Baby K: 26 Weeks

This weekly update is coming to you courtesy of Reagan National Airport’s free wi-fi! We are here waiting for our flight to Seattle. We will be on the west coast for 11 days visiting my family that lives there. After we run the Rock & Roll Seattle Half Marathon we will head to my aunt and uncle’s hometown of Bend, Oregon, and then we’ll spend some time in Portland with my cousin. I have gone to the west coast almost every year to visit but this is Kevin’s first time. We are both very excited!

What’s Happening With Baby?

This week the baby is as long as an English cucumber. Umm, that is huge!

According to BabyCenter, the baby now measures 14 inches from head to heel (hence the huge cucumber) and weighs a pound and two thirds! Baby’s ears are fully developed and extremely sensitive, so he or she probably hears the conversations I have and other noises throughout the day. It is also practicing breathing by inhaling and exhaling small amounts of amniotic fluid, which helps prepare the lungs for the real world. The Bump also says that the baby has eyelashes now! He or she is also busy soaking up my antibodies to prepare its immune system for life on the outside.

How I’m Feeling

I am feeling much less stressed, relieved, and happy this week. School is finally over which means I am officially on summer vacation for the next 10 weeks! This past weekend we went to my hometown in Pennsylvania to visit my dad and throw my sister a graduation party. Seeing tons of family and friends made me so happy.


In other exciting news, we are now under contract for a house! The foreclosure that we offered on last week didn’t work out, but we put in an offer on our second choice which we also love and it was accepted! We will do the home inspection when we get back from our trip and we are crossing our fingers that everything is okay with the house. This also has me feeling much better and like a huge weight has been lifted. I’m so happy that we will have our own house to bring our baby home to after it’s born 🙂


Finally, the last reason I’m feeling good this week is because we asked our Bradley Method teacher to be our doula! A doula is a person who attends a natural birth and is there for emotional support for both of us, while helping make sure our birth plan is carried out how we want it to be (more on this later!). Since Kevin is my primary “coach,” she will basically act as back-up for him. We are really excited about this because we absolutely LOVE her, and she has delivered her own baby naturally at the hospital I am delivering in so she knows what to expect from the doctors and nurses who may not be on board with natural birth. She is also obviously an expert in the Bradley Method, which is the type of natural birth we are trying to have. We feel very comfortable with her and I know having her there to help us through will be amazing.

How I’m Changing

Baby is definitely growing, and I feel him or her thumping around inside of me all day. The kicks and punches have now gotten higher and go into my ribs occasionally, which feels… uncomfortable. Sometimes I have to push down on the spot to get the baby to move its leg/arm/foot/whatever it is away from there. It’s all good though because I picture how cute it must look moving in there and it makes me happy 🙂 The movements are also getting more obvious from the outside. Check out this video I took last weekend! You can see the movements best at 10, 22, 41, and 51 seconds.

As my stomach gets larger I’m finding it harder to bend over and pick things up. I also occasionally try to get up or move too fast and I’m quickly reminded that I need to slow down. Now that I am feeling very comfortable I forget I am pregnant sometimes! Although it definitely wasn’t hard to forget when I went bathing suit shopping a few days ago. Shopping for a bathing suit is a totally different experience while pregnant. For the first time ever, I didn’t care what my belly looked like. And another plus – I had a large selection to choose from since I needed XL sizes on the top and the bottom. Score!

What I’m Eating / Not Eating

Basically eating more of the same this past week. I finally wrote a long post about my vegetarian diet during pregnancy a few days ago that goes into more detail about my current eats these days.

How I’m Staying Active

Walking at a park in PA with Kevin

I am loving the freedom that comes with summer vacation! I have been running, walking, and doing Body Pump to my heart’s content now that I have the time. However, sometimes I wake up a little too late to run outside, so I’ve been confined to the treadmill a few times. Surprisingly, I didn’t hate it! Although I did get my first comment from a stranger about my running. A lady in Body Pump class came up to me and told me she saw me running on the treadmill. She felt the need to tell me she didn’t think I should be doing that. I was really caught off guard and didn’t really know what to say. I just told her that my doctor says its fine and that I’ve cut back a lot from what I usually do. She was an older woman so I’m assuming she just doesn’t know that it’s okay to exercise while pregnant. Still, I don’t really think it was her place to make a comment like that to me when she doesn’t even know me at all!

Another new development in my running: chafing in new places. Specifically in between my legs. Ouch! I need to start putting Body Glide there. But other than that, running still feels pretty good! I haven’t had to wear my maternity support belt yet but I am bringing it with me to Seattle just in case. We are running a half marathon on Saturday and I think I may wear it just as a precaution.

  • Run: 16 miles
  • Walk: 5 miles
  • Strength-Training: 2 Body Pump classes


Week 26 Summary:

  • Weight gained this week: +1.2 pounds
  • Total weight gained: +17.0 pounds
  • # of kicks to the ribs: SOOO MANY
  • # of days until mommy’s next race with baby: 2! It will be my fourth half marathon while pregnant!
  • Best part of the week: Waking up on Monday morning and not having to go to work!

For more pregnancy posts, visit the Baby K page!


7 responses to “Baby K: 26 Weeks

  1. Don’t listen to people who aren’t doctors. If your doctor says it’s fine, that’s all you need. You are doing something good for you and baby! good luck on the 1/2!

    • Thank you! I just laughed it off – I have gotten those remarks from friends and family before but this was just the first time a stranger commented to me about it. It definitely took me by surprise!

  2. It’s funny how people in the public seem to want to try to provide their input…like you really care 😉 You look great! Keep up the running and good luck on your next race!

  3. You look amazing, and good for you for staying active (despite what old people say LOL).

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