Bad Race Photos

A few weeks ago on the 4th of July, Kevin and I ran the Let Freedom Run 5K. A couple of days later he emailed me while he was at work with a link to look at the pictures that had been posted from the race. I was eating lunch at the time and literally spit out my food when I saw his pictures.

This was right before the finish and he was pushing it hard at the end (obviously). It got me thinking about race photos in general and how terrible they can be. Kevin usually looks great in his race pictures and I’m always jealous. I somehow usually manage to look like I’m dying at unflattering angles. I decided it would be a great idea to write a post all about bad race photos and feature some of ours from the last few years.

The next two pictures are from my second marathon that I ran in May 2009- The New Jersey Marathon. The recap is linked, but in a nutshell it rained for the entire 4 hours and 15 minutes that I was running, I traveled to the race all alone, I was freezing, chafing, and miserable.

NJ Marathon – Running ALL alone!

The next two photos are from the Warrior Dash that I did in October 2010. Not flattering. Please notice the woman pushing me over the log in the second picture. Hahaha.

Next up- The New York City Marathon in November 2010. I actually felt great during this entire race, but I look like death here for some reason. This was around mile 24 when Kevin jumped in to run with me at the end.

Oh yes, the Country Music Marathon in April 2011, also known as my worst marathon ever. It was Kevin’s first and we were supposed to run together, but the heat and hills got to me and I died around mile 18. I barely made it to the finish and ran my worst time ever. You can see I was starting to struggle here. This is right before I made Kevin go ahead without me.

I have to throw one in of Kevin because he usually looks so good and smiley. This is from the Rock & Roll USA Half Marathon this past March. I’m not sure if he is running or not here. I think this might have been right after he crossed the finish line. But he PRed at this race (ran a 1:43!) and was exhausted. He was also dazed and confused apparently.

Here is one from our recent trip when we ran the Rock & Roll Seattle Half Marathon. Kevin looks good but I look like I’m doing the chicken dance or something.

I saved the worst for last. These are from my most recent marathon, The Air Force Marathon, that we ran in September 2011. We ran a 4:00:04 here which was a huge PR for me. I felt amazing the entire race until mile 26. I totally fell apart in the last .2 miles… and by fell apart I mean that my body just stopped working. Kevin literally had to drag me by my arm while I tried not to puke/pass out. It actually was not a funny situation at all and I had to go to the medical tent for a little while, but the pictures are just so bad that I had to share.

Right before the finish line

After finishing and before going to the medical tent

These pictures are just a sample. I know there have been many more, but I chose not to save them or purchase them because they were too bad. Now I wish I had!!!

Alright, I really want to see more bad race photos! Write a post of your own featuring your best (worst) pictures πŸ™‚


8 responses to “Bad Race Photos

  1. I think your chicken dance picture is actually really cute! I had one taken of me when I was doing a triathlon just as I was coming out of the water. It was my first open swim tri, and I’d had a panic attack with all of the bodies flailing around me. So the photographer got a picture of me puking water as I was pulling off my swim cap, desperately scrambling to get to land. Can we say sexy?

    As for your PR– talk about not leaving anything in the tank!

    • Hahaha!! I would love to see that photo! Even if some of the situations that are captured aren’t funny at the time, it is definitely entertaining to look back on later.

  2. Hahaha…o goodness, bad race photos are far too common for me. And I wanted to let you know, I nominated you back for the Very Inspirational Blogger Award πŸ™‚ Thanks again for nominating me.

  3. Those first pictures of your husband are hilarious! There are always bad race photos of me, but I don’t let anyone see them because I’m too embarrassed, lol.

    • I was embarrassed too and wasn’t sure if I wanted to show them to the internet world, but oh well. I usually put it all out there on the blog!

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