Baby K: 34 Weeks

Week 34 was a VERY exciting week for us. We were really busy, which is why I haven’t had time to blog at all since last week’s update. I also didn’t have access to Internet until late last night because we finally closed on our house and MOVED!!! It was a long two month process, but we did it! It feels so good to finally be in our house!

What’s Happening With Baby?

This week the baby is the size of a cantaloupe! They didn’t have any at our grocery store, so Kevin got some other type of melon instead. Close enough!

According to BabyCenter, baby is 18 inches long and weighs about 5 pounds. Our baby weighed more than that at our 32 week ultrasound though!  He or she is gaining more and more fat each week which will keep the body warm after birth. The Bump also says that baby is listening to our conversations now, and is getting ready to ‘drop’ farther down into the pelvis soon. I think this is going to happen sooner rather than later because I feel random pressure and pains down there occasionally. I found out at my appointment that baby is still head down (yeah!) and it’s heart rate was 120-130 this time. That was nice to hear after the low heart rate scare that we had two weeks ago. I ate a banana right before the appointment and baby was moving like crazy, so I think that helped.

How I’m Feeling

This week was so exciting and amazing in many ways, but it left me totally exhausted. To prepare for our closing I spent last week packing everything up in our house, then we closed on Friday, cleaned and painted on Saturday, and moved on Sunday with the help of many friends. We didn’t waste any time! I spent all day Monday and Tuesday unpacking, and the last two days I worked at school on setting up my new classroom. So needless to say, I’m feeling tired.

Right after closing with the keys to our house!

But while I’m tired, I’m also feeling the need to NEST and get things ready for baby. One of the first things we did when we moved in was get the nursery ready. Kevin painted and put together the crib and changing table/dresser, and I put up wall decals and washed baby clothes and did other random baby tasks. We also had our hospital tour which really made us realize that this is actually going to happen soon. So exciting!!!

Also, I’m still loving the chiropractor. I’ve gone three times so far and it’s been a great relief for me and has made me feel a lot more comfortable in general. At my second appointment we went over the results of my evaluation and he showed me all the spots on my spine and neck that are stressed or out of alignment. They were ALL on my right side! It makes perfect sense because that is where baby has been the entire time. The left side of my belly is basically empty.  The right side is also the side that I get the leg weakness/numbness while running. Kevin came with me to my appointment tonight and the chiropractor taught him some stretches and things he can do to help me at home. I am loving it!

How I’m Changing

Bigger belly (obviously), but still measured right at 34 weeks at my appointment yesterday so I’m on track! My belly button is so close to popping out and feels sore occasionally. I think it’s going to pop out soon!

The other new change this week is that I have started to have some swelling in my ankles and feet. I think it is a result of being on my feet so much this past week and not resting much. It is very uncomfortable- even painful at times- and my ankles feel really stiff. I think I am also retaining a lot of water because I gained FOUR pounds this week! I haven’t been eating differently or anything and my doctor said it is most likely water and/or a growth spurt. Four pounds is more than I have gained in the last 8 weeks total! I was worried about something else being wrong like preeclampsia since sudden weight gain and swelling are symptoms of that, but my blood pressure was low (104/60) and I didn’t have protein in my urine. I am currently sitting with my feet up and plan to rest at home tomorrow. I’m also going to drink a lot of water and cut back on the salt a bit to see if that helps!


What I’m Eating / Not Eating

With this week being so busy I was happy to stick to our meal plan more or less. The only night we didn’t was Sunday when we were moving and ordered pizza for everyone. The best meal we had this week was Roasted Chickpea Tacos with a spinach salad. We LOVE this meal! I’ve been roasting a bunch of chickpeas and putting them in wraps and salads for Kevin for lunch and he really likes it.

How I’m Staying Active

Still running and walking on alternate days and feeling good. My chiropractor suggested that I try running without my maternity support belt, because he thought that could be contributing to my right leg weakness and numbness when I run. I was hesitant to try it because I thought I would need the support in my belly, but it was actually fine! It has helped so much and I have had very minimal issues with my leg since I stopped wearing it last week. He said that it was probably putting too much pressure where I didn’t need it. I think the key to my pregnant running these days is just to do it every other day, go slowly, and keep my runs short (3-4 miles max). If those are the modifications I have to do to make it work, that is fine with me!

  • Run: 12 miles
  • Walk: 4.5 miles
  • Strength-Training: 1 Body Pump class


Week 34 Summary:

  • Weight gained this week: +4.0 pounds!!! I know some of that is baby especially since I didn’t gain any last week, but I really think it’s partly water retention from my swelling. Oh well.
  • Total weight gained: +24.6 pounds
  • # of days until mommy & daddy’s next race: 9 – we’re doing  a local 5K and I can’t wait! I haven’t raced since July 4th. I miss it!
  • # of days until baby shower #2: 3! I can’t wait!
  • # of nights baby kept me awake by moving all night long: 7
  • Funniest part of the week: Realizing that my belly can now be used as a table 🙂

For more pregnancy posts, visit the Baby K page!


5 responses to “Baby K: 34 Weeks

  1. Holy busy! One of the things my midwife had me do with my second was up my protein when I started to swell. She and my exercise science husband could explain the physiology behind all of it, but I don’t remember any of it (something about sodium/calcium pumps or whatnot). It definitely reduced the swelling.

    You guys are awesome about getting things done! I’m so impressed with all that you were able to get painted– good grief! You’d have no idea you were pregnant with all the things you are checking off. Way to go!

    • Thanks for the protein tip! We were so busy that I probably didn’t get enough this week. Good to know and I will definitely try that today!!!

  2. Swelling is the worst!!! I would fluctuate up to 10 lbs from week to week! Talk about crazy!! But the good news is the water disappears almost immediately after birth…hooray!! So don’t worry about the scale at all! You’re doing awesome!! I have loved following your pregnancy and your running!! (and we are a K family too…Katie, Keith, and our kids Kylie and Kayden! K’s rock! 😉 )

    • Yay for K names! Kayden is actually one of the names we picked out! We’ve always loved that name. So happy to hear that about the swelling and water retention. It’s been better this week but I can tell I’m still holding onto some of it.

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