Belmont Bay 5K

Today we ran a small, local 5K in Belmont Bay – a community and golf course about a mile from our house. It is also where we got married last November. We saw this race being advertised and knew we had to do it. We love running in Belmont Bay and the surrounding areas, and I am a big fan of small local races. We went into the race thinking we would just have fun with it and do the best we could, since we ran the VA Wine Country Half the day before.

We didn’t have to wake up super early for this one! It started at 8:00 and we left our house at 7:30. We literally got there at 7:32. Haha! We picked up our bags and bibs and hung out until it was time to start.

For a small race, it was really cute and organized. The theme was “Belmont Stakes” and it was based on horse racing. We had to name our “horses”, which were on our bibs, and people were encouraged to wear hats and bonnets πŸ™‚

Β  Β Β 

There was no chip timing and the start line was a line drawn on the ground with chalk. When it was time to start we stood behind the line and listened to a trumpet player in costume play a song, and then we were off!

The course for this race was very familiar to us, because we run in Belmont Bay regularly. It was an out and back route with a little loop around the halfway point. I started out running pretty fast, but it felt good so I went with it.

Kevin immediately sprinted away and soon his red shirt was out of sight. It was another cool morning and I was really enjoying running on the path along the water.

I ran my first mile in 8:27 and was shocked when it popped up on my Garmin’s screen. I haven’t seen that pace in a LONG time! But I was still feeling good and so I kept moving along at that speed. I told myself I’d slow down as soon as I felt any discomfort, but I never did.

One of the reasons we chose to get married here was because of the beautiful river that is beside it. It was especially gorgeous this morning!

Soon I was at the turn-around point. We did a little loop around where our ceremony took place (on the wooden pergola) and then we headed back to the start.

I ran the second mile in 8:36 and I knew that it was a lot of uphill going back to the start. I stayed focused and relaxed and tried to maintain my pace. In the last mile I passed two girls that I had been chasing since the beginning. There was one more in front of me but I couldn’t catch her and I knew I shouldn’t push it too hard since, you know, I’m pregnant and everything πŸ™‚ I am just so competitive I can’t help it sometimes!

I ran my last mile in 8:36 (again!) and crossed the finish line shortly after in 26:30. That is an average pace of 8:32/mile! I’m still not sure how I did it at almost 6 months pregnant.

Kevin had already finished and was waiting for me with water. He is the best cheerleader ever, I love it! He finished his race in 22:55. Not a PR for him (his PR is 21:28 – so fast!) but still really good for running a half the day before!

We hung around for a little while talking to people and relaxing, and eventually they put up the age group winners and overall winners.

This is why I love small races! Kevin’s time won him first in his age group, and mine got me first in my age group and third female overall. We both got little ribbons and a chance to feel cool for a few minutes πŸ™‚

And that concluded our race weekend. A half marathon on Saturday and a 5K on Sunday. Whew! Tomorrow will definitely be a rest day πŸ™‚


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