The Things People Say, Part 1

I’m only 15 weeks into this pregnancy thing, but already I have noticed that people will say some crazy things to you when they learn you have a bun in the oven. It’s like announcing you are pregnant gives them permission to ask inappropriate things and make weird comments. At first the things people said really bothered me because I am a very sensitive person, then I realized I need to grow a thicker skin. I learned that people are always going to share their opinions and tell you what you should and shouldn’t do, especially since I’m pretty open with our plans and my personal life in general. I know this will only get worse as I go through pregnancy and parenthood. So instead of feeling bad, I decided to laugh about it. I started to write these comments and questions down so I could look back on them, and of course share them on my blog 🙂

Little bump!

Here are some of the things that real people have actually said to me. Most of these comments and questions have been said by more than one person!

  1. “Wow, you two don’t waste any time,” “That was quick,” “You work fast!” etc… This is one of the top comments! Yes, I am aware that we got married in November and are already having a baby. No, we didn’t wait long and that’s what we wanted.
  2. “Was this planned?” This was said by a coworker immediately after I shared the news at a staff meeting. Why is this any of your business and why do you feel the need to ask it in front of 40 other people?!
  3. “Was this a honeymoon baby?” Um, no. Baby is due late September. We got married in November. Do the math. This is another one of the top questions that people ask us.
  4. “Oh, must have been a New Years baby then!” Nope, wrong again.
  5. “I thought you were just getting fat!” Said by a fourth grader, but still funny!
  6. “You know this is going to be a miserable summer for you, right?” Yes, I know it will be hot, but I am actually really looking forward to this summer. I’ll be off for summer break for most of my third trimester. Pretty good deal!
  7. “You are growing just like I did when I was pregnant. I didn’t just get bigger in the middle, I grew in the boobs and butt too!” Another coworker, apparently looking too closely at my growing body parts.
  8. “Are you going to stop running? Another top question, and when I say no, it’s always followed by, “Doesn’t it hurt the baby?” Like I would continue to do it if it wasn’t safe! I know people are just concerned for the baby and my well being when they ask those questions. I always explain that my doctor encourages it as long as I scale back the intensity and listen to my body.
  9. “Are you still a vegetarian?” or “Do you have to start eating meat now?” I am very careful with what I eat and making sure I get enough calories and nutrients. I don’t need meat to make my diet balanced and healthy and neither does the baby.
  10. “Will you make the baby vegetarian too?” Yes, until he or she is old enough to make the decision for him or herself. Kevin and I have talked about this a lot, and this is what we both want. We don’t cook meat or have it in the house, and having a baby won’t change that for us. I will talk about this more in another post.
  11. “You better run/sleep/have fun/etc. now because you won’t have time for that once the baby is born!” Thanks for the positive advice!
  12. “You’ll be so unprepared if you don’t find out the sex of the baby.” The only thing we won’t be prepared with is gender-specific clothing. I didn’t really understand this comment. Knowing the sex doesn’t change anything for us.
  13. “Natural unmedicated childbirth? Ha! Good luck with that. You’ll be begging for an epidural and drugs once you realize what it’s really like.” Actually, I won’t. We just signed up for 12 weeks of Bradley method childbirth classes. More than 86% of people who take these classes go on to have natural and unmedicated labor and delivery. Unless an emergency comes up, this is the plan. More about this later!

I fully expect that there will be more of these types of comments and questions over the next 25 weeks, especially as I continue to get bigger and my due date approaches. That’s why I am calling this “Part One”. There will most definitely be a Part Two in the future!

Whether you have been pregnant or not, what types of weird comments and questions have you heard from people? 


2 responses to “The Things People Say, Part 1

  1. People have made comments about my runnig too! It’s so annoying! Like I woud really continue if the baby would be in danger. ugh!

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