Baby K: 18 Weeks

I’m 18 weeks pregnant today! I have had an extremely busy week and I’m definitely feeling the effects of it. I have a final research paper due for my grad class that I’ve been working on, my Reading Specialist certification test this Saturday, and this past weekend I threw my sister-in-law her bridal shower. WHEW! Not to mention regular school responsibilities for my teaching job. That’s part of why my blogging has slowed down a bit, but I always make sure to write my weekly update. I just want to make sure I remember everything about my pregnancy journey!

What’s Happening With Baby?

This week the baby is the size of a bell pepper!

BabyCenter says that this week the baby weighs 7 ounces and is 5.5 inches long. His or her sex is clearly visible at this point through ultrasound – but we’re not going to find out! The baby’s arms and legs are flexing like crazy and pretty soon I should be able to feel these little punches and kicks (I can’t wait!!!) The Bump also says that by now baby is yawning, hiccuping, swallowing, and sucking. My friend told me that a little later on in her pregnancy she was actually able to feel baby hiccuping inside of her!

How I’m Feeling

This week I had a lot of headaches. One day I had a terrible headache and felt shaky and dizzy. I thought I might be dehydrated but I wasn’t, so I thought I might need to eat- but that didn’t help either. I started to wonder if maybe my thyroid medication might be TOO high after they increased it last week, but then it didn’t happen again so maybe it was just my body adjusting to it? I do think I’m on the right level now because I have had a lot more energy and my backed-up digestive system is MUCH better, thank goodness!!!

At the same time I am also feeling like my body is definitely not my own anymore. I don’t recognize myself in the mirror sometimes because my belly is bigger. While I LOVE the fact that I’m looking more noticeable pregnant and I love my little bump, I have to be honest when I say that watching my body get bigger isn’t always easy, especially when parts are growing besides my belly. My clothes are definitely NOT fitting anymore which makes me feel super uncomfortable. The larger sized running shorts that I bought a few months back are already too small around the waist and my shirts are too tight, which makes me feel self-conscious. This is true for my regular clothes as well. Since they aren’t fitting correctly they aren’t flattering at all and it just makes me not feel so good about my body. That’s why I think it’s time to get some more better fitting maternity clothes, and an extra large pair of running shorts. I know I’ll feel better once I’m wearing clothes that are made especially for women with pregnant bodies and aren’t tight in all the wrong places.


I did buy an AMAZING pair of Pea in the Pod jeans last week with a gift card that I had, and I am already in love. They fit perfectly and are actually really cute. I wouldn’t have been able to afford them without a gift card and the fact that they were on sale (They were originally $95!!!), but I can tell they are better quality than my cheap Target ones and they are my new favorite.

How I’m Changing

The belly is getting bigger with each day, and the belly rubbing is in full effect! I find myself rubbing and touching my belly constantly, and what’s even stranger is that other people are touching it all the time too!  When I sleep on my side at night and then get up or lay on my back, everything has shifted to the one side. It’s so weird and creepy!!! It’s also very itchy. I guess that’s a sign that it’s growing and my skin is stretching.


Something else getting bigger: the boobs. They are so big and so heavy! I really need to get a new bra soon. Also, many of my old shirts are too small in the chest now which is giving me major cleavage. Not appropriate for working in an elementary school. I need to go shopping ASAP! I also have blue veins all over my chest which make me look like a road map. I read it is from increased blood volume and blood flow during pregnancy.

AND the nails!!! They are growing like weeds! I seriously cut them only a few days before taking this picture yesterday. My nails never used to grow at all, so this is a huge change for me. Thank you prenatal vitamins!

What I’m Eating/Not Eating

I think I OD’ed with the sweets last week with all the leftover Easter candy because this week I haven’t wanted sweets. It’s back to a salty, spicy, carb-fest over here. We actually did a ton of cooking this week and I ate really well. Lots of veggies, fruit, vegetarian proteins and whole grains, while still satisfying the cravings too of course. Dinners included: red lentil enchiladas, roasted tomato pesto pasta, homemade burrito bowls (copied from our favorite- Chipotle!), grilled paninis, veggie frittata with roasted potatoes, and chickpea-veggie stir fry with brown rice. Obviously everything is served with additional veggies on the side. Trying to get those nutrients in for the little one!!!

