Baby K: 20 Weeks

I’m halfway there! I can’t believe it! It felt like I’d never reach the “20s” and here I am! This week was very eventful and Kevin, baby and I were very busy. We went to Pittsburgh for Kevin’s marathon, had our 20 week anatomy ultrasound, and a few other exciting new developments!!! Read on to find out 🙂

Before our 20 week ultrasound on Monday!

What’s Happening With Baby?

This week baby is as long as a banana (my favorite fruit!)

BabyCenter says that at this point, most babies are measuring 10 inches from head to heel and weigh 10.5 ounces (Keep reading to see why I say MOST babies…). Baby is starting to swallow the amniotic fluid that surrounds him or her and has starting to accumulate their first poop in their bowels!

While these weekly updates from BabyCenter and The Bump are great and talk about the average baby’s growth and development, we learned a lot about our particular baby at our 20 week anatomy ultrasound. First and most importantly, we learned that the baby is 100% healthy. All of the organs are perfect and my high thyroid levels didn’t seem to affect the baby in any way (YAY!) The heartbeat was 143, which is about the same as 16 weeks. He or she likes to hang out upside down already and naturally settles into that position. We didn’t find out the sex but the doctor said those parts look good. She kept telling us to look away because the baby was opening its legs! But the most surprising news of all was baby’s size. My little baby is in the 95th percentile for growth! He or she weighs 13 ounces right now (average is 10.5 ounces at 20 weeks) and is on track to be more than 9 pounds at birth. The doctor made a joke about that because I mentioned I want a natural birth. Haha. Oh, and the head circumference is also in the 95th percentile. Ouch!

I guess the baby recently went through a growth spurt because at my last ultrasounds at 8 at 14 weeks it was measuring perfectly for my due date. He said sometimes their growth slows down too, so we’ll just have to wait and see! I’m proud of my big baby though. I want to tell everyone- “See? Running is GOOD for my baby’s health and growth!” The doctor said to keep doing whatever I’m doing because it’s obviously working. That made me happy 🙂

I cannot get over this picture of the baby’s FACE! So cool and a little creepy at the same time! Can you see it? It’s a sideways shot. There are two eyes, a nose, and mouth.

How I’m Feeling

I am feeling really relaxed and happy after our 20 week ultrasound. It was such a relief to hear that baby is healthy. I am also feeling a million times less stressed because I FINALLY FELT MOVEMENT!!!!! It happened for the first time last week after I drank a smoothie. All of a sudden I felt all these weird flutters in my lower abdomen- a brand new feeling I hadn’t felt before. It happened again this past weekend after I drank some coffee. It felt like “tap, tap, tap” or like popcorn kernels popping. Then yesterday I felt it again after I ate an apple. So baby must like sugar and hot liquids! I can’t explain how reassuring it is to feel that and know that something is actually inside me! At my anatomy scan the doctor told me that my placenta is attached to the front wall of my uterus, which is why I haven’t felt much yet and when I do it’s very low. Makes sense!

How I’m Changing

Just the usual growing belly and growing pains that go along with it. I’m feeling a lot of random twinges and pains here and there as my uterus grows and gets heavier. Sometimes I feel pressure too which the doctor said could be from the baby being head down and gravity causing it to press down on a sensitive spot. I am also finding that I am getting full faster than before. I guess that is because my uterus is growing which leaves less room for my stomach to expand!

What I’m Eating / Not Eating

I’m feeling so much better now that I am avoiding all dairy! Digestion is moving like normal and I just feel cleaner inside, since dairy seems to block me up and make me feel gross. I am eating more throughout the day in smaller portions since I’m getting full faster. I am going to write a food post soon all about my vegetarian diet during pregnancy. All I will say for now is directed towards all the people that were so worried about me not eating meat during my pregnancy: obviously my big baby is growing JUST FINE without meat 🙂


How I’m Staying Active

I ran a little less this week because of something that happened that had me a little worried. One morning I went out for an easy 3 mile run. It felt great and normal until the last quarter mile when all of a sudden I felt severe cramping in my abdomen and a lot of pressure. I immediately stopped running and started to walk, but even that was painful. I started sweating more, feeling dizzy like I might pass out, and nauseous. I sat down on some stairs until the feelings passed, then walked slowly back to the apartment. I felt fine after that and had no bleeding or anything, except that I was extremely thirsty all day. I decided to take a couple days off running and the cramping happened again the next morning when I woke up and got out of bed. Again, I was really thirsty after not having drank anything all night. I didn’t get dizzy or nauseous that time though. I ran with Kevin a little during his marathon on Sunday and felt fine with no issues.

I told the doctor about what happened at my appointment yesterday and he didn’t seem too concerned. He said it was probably a combination of being dehydrated and low blood sugar since I didn’t have anything to eat before I ran. He said dehydration will cause muscles to cramp and the uterus will be the first thing to cramp, since it is a big muscle. It probably happened again when I woke up the next time because I hadn’t drank water all night, so was probably dehydrated again. He said the pain was NOT a result of my running and that I should definitely continue, just be sure to eat and drink as much as I need to. He also said some pain, pressure, and discomfort is normal from this point until the end of the second trimester. He said as long as the pain goes away and doesn’t come in regular intervals it’s nothing to worry about. Whew! I ate some banana before my run this morning and drank tons of water and had no issues. So I am feeling much better now about continuing to run now that I solved the problem!

  • Run: 15 miles
  • Strength Training: 1 Body Pump class

Week 20 Summary:

  • Weight gained this week: +1.2 pounds
  • Total weight gained: +10.0 pounds even. The doctor said that’s perfect for 20 weeks! I’ve officially entered the 140s! (I started at 130  pounds).
  • Movement?: YES!!! So far baby likes sweet stuff and warm liquids.
  • # of days until Mommy & Daddy’s next race: 4!
  • # of times I cried: Twice – both during Kevin’s marathon out of happiness! 🙂
  • Best thing I ate this week: Breakfast at the Dor-Stop in Pittsburgh!

Strawberry Hotcakes with Eggs!

For more pregnancy posts, visit the Baby K page!


5 responses to “Baby K: 20 Weeks

  1. Oh my! My friend just had her baby a month early, she was supposed to get induced because the baby was already 8+ lbs but then he came naturally… if she carried to term they predicted 11 or 12 lbs! Hopefully you don’t get there 😉

    So glad to hear that running is still going well for you!

    • Yeah I heard that the baby could come earlier if its measuring big. I hope not too early though, because I really want to start off the school year with my class before going on maternity leave! (I’m due September 26th). I guess we will see!

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