RW Summer Running Streak: Final Recap & What’s Next

As of Wednesday, July 4th I have officially completed the Runner’s World Summer Running Streak! We ended the 38 day streak with an awesome 4th of July 5K!

My last three days:

I really loved being a part of this streak. Even though I couldn’t do it according to the “official” Runner’s World rules, I was able to do it by my pregnancy modifications and ran or walked every single day for at least one mile. This challenge kept me moving even on days that I didn’t feel like getting off the couch. Knowing that I just had to do one mile helped me stay motivated, and I always felt better afterwards.

Walking at a park in PA with Kevin

Here are some final stats from the streak.

  • Running miles: 100.4 miles
  • Walking miles: 22 miles
  • Total miles covered: 122.4 miles
  • Days of running: 23
  • Days of walking: 15
  • Total consecutive days of streaking: 38

Now that the streak is over I’m a little sad. I am a person who loves following plans. Before getting pregnant I lived and breathed my training plans. They kept me focused on my goals and motivated. My main goal right now is to stay healthy throughout the last 12 weeks of my pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby. I know to achieve that I need to keep being active, which is already getting tough in the summer heat which makes me less motivated. I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself but I also want some sort of plan to keep me moving. So I decided to keep streaking! Instead of stopping at July 4th, I am going to extend the streak until Labor Day (September 3rd)! That is an additional 61 days, bringing the grand total to 99 days of consecutive running/walking. This was actually Kevin’s idea, and I love it!

The “rules” of the streak will stay the same. Here is my plan for completing Part 2 of the Runners World Summer Running Streak 2012 – Pregnancy Edition:

  • I will complete at least one mile from Independence Day (July 4th) to Labor Day (September 3rd), for a total of 61 consecutive days.
  • Miles can be ‘completed’ by running, walking, or a combination of the two.
  • Instead of taking a rest day in between my longer runs, I will walk a mile for ‘active rest,’ which is good for circulation, digestion, and recovery.
  • If I can’t get out to run/walk in the morning before it gets too hot, I’ll hit the treadmill or wait until the evening. (This will be extra important to remember as we get further into summer!)

Like I said before, there is no reason why I can’t get out and walk at least one mile every day. It’s good for me and good for my baby. I will continue to update each week with how the streak is going. I’m excited to keep up the challenge!

Previous Recaps:

If you participated, how did your running streak go? Anyone want to join me in my next streaking adventure?

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