Happy Birthday Run Inspired!

Today is my one year blogiversary! I was a blog reader for a long time, and on May 5th, 2011, I finally took the plunge and started blogging about my own life and my adventures in running. I wasn’t sure at the time what it would turn into and if I would stick with it, but it has become one of my favorite hobbies. I love having a place to write about my life and share special memories, and I know it will be great to have my life recorded to look back on someday.

To celebrate Run Inspired’s first birthday, here are some of my favorite posts from the past year!

The Country Music Marathon

This was my first “real” blog post about Kevin’s first marathon and my sixth. This race was full of highs and lows as Kevin did an amazing job and I ran a personal worst. But it was a weekend I will NEVER forget. I was so proud of Kevin!

One Year Ago Today: Our Engagement Story

Even though this didn’t technically happen last year, I love this story and reading it always brings tears to my eyes. It was a very special night!

Kevin’s Journey to Running

All about how Kevin went from a non-runner to a marathon runner in one year! This post makes me so proud πŸ™‚

What Is A “Real” Runner?

This post is about how I hate when people say they aren’t “real” runners and constantly compare themselves to others. We are all “real” runners!

A Letter To My Body

This is another post that makes me emotional when I read it. It’s about my body image and the transformation I went through as I learned to love and appreciate my body not for what it looks like, but for what it can do.

Me According to My Cell Phone Pictures

This post is just fun!! Everyone that has a blog should do one of these πŸ™‚

Blood Blister Surgery

This post is so gross, but it’s one of my most popular in page views for some reason! It’s about the time Kevin performed surgery on my disgusting blood blister- enjoy!

Great Expectations: Setting Realistic Goals

My 4 hour pace tattoo

My philosophy behind goal setting. I go back and reread this post often!

The Air Force Marathon

An amazing and difficult race with a dramatic ending that Kevin and I ran together and PRed with a time of 4:00:04!

Run for Autism 5K: That Time I Won a Race!

Probably the first and last time I will ever win a race! It was a special day and I set a new 5K PR of 23:07.

Our Wedding:Β The Day Before, Getting Ready, The Ceremony, The Reception

The best weekend of my entire life. I don’t think I need to explain why!

The Veterans Day 10K

Our first race as husband and wife- 2 days after our wedding- and we both got ourselves a sub-50 minute PR!

Our Costa Rica Honeymoon

A week in one of the most amazing places I have ever been. I want to go back!

A Love Letter and a Tattoo

I proclaimed my love to running and made it permanent.

Cover Girl

That time I was on the cover of Washington Running Report! So crazy!

20 Perfect Miles

The best long run of my life. I felt strong and ran fast. Then three days later I found out I was pregnant!


My favorite post to reread when I need some extra motivation! Thank you Pinterest.

Everything Changes

Announcing our pregnancy! Such an exciting time for us πŸ™‚

Rock & Roll USA Half Marathon

My first race while pregnant! I ran it in 1:57:54 and loved it!

Sharing Our News With Friends & Family

A very special post about how we surprised our friends and family with our special news… complete with a video of their reactions at the end!

Cherry Blossom 10 Miler

My second race with baby! We finished in 1:28:57, a PR for me!

Running Naked

This is one of my most viewed posts and it’s also a very recent one! It’s all about my decision to stop wearing my Garmin watch while running during my pregnancy.

Long Runs While Pregnant: Come Along With Me!

How my long runs have changed since I got pregnant!

So much has happened over the course of only one year. It’s exciting to think about how life will be even more different this time next year, as we welcome a new little person into our family, adjust to life as parents, and I attempt to get back into marathon running shape! Thanks for reading and coming along on my journey with me!


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