Our Trip to the West Coast

On Sunday night we returned from our amazing 11 day trip to the west coast. We started in Seattle to run the Rock & Roll Half Marathon, and then made our way to my aunt and uncle’s house in Bend, Oregon. Our trip ended in Portland, Oregon where some more of my family lives. It was such a relaxing and awesome vacation. We treated it like a ‘babymoon’ and enjoyed every minute! This post will pick up where my last one about the race left off and tell the rest of the story of our trip!

After the race and breakfast Kevin and I relaxed in our room for a while and napped. When my aunt and uncle arrived they picked us up and we drove to the marina where they keep their boat. They were just going to show it to us at first but we spontaneously decided to go out on the water for a while since it was such a beautiful evening!

Inside the boat – the kitchen and the bedroom

They let me drive!

And Kevin too!

Visiting the Space Needle on the boat

The next morning before we left Seattle Kevin and I walked down to Pike Place Market one last time. We saw that the original Starbucks store was empty because it was so early, so we jumped at the chance to not have to wait in an insanely long line and got ourselves some coffee!

It was really early if you couldn’t tell!

We had to make just one more stop before we left Seattle… Kevin had his eye on this donut shop that was next to our hotel the entire weekend. It smelled so good every time we passed it, and he couldn’t wait to get himself a reward after the race! He decided on an Apple Fritter and it was DELICIOUS!

Once we got to Bend after a long 7 hour drive we were able to relax with my aunt and uncle at their house for the rest of the week. We cooked some meals (with onion goggles for protection), went out to eat, went for walks and runs in their beautiful town, and visited with other family that lives there.


Lucy the dog was Kevin’s best friend on this trip!

Walking on the River Trail

Please note the long sleeves – the weather was in the 60s and perfect!

My aunt and uncle walking hand in hand 🙂

Visiting with my Uncle Jack in his town of Sisters, Oregon

This is the view from the back deck of my aunt and uncle’s house. Isn’t it paradise?

The Deschutes River

One of things Kevin couldn’t wait to do while we were in Bend was visit Deschutes Brewery. He is a huge fan of craft beer and had been dying to try their beer but they only distribute to the western states. He was so excited that their brewery was located in the town we were visiting! We decided to go take a free tour on Wednesday, which just so happened to be their 24th anniversary so they were having a big celebration as well.

Trying some free samples

Smelling some barley

At Deschutes Brewery’s birthday party later that day

Before we left we went on one final walk around my aunt and uncle’s neighborhood.


We really like taking pictures of ourselves 🙂

Almost time to say goodbye to my feet!

An osprey leaving its nest

We left Bend on Friday and spent the rest of the weekend in Portland before flying out Sunday morning. Somehow I didn’t take a single picture while we were in Portland with my cousin and his girlfriend! We were too busy having fun I guess 🙂 But we explored the city a bit, had a BBQ, and Kevin got to go out on the town with my cousin and his friends for a while (I was in bed, haha).

We had such a great vacation. I’m sad that it’s over, but we are going to attempt to make it out there again next summer – with an extra little person this time!


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  1. Hi.. I have read your post.. i like the place very much.. how was the experience..

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