Baby K: 29 Weeks

Happy 29 weeks Baby K! Kevin and I did a lot of baby-related things this week. I finally had my glucose test (yuck, that drink was hard to get down) and another appointment with an awesome midwife. We chose a pediatrician and had a meet and greet with the staff there. We also made our birth plan (!) and listened to birth stories from my Bradley teacher’s previous students during class. But more about all of this later in the post!

What’s Happening With Baby?

This week the baby is the size of an acorn squash. I couldn’t find one since they are out of season right now, so this picture will have to do instead 🙂 Just imagine it in front of my belly like usual!

According to BabyCenter, baby now weighs 2.5 pounds and is over 15 inches from head to heels. Between now and birth (in about 11 weeks!) he or she will triple in weight! The head is currently getting bigger to accommodate it’s growing brain, and the baby’s muscles and lungs are continuing to develop and mature. The Bump also says that the baby is getting cramped as it runs out of room, and at the same time it has fat deposits under it’s skin which causes it to have surges of energy. So it’s moving all the time but has less room to move – which feels REALLY weird most of the time and causes my stomach to morph into weird shapes.

How I’m Feeling

Well, I can definitely tell that I’m in the third trimester, that’s for sure! I just feel more uncomfortable while I’m doing regular activities like sitting, cleaning, laying down, etc. It’s tough to find a comfortable position. We went to the movies this past weekend and sitting for that long was killing me. I felt the baby all in my ribs and it was really difficult to get to where I could relax and sit comfortably. I know this will only get worse- I still have 11 (or so) weeks left!!! I also had a cold this week so that didn’t help. I don’t understand how I didn’t get sick all school year while around germ-infested kids all day, and now I do during my summer break. Strange!

Aside from feeling uncomfortable at times I’m also feeling a lot more confident in general about labor, delivery, and actually taking care of a newborn. Making our birth plan (which I will write a post on later this week), going to Bradley classes, listening to birth stories, meeting with my midwife and a pediatrician, and doing a lot of reading are helping me feel like we are actually ready for this baby and will be able to handle it when he/she comes. I feel like I’ve worked hard to stay healthy during this pregnancy and it is paying off. I passed my glucose test with a level of 96, which is great because they want it to be under 140. My iron was also great which I was surprised and happy about, because I know vegetarians can have a hard time with iron levels especially during pregnancy. My belly measured at exactly 28 centimeters at my appointment last week which is right on track. The midwife I met with was amazing. She and I were on the same page when it came to everything we want in our birth experience. I’ll go into more detail in my birth plan post – but she made me feel so much better about our attempt to have a natural birth in a hospital setting.

Glucose test. 50 grams of sugar that I had to drink in 5 minutes.

How I’m Changing

My faint linea negra is getting darker and the belly is obviously getting bigger! It’s hard to realize how big I actually am compared to before because I see myself every day and the changes seem very gradual. I don’t feel as big as I look! But then I look at pictures from previous weeks and can’t believe the difference. On the 4th of July we got together with our friends Alicia and Mike. Alicia is currently 16 weeks pregnant and has the cutest little bump. We took a picture together and I am HUGE compared to her! It’s so funny to me. I remember when I was 16 weeks and felt like I was showing so much. I can’t wait for our babies to be born and grow up together. They live down the street from where our new house is and our babies are only 12 weeks apart. I’m sure they will be instant friends 🙂

Lately I find myself getting hot very easily too. I used to always be freezing and now I’m always hot. This could be because it’s summer or because I have more weight on me – I don’t know. But when I’m home alone during the day I’m usually wearing very little because it either makes me hot or annoys me to have so much clothing on my skin!


What I’m Eating / Not Eating

I found myself feeling a little nauseous this week. I actually just couldn’t finish my oatmeal before I wrote this post because it was making me sick. I’m noticing that it’s still really hard to eat as much as I used to. I get full faster and I’m just not hungry. I’ve woken up a few times in the middle of the night with a growling stomach. I think it’s because I’m not eating enough during the day, especially now that I’m in the third trimester and I need more calories. It is just really hard to force myself to eat when it makes me feel sick and there’s no room for food in there! I’m trying to eat more calorie/nutrient dense things to make up for it but it’s a work in progress. However we did go to get Rita’s after I got the results of my glucose test. What better way to celebrate not having gestational diabetes than by eating something delicious and filled with sugar? Haha! I at least I got a kids sized one 🙂

How I’m Staying Active

The first half of the week we were experiencing a crazy heat wave which was tough. It was difficult for me to walk outside to my car let alone run outside! I have been waking up early and getting my runs in while it’s still semi-cool outside or running on the treadmill. I’m still loving my Gabrialla maternity support belt. Even though it adds an extra layer when it’s hot it’s worth it because I feel so much more supported. I’m trying to keep doing a long run of 6-8 miles each week and this past week I did 7. I walked a few times and my average pace was 11:20. When I take it really slow and easy I feel like I can run forever.

  • Run: 16 miles
  • Walk: 3 miles
  • Strength-Training: 2 Body Pump classes. I’m finally back at it!!!

Week 29 Summary:

  • Weight gained this week: I am actually down 0.4 pounds. I think it’s because I was holding onto some water and vacation weight right when we returned from the west coast last week. The belly is obviously bigger than my 28 week picture, so I’m not worried!
  • Total weight gained: +18.0 pounds even
  • # of days until next doctor’s appointment: 9! My appointments are every 2 weeks now.
  • Gender prediction: I’m still feeling like it’s a girl!
  • Best part of the week: We had been telling my 3 year old nephew for a while now that we are going to have a baby, but he didn’t quite get it since he is so young. When we saw him the other night he came right up to us, touched my belly and said, “Hi baby!” It was the cutest thing EVER and almost made me cry.

For more pregnancy posts, visit the Baby K page!


3 responses to “Baby K: 29 Weeks

  1. 3rd Trimester?! Wow! I can’t believe you’re still running 7 miles at a time, that’s so awesome. That glucose drink sounds terrible. Congrats on passing the test with flying colors. I feel like I’ve read about other mommies getting hungry in the night, so you’re not alone. Maybe you could eat more frequently throughout the day since your squished stomach can only fit so much right now.

    • Thanks Amber. I am trying to do that today. I normally wait until I have hunger cues but if I do that I won’t eat enough. I think I will just have to snack more frequently even if I don’t necessarily ‘feel’ hungry!

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