Baby K: 35 Weeks

I seriously cannot believe that we are down to 5 weeks left until my due date! The reality that baby is coming in about a month has hit me very hard. I am SO excited!

What’s Happening With Baby?

This week baby is the size of a honeydew melon! Similar to last week’s cantaloupe, but a little larger 🙂

According to BabyCenter, baby is over 18 inches long and weighs more than 5 pounds. He or she is finished with physical development and will work on putting on weight from now until birth. The Bump also says that my uterus has grown to 1,000 times it’s original size. That is crazy to think about! Baby’s hearing is fully developed, and it will respond most to high-pitched noises. I haven’t tried to make any, but I do know that baby will move around when Kevin gets close to my belly and talks to him or her 🙂

How I’m Feeling

Still feeling very tired after another very busy week. We spent the week working on the house and working at school in my new classroom. We also had our Virginia baby shower, which was amazing! I am definitely in nesting mode, and all I can think about is getting everything ready for the baby. I know I still have 5 weeks until my due date, but I am feeling very anxious to get everything done. The nursery is finished (I will post about it tomorrow!), all the clothes we have are washed and folded, and we have the car seat but don’t have it installed yet. I also need to pack my hospital bag and make some freezer meals for after baby is here. Yup, totally nesting!

How I’m Changing

One of the reasons I feel so anxious to get things ready is because I am noticing a lot of things happening to get my body ready for birth. I have been having a lot of cramping. It feels like menstrual cramps and comes and goes, especially after I have been active. My doctor said this is normal and a form of Braxton Hicks contractions that are getting my body ready for labor. I also noticed that my stomach has dropped a little bit this week. I thought it might be too early for this, but I realized that I wasn’t feeling the baby’s feet in my ribs anymore, they are farther down when he/she kicks. I also can breathe easier and I am not dealing with constant heartburn anymore. I feel more pressure in my pelvic area and have to pee all the time, just like the first trimester, so I definitely feel like baby has gotten lower. I know it’s not finished dropping but it’s a start! What do you think? Can you see the slight drop in my belly when I compare last week with this week? I feel like I can see it from both the front and the side view, but that may just be me.

34 weeks vs. 35 weeks



My swelling has gotten better since last week, but I am still holding onto some water despite trying to rest a lot. I think that is just going to be reality for me the next few weeks! I think the last change is that the baby moves nonstop. It is constantly wiggling around, and it’s really noticeable from the outside now. I have had people point out to me that my belly is moving. So weird!

What I’m Eating / Not Eating

Since we were so busy this week it wasn’t easy to stay on track with our eating but we did our best. We did a lot of convenience food grabbing while we were working on the house and had family around visiting. However I did test out two recipes that I plan to make and freeze: bean, veggie, and avocado enchiladas and vegetable lasagna. Both were really good and will be put on the list of freezer meals to make!

How I’m Staying Active

This week I got to explore the new neighborhood we live in while running. I discovered that it is VERY hilly! I thought where we used to live was but there are definitely more hills here. Running has felt okay this week, but the pressure on my pelvis and bladder is worse since the baby is lower. I usually have to walk at least one time per run (usually more), but I’m just so thankful that my body has allowed me to continue doing the activity that I love so much that I don’t mind 🙂

  • Run: 9 miles
  • Walk: 0 miles – been so busy, no time for walks!
  • Strength-Training: 2 Body Pump classes


Week 35 Summary:

  • Weight gained this week: +0.0. Same as last week, which is fine because I gained four pounds last week! Still think some of it is water!
  • Total weight gained: 24.6 pounds
  • # of days until mommy & daddy’s next race: 3 – we’re doing  a local 5K and I can’t wait!
  • # of days until maternity photos: 4! So excited!
  • Best part of the week: Finishing the nursery!!!
  • Cutest onesie received: Running Buddy onesie from my friend Danielle. I love it!!!

For more pregnancy posts, visit the Baby K page!


3 responses to “Baby K: 35 Weeks

  1. So soon!!!! Love the running buddy onsie too. Baby clothes are adorable. Can’t wait to find out if your little peanut is a he or a she!

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