Baby K: 32 Weeks

We are now at 32 weeks! We had a very busy and exciting week. Some experiences were awesome (like our first baby shower) and some were not so great. We had a little scare this morning at my doctors appointment, but all is fine now! More about that later!

What’s Happening With Baby?

This week the baby is the size of a large jicama. I couldn’t find one at the store so a picture from the Internet will have to suffice!

According to BabyCenter, Baby is measuring 3.75 pounds on average (we found out today that ours is 4 pounds 10 ounces though) and is almost 17 inches long. Right now baby is focusing on fattening up, and will gain a half pound a week until delivery – which is about half of its final birth weight! The baby also has real hair, toenails, and fingernails!

Our baby is super active. My doctor told me to keep track of kicks and movements and to look for 6 an hour or 10 every two hours. When I do my counts I can get 6 movements in 5 minutes or less most of the time! We can now sort of interact with the baby when it moves too. If it sticks out a body part I can see it in my belly and we will push back, then it will push back against us. It’s so cool!!!

How I’m Feeling

I was actually feeling amazing until today. I was on cloud nine after our baby shower and I FINALLY finished all the requirements to my Masters Degree and sent in my final portfolio (!!!) After having this weight lifted I felt a million times more relaxed and happier in general. Then I went to my doctors appointment today. I met with the midwife that I saw two weeks ago – one of my favorites! Like usual she listened to the heartbeat and I took a video for Kevin since he couldn’t be there and he likes to hear it.

After I turned off the video she kept listening for a long time. I asked her if everything was okay and she said that the heart rate seemed lower than average. It was wavering between 115-120 and before it has always been in the 130-150 range. She told me that she wanted me to go up to the hospital that we are delivering at for a non-stress test to do some fetal monitoring to make sure that everything was okay. I wasn’t very worried until she told me that she wanted me to go straight from the doctors office. I called Kevin and told him what was going on and I was pretty upset. We have had no complications whatsoever so far and this just took me by surprise. So I got in the car and made the 20 minute drive up north to the hospital where they sat me in a comfy chair, gave me ice water, and hooked me up to two monitors: one to record baby’s heart rate and one to record contractions.

I called our doula on the way to the hospital and she told me to just be calm, because if I was stressed the baby would be too and it would show on the monitor. So I closed my eyes and relaxed and listened to the heartbeat. I also had to press a little button every time I felt baby move. When it moved the heart rate was supposed to go up slightly, and it did every time.

The top line is baby’s heart rate, bottom line are uterine contractions

The monitor also showed that my uterus was doing very, very small contractions that I couldn’t feel. Just practicing for the big day! After the monitoring, the doctor came in and told me that baby seemed fine and was moving and responsive. She said he/she just naturally has a lower than average heart rate and that it’s fine (I actually have a low resting heart rate as well). However, she wanted me to get a quick ultrasound to check fluid level and measure the baby. I didn’t argue with that! We weren’t planning to get another ultrasound so it was nice to see our baby again 🙂

My fluid level was perfect, baby was head down and looked great. I couldn’t believe how much bigger the baby was compared to 20 weeks! It totally fills my uterus and I can see it pressing against the sides now instead of just kind of floating around like before. They also told me that the baby is measuring 4 pounds 10 ounces, which is in the 71st percentile. That was a relief because at my 20 week ultrasound the baby was in the 95th percentile! I left the hospital feeling so much better and emotionally drained. It was a scary day, especially since I was alone and Kevin was at work. So this week I have gone from feeling great, to not great, to great again!

Oh, and in addition to all of the above I’m also feeling tired. Kevin caught me mid-yawn this morning while trying to take our weekly pictures.

How I’m Changing

I feel like I had a huge growth spurt this week! One night I couldn’t sleep at all because baby was so active, and I woke up the next day and my stomach looked a lot bigger! But at my doctors appointment it was measuring right at 32 weeks like it should. My belly button and the area around it has also been very sensitive and hurts a little bit. I think this is because it’s getting ready to pop out, which kind of freaks me out. It’s been super deep all my life, so it’s just weird to see it changing so much.