I’m also really paying attention to how MUCH I’m eating. I know that since I’m running and in my second trimester I need to increase how much I eat. I don’t really count calories but I can tell when I don’t eat enough because I get so hungry and feel nauseous sometimes. I have been bringing extra snacks to school (nuts, fruit, hard boiled eggs, larabars) and usually have a snack after dinner before bed like popcorn or cereal. I love to eat, so this is not an issue for me 🙂

One of many bowls of cereal!

How I’m Staying Active

Well I officially dropped down to the half in both of the marathons I had signed up for before I was pregnant (Delaware and Seattle). I knew I was dropping to the half for Seattle since I’ll be 26 weeks 3 days pregnant, but I still wasn’t sure about Delaware, when I will be 20 weeks and 4 days pregnant. While I do believe that I COULD have done 26.2, I don’t think I could have done it without pushing myself too hard and while truly enjoying the race at the same time. Even though the stubbornness in me wanted to prove that I could do a marathon while pregnant and my endurance is clearly still there since I’m still doing long runs every weekend, it’s just not worth it. In order to run 26.2 miles I would have to push my body too hard no matter how ‘easy’ I take it, and I don’t think it would be fun. A big reason why I run is because it’s fun and enjoyable for me. I don’t want to force myself to do it when I know it won’t be that way. So instead I’ll run the half and enjoy myself and the fact that I’m able to run half marathons while pregnant, then watch Kevin finish the full!

  • Run: 24 miles
  • Strength Training: 1 Body Pump class (the new release was TOUGH!)

After our rainy 11 miler this past Sunday!

 Week 18 Summary:
  • Weight gained this week: +0.2 pounds
  • Total weight gained: +6.8 pounds
  • # of days until our 20 week anatomy ultrasound: 12!
  • # of school days until summer: 35!
  • # of people that have rubbed my belly: at LEAST 20 different people in the past week
  • Gender: I still feel like it’s a girl. Have thought that since Day 1!

For more pregnancy posts, visit the Baby K page!


5 responses to “Baby K: 18 Weeks

  1. I think that would be the hardest part of body acceptance during pregnancy, the part when people may not know your tiny bump is a pregnant belly, instead of the instant recognition from a full out bump. You look great and just try to remember that your body is doing amazing things 🙂 Definitely time to buy some maternity clothes… you’ll be so much more comfy!

    I think dropping down to the half is definitely the right choice. You don’t need to prove anything and you’re still kicking butt!

    Chipotle is our favorite too and I love making homemade bowls because I love to customize my bowl to my exact liking hehe.

    • It’s definitely true that the transition stage from bloated to beer belly to baby bump is the hardest! Now that I’m finally “looking” pregnant I feel much better and I LOVE my little bump 🙂 I’m amazed by my body everyday. And I did pick up a bunch of clothes this past weekend and it has made a world of difference.

  2. Add another Chipotle lover here! We ate there yesterday!!

    As you know I have also become pretty self-conscious about my body too. ugh! DH was talking to his mom about it, who said “She doesn’t even know what FAT is!” when he told her I just feel fat and not pregnant. Well, coming from someone who can usually manage her weight, yeah its a tough adjustment. I still don’t think I’m showing, you’re definately popping out and I’m jealous! I am gaining, and pants are getting tighter bump yet.

    I am 17 weeks now. I wanted to run a half at 20 weeks pregnant (I was tentatively planning on it before we conceived- it’s in May) but we were TTC for 16 cycles and I was not in half marathon shape even though I had done 4 of them in the past 4 years, so fairly recently. I just figured that I would continue to run up to 5k’s or 10k’s and spin. It’s better than nothing! I was not sure how I would feel during pregnancy and didn’t want to put too much strain on my body, at least more than pregnancy already would be doing lol.

    • I completely understand! People don’t always understand how it feels to watch the body you’ve always had change so much. It may not look like much has changed to others but WE know. It is definitely more difficult when you don’t feel like you are showing yet, but I have heard first time moms don’t show much until 20 weeks. I have a short torso so I think that’s why I’m starting to pop out more. I know it’s hard to be patient when we want to look pregnant, because we FEEL pregnant and our appearance doesn’t match that. You’ll get there soon!!!

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