Baby K: 23 Weeks

23 Weeks – almost six months – wow! It’s hard to believe I have been pregnant for that long. January 17th was the day we found out, and it seems like it was SO LONG AGO! I am getting really excited for summer vacation to begin so that I can finally have some time to relax before baby comes. It is much needed!

What’s Happening With Baby?

This week the baby is a size of a grapefruit!

BabyCenter says that the baby is almost a foot long and weighs over a pound now. I don’t really understand how last week it said she/he was the size of a spaghetti squash and this week a grapefruit, which is smaller. I’m guessing the grapefruit is the size of its body, and the squash was length from head to toe? Baby is starting to get used to certain noises that he/she hears frequently like our voices, my heartbeat, and other loud noises. The blood vessels in the lungs are also getting ready to help the baby breathe once it leaves the womb.

How I’m Feeling

I have finally been sleeping better! THANK GOODNESS! This has made me a much more pleasant person to be around! I get very hot at night though, so I need to have the fan on full blast. Kevin laughs at this because I used to complain about his obsession with having the fan on at night. Now I’m the one who needs it!

I asked Kevin what else has been going on this week and he reminded me that I have been really emotional. There were (at least) two times I totally melted down this week. One of those was yesterday after school. I had a really busy and stressful day at work and came home to do tons of grad work, since my last two classes just began earlier this week. I was feeling totally overwhelmed with everything when Kevin came home from work and started talking to me about all these houses he found that he wanted to go see (we just got pre-approved for a loan and are starting the house hunting process). I lost it and immediately started crying. He was so confused until I explained to him how I was feeling really overwhelmed and stressed out. He is the best husband – he totally understood, said we would talk later, and told me to relax while he made dinner 🙂 I am so lucky.

How I’m Changing

I cannot believe the rate that I am growing at this point! It took forever for me to grow at all and even since week 19/20, my belly seems to double in size each week! I really do love it. I love watching it grow and it has become a magnet for people’s hands, which I also secretly love 🙂 However, my bigger body parts did cause me a little bit of stress this week. I am a bridesmaid in my sister-in-law’s wedding next Saturday, and back when we went dress shopping I was only about 5 weeks along. I knew I was pregnant, but nobody else did.

The dress, except mine is a pink watermelon color

Because I knew I was pregnant, I bought a size larger than the size I wore in the picture, which was pretty big on me at the time. When it came in I was so worried that it wouldn’t end up fitting me and I tried it on almost every day to check. On Saturday it still fit fine. I thought I might end up being fine and not needing alterations. Then on Monday to my surprise, it didn’t fit anymore!!! It fits fine around the belly since it has a high waist and is made of chiffon, but my boobs and ribcage have expanded so much that I couldn’t zip it all the way up. I was so confused about how I could have grown that much in two days. A woman who owns a local alterations store saved the day when I went in today to talk to her. After I made a quick trip to David’s Bridal for extra fabric, she told me she would be able to fix it. She wants me to come back next Wednesday to check on my size again and make any last minute adjustments. It’s hard to predict how big I will be in another week and a half- especially at the rate I’m growing lately! I am just going to cross my fingers that it will fit and look decent 🙂

Also, my stomach is very fuzzy!!! It has very light hair all over it. I don’t know why that happens but it’s weird.


What I’m Eating / Not Eating

Eating very well and healthily 90% of the time, but I have actually been wanting sweet foods this week. I made a really good Coconut Lime Berry Cake for a dinner with friends that I snacked on all week, and my friend make these Cookies and Cream Cupcakes that are TO DIE FOR! Of course she had to send her pregnant friend home with some 🙂 I am a strong believer that some treats are fine and a good way to balance out all the salads, oatmeal, fruit and veggies I’m eating lately!

How I’m Staying Active

I had a better week of running after a few difficult runs last week. It’s very inconsistent though. Some days I’ll feel great and some days I’ll feel horrible and wonder if that will be my last run. But I always get back out there and end up having a great one again. I did run on the treadmill a couple times this week due to the heat. My new iPod makes it a little easier but it’s still not fun. I did a long run of 10 miles this past Saturday, and since it was hot I ran to the gym, did some miles on the treadmill, then ran back home. It was a good solution and I think I’ll be doing that more this summer. On Monday when we were off for Memorial Day, Kevin wanted to do his long run, so I rode alongside him on the bike. It was so fun because that is what Kevin used to do for me before he was a runner. I loved it!

  • Run: 22 miles
  • Strength-Training: 1 Body Pump class
  • Walk: 1 mile (for Runners World Running Streak!)
  • Bike: 8 miles


Week 23 Summary:

  • Weight gained this week: +0.8 pounds
  • Total weight gained: +14.0 pounds
  • # of days until my next race with baby: 3! I’ll be doing my 3rd pregnant half marathon on Saturday 🙂
  • # of days until our next appointment: 6! Can’t wait to hear that heartbeat again.
  • # of Kegel exercises done for Bradley class: at least a thousand! LOL

For more pregnancy posts, visit the Baby K page!


3 responses to “Baby K: 23 Weeks

  1. That’s awesome you’re still able to run as much as you are! Good luck with your race!

  2. Glad you’re getting more sleep! Hope everything works out with the dress. Good luck on your race and have fun at the wedding!

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