In other body changing news, I finally went to get myself re-fitted for a bra since I have obviously grown a lot since I got pregnant. The bras I have been wearing are so small now that it was actually painful sometimes. But I was still SHOCKED to discover that I have grown from a 34/36B to a 36D!!!!! Are you kidding me? I knew they got bigger but WOW. And I know that they will continue growing too! I only bought one new bra in case they get even bigger, but my sister gave me some of her old ones that almost fit, but they are 34Ds so they are pretty tight around me. It will fine for now though!


What I’m Eating / Not Eating

I am trying to get back on track after being home in Pennsylvania for most of the week and indulging in a LOT of delicious and not-so-healthy foods. I went a little crazy with the sweets (baby shower cookies and cupcakes, sherbet, water ice, YUM!), chips and dips, cheese in the form of pizza, lasagna, ravioli, and definitely not enough veggies. It all left me feeling a little gross. I planned a healthy week of meals for us when we got back on Sunday and I’m already feeling a lot better! Here’s our meal plan this week:

  • Monday: Veggie, Pineapple, Chickpea & Cashew Stir Fry with Brown Rice –> From Peas and Thank You Cookbook
  • Tuesday: Cold Rice & Bean Salad (Recipe coming soon! It’s so good!) with Baked Kale Chips
  • Wednesday: Red Lentil Enchiladas with Asparagus –> also from Peas and Thank You Cookbook!
  • Thursday: Roasted Vegetable Paninis with Spinach & Strawberry Salad
  • Friday: Veggie Omelets with Roasted Potatoes
  • Saturday: Mac n Mmm Sauce with Broccoli -> from Peas and Thank You website. Delicious spin on mac & cheese vegan style. We love Peas & Thank You if you couldn’t tell!
  • Sunday: Homemade “Chipotle” Burrito Bowls

Yum! It’s going to be a delicious week. I can’t wait!!!

How I’m Staying Active

This week I have been running every other day and walking on the days in between. It has seemed to help a lot with the quality of my runs. I feel stronger and can run longer and slightly faster when I don’t run on consecutive days. My longest run was a 5 miler in one of my favorite parks in Pennsylvania and I LOVED IT! Today I actually ran on the treadmill and felt great. I didn’t have any of the leg weakness that I was experiencing before, probably because it’s a softer surface without a lot of ups and downs like when I run outside. I will probably run more inside over the next 8 weeks since it seems to be more comfortable at this point. I have also really been enjoying my walking too!

  • Run: 15 miles
  • Walk: 6 miles
  • Strength-Training: 1 Body Pump class + 1 at-home strength session (25 min.)


Week 32 Summary:

  • Weight gained this week: +1.0 pounds
  • Total weight gained: +20.6 pounds
  • # of days until next doctor’s appointment: 14
  • # of thank you notes to write: 25. I am so thankful for all my wonderful family and friends in Pennsylvania!!!
  • # of days until baby shower #2: 18!
  • Best part of the week: Watching Kevin do his “homework” for our Bradley childbirth class. He was learning about B.E.S.T. strategies during labor (Bradley Energy Saving Techniques). He’s going to be the best coach ever!!!

For more pregnancy posts, visit the Baby K page!


8 responses to “Baby K: 32 Weeks

  1. So glad everything was ok! Also glad the little peanut came down from the 95 percentile haha.

    Good job getting your grad stuff taken care of! Omg, you’ll be a mom before you know it 😀

  2. I’m so glad everything is okay! That must have been really scary. I hate to tell you that the bra situation will get worse. It’s crazy what pregnancy and breastfeeding does to our bodies!

    • Thank you! It was scary but I’m glad I went to get checked for peace of mind. Someone told me that the baby is just a little runner in the making, with a naturally low heart rate 🙂

  3. I’m so glad that it ended up being no big deal…and another ultrasound is fun 🙂

    And I was the same size as you before babies and then a 36D during pregnancy and after I finished breastfeeding, I averaged out to a 34D/36C. It is incredible how much that area can change!

    • I know I can’t believe it!! I know I am going to keep changing that’s why I am hesitant to buy a lot of bras – but I need to be comfortable in the meantime! They are starting to hurt again too. I am trying to get used to it for breastfeeding purposes 🙂

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