is the view from the opposite side of the room looking out the doorway.

This shelf was given to Kevin by his work because they didn’t want it anymore. I love it! On the shelf we put a big K that I found for a few dollars at TJ Maxx, books from our baby shower guests, baby’s ultrasound photo, and a hand crocheted blanket made by my friend Cynthia’s grandmother. Next to the shelf is our hamper which is from Babies R Us.

These two painted canvases were made by my friend Ashley. She gave them to us along with an ink pad for after baby is born. The canvas with the pink owl will have my handprint next to the baby’s handprint, and the blue owl will have Kevin and baby’s handprint. So cute and creative!

Last but not least, here is where the baby will sleep when he or she first comes home from the hospital. We wanted to keep the baby in our room next to our bed in the beginning, but we didn’t want to buy a separate bassinet. We are going to use the bassinet that is in our Pack & Play instead. I think it will work just fine. Please excuse our unmade bed!!!

We are ready! Now all we need is a baby 🙂 We are so excited!



4 responses to “Baby K’s Nursery Tour

  1. Love it and how exciting!!! It looks like y’all are well prepared for Baby K’s arrival. The day will be here before you realize it!! Wishing you and your husband the best with the new addition to your family 🙂

  2. I love it! I have a ton to do on our nursery still. I should probably get busy 😉

  3. Like your post that is very interesting. Baby nursery has beautiful decorated. I am really inspired to visit it.

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