Baby K: 33 Weeks

Week 33 was a little less eventful than Week 32, which is fine for me! Last week was a little too much for me, and I don’t want any more hospital visits until it’s time for baby to be born!

What’s Happening With Baby?

This week the baby is as big as a pineapple!

According to BabyCenter, baby weighs over 4 pounds this week and measures more than 17 inches. He or she continues to put on more fat and the skeleton is hardening. The Bump also says that the baby is keeping its eyes open now while it is awake, and it’s brain is developing the most rapidly at this point. Gotta keep remembering to take my prenatal vitamins and DHA!

How I’m Feeling

I finally went to the chiropractor this week, and ever since I went I have felt amazing! So much looser and lighter, and I feel like he corrected the last 7 years of running and 8 months of pregnancy in just a few minutes. I already have another appointment to go over the results of my first evaluation and set up a treatment plan. I hope to go once a week until baby is born to ease back pain and ensure that my hips and pelvis are aligned properly for delivery, then every other week afterwards. I haven’t had a chance to see if it has helped my numb/weak leg issue while running yet but I will test it out tomorrow. I am very lucky to have my insurance cover a lot of my chiropractic care and I’m looking forward to continuing with it. The chiropractor was recommended to me by our Bradley Method teacher who also goes to him. He specializes in prenatal care and knows a lot about pregnancy, so I felt very comfortable going to him. Although getting adjusted for the first time was a crazy weird experience!

I was feeling a little sad last night because we had our last Bradley Method childbirth class. I can’t believe our 12 weeks is already over! Kevin and I are so happy that we decided to go with the Bradley Method, and although we haven’t given birth yet we both feel so much more confident about natural labor and delivery. We aren’t afraid at all anymore, we are mostly excited for the challenge and to finally meet our baby. I can’t thank our instructors Marisa and Cliff enough. They were amazing and have become our friends. Marisa is actually going to be our doula too, so we will still be seeing her as we discuss our wishes for the birth and obviously she will be there when baby is born for additional support. I am so excited about this, because she delivered her own baby at our hospital using the Bradley method in 2010, so I know that she will be a great person to have around when we need it.


How I’m Changing

Baby is more active than ever, and I noticed that he/she usually prefers to stay on the right side, as you can see in the photo below. However, lately I have noticed that the baby will flip from my right to my left and back again. I think it is just running out of room and trying to figure out what is comfortable!

Baby loves my right side! Can you tell?

Other than the belly, my boobs have started to hurt again like they did in the first trimester. They are very sensitive and seem very big. I think they are just preparing the milk for breastfeeding in about 7 weeks! The only other new symptom I have had are pelvic aches and pains and what feels like menstrual cramps every once in a while. My doctor said the menstrual cramps are normal and are a form of Braxton Hicks contractions. The pelvic pains that I randomly get are most likely baby’s head pushing down and hitting a nerve somewhere. All of these things are normal this late in pregnancy.

What I’m Eating / Not Eating

We are having another good week of eating! I’ve been trying to plan meals that we like but are easy to make, so we aren’t tempting to go out to eat instead of cooking at home. It’s very easy to do that these days because we are so busy and tired, but we’re sticking to the plan! Here is the meal plan for this week:

Cooking dinner in my standard summer uniform

How I’m Staying Active

I had a great week of running, walking, and body pumping!

Body Pump!

I am still loving alternating my running and walking days. I had two really great runs this week- a 5 miler and a 4 miler. During both runs I felt great and didn’t have to stop and walk at all. I was shocked! It gave me hope that I can still have good runs even as I get bigger and further into this pregnancy.

  • Run: 12 miles
  • Walk: 7.25 miles
  • Strength-Training; 3 Body Pump classes!


Week 33 Summary:

  • Weight gained this week: +0.0 pounds? I feel like I ate a lot so that is weird.
  • Total weight gained: +20.6 pounds
  • # of days until next doctor’s appointment: 7
  • # of days until baby shower #2: 11!
  • # of nights baby kept me awake by moving all night long: 7
  • Best part of the week: Having a Date Day with my amazing husband 🙂

For more pregnancy posts, visit the Baby K page!


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