Kevin’s Insanity Challenge: 2 Week Update

About two weeks ago Kevin began a new Insanity challenge.

Since then he has followed the workout calendar perfectly except for one day when he had a weird stomach bug and couldn’t do it. It was only the Cardio Recovery workout though, so it wasn’t a huge deal that he missed it. When Kevin started the program I noticed a change in his mood and attitude almost right away. I could tell he was happy to be back to working out consistently. He was super motivated and got up every morning to do the workouts, even though he is not normally a morning exerciser and I usually have to drag him out of bed to go run. He told me that after only two weeks he was already feeling stronger and more confident, and he had more energy.

Since he hit the two week mark this past Tuesday it was time to do another Fit Test, and we took measurements and pictures to see what progress has been made so far. He hadn’t weighed himself at all since Day 1 of starting Insanity, so he was a bit surprised when he stepped on the scale on Tuesday and weighed slightly more than his starting weight. We have no idea why this might be because he has been eating pretty well. Our only guess is that he had a few too many beers over the weekend and the night before. It has been only two weeks though, so he has plenty of time left to lose those pounds!

He was a little bit discouraged after seeing these numbers, but we knew the real proof would be in the Fit Test and how much he has improved there. We were right! There has definitely been progress made!

Look at those numbers! He killed it after only two weeks! So even though his progress didn’t show on the scale, it showed here. Personally, I think that is more important anyway. Whatever weird thing happened with his weight this week should be fixed by the next Fit Test. It’s not a big deal! We all know that scales lie sometimes 🙂

Here is his progress in pictures, comparing two weeks ago to now.






Do you see any changes besides his haircut? 🙂 I think we will be able to see more progress at the next update once he is finished with month 1, but he is off to a good start! Here are Kevin’s final thoughts about the first two weeks of Insanity.

“Well, Insanity reminded me that it is in fact, INSANE. It didn’t take long for me to remember how tough it was two years ago. It’s a great workout plan and I like the fact that it has everything already planned out for me. Knowing that I’m two weeks down already means i’m down to 7 to go. Time is flying by.”

Basketball Drills

Power Jacks

Power Knees

I’m so proud of you Kevin! Keep up the awesome, hard, INSANE work!


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