Our Virginia Baby Shower

Yesterday we had our second baby shower, hosted by my sister-in-law Kara and my two friends from college, Cynthia and Ashley. It included many of our family members and friends that live in Virginia with us and was a perfect way to celebrate baby’s arrival soon! They took our nursery’s forest and owl theme and rolled with it. It was amazing! Here are some pictures from our special day.

Games and activities, which included bookmarks with messages to Baby K on them, necklaces that everyone wore and were taken away if you said the word ‘baby,’ a baby word scramble game, sex/birthdate/birth time/weight/length prediction cards, and bottles for the beer bottle chugging challenge.

Kara, Ashley, and Cynthia prepared an amazing dessert table filled with cake pops, cookies, owl cupcakes, and candy. The star of the table was this awesome cake. It matches the wall decal in our nursery perfectly and tasted amazing!

We played games- including the word scramble which became pretty intense. We have a competitive family! The boys played a game where they had to see who could drink beer out of a beer bottle the fastest. They said it was harder than it looked!

We cut the cake, just like we did on our wedding day 9 months ago 🙂

Then it was time to open the many generous gifts that we received.

The girls also asked everyone to bring a book for baby’s library instead of a card, with a message inside for Baby K. It was such a sweet idea!!! Everyone also brought an IPA beer for Kevin 🙂 He was happy!

We got so many great things for baby, it would be impossible to post all the pictures and mention them all. The gifts were all practical- like a new parents survival kit and our car seat; or personal- like a PSU sweatshirt (my alma mater); or home-made- like a crocheted blanket and painted canvas for baby’s handprints.

Penn State ladies now relocated to Virginia 🙂

Mommy and Daddy-to-be!

I can’t even explain how fortunate and blessed we feel to have had another amazing shower after our first one in Pennsylvania. I cry every time I think about all the people that support and love this little baby already. I cannot wait for everyone to meet him or her in about 6 weeks!


4 responses to “Our Virginia Baby Shower

  1. Your shower looks beautiful! They are so fun. Last week when you had such a long gap between posts, I was convinced (and worried) that you’d gone into labor and had the baby! I’m so glad s/he is incubating a bit longer and wasn’t ready to come out — that you were just busy! Too funny. Good luck in the final weeks. I never got to the point of feeling terrible; just done with being pregnant. The day my son was born, I waddled 3.5 hilly, hard miles and went into labor!

    • Oh no!! I’m sorry I disappeared. Trust me I want baby to hold out a little longer. I feel pretty good most days too, but definitely notice things happening down there. Can’t believe I’m about a month out from my due date!!!

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