Baby K: 15 Weeks

15 weeks and feeling great! People weren’t kidding about the second trimester and how different it is from the first. I’m loving it!

What’s Happening With Baby?

Baby K is the size of a naval orange this week!

BabyCenter says that this week the baby is 4 inches long and weight 2.5 ounces. It is able to move its arms and legs and is very active in there. Word on the street is that I may be able to start feeling these movements soon, but I haven’t felt anything yet. I’m not even quite sure what type of feeling I’m looking for. Another cool thing is that the baby can sense light now even though its eyelids are fused shut. So if I were to shine a flashlight at my belly the baby would be able to tell and would turn away. WOW!

How I’m Feeling

I am feeling GREAT! So much more energy! We got a lot of baby stuff done this week, especially since I’m on Spring Break. I researched some nursery furniture and found really great prices, so we went ahead and ordered a crib, a dresser/changing table combo, and a glider!!! I know we have plenty of time to do this, but the prices were too good to pass up. Plus it feels good to know that we made our first big purchase for the baby. We want to buy things as we go so it’s not as overwhelming or hard on our bank account toward the end.

Other big decisions made this week include both of our baby names (first and middle names) for a boy and a girl. Both names start with a K, since Kevin and I have K names and we wanted to keep it going that way 🙂 We also talked a lot about the gender, and at this point we are 95% sure we are not going to find out before the baby is born. We just really want it to be a surprise, and we think it would be special to find out on baby’s birthday. So even though we have both of our names picked out, we won’t know which one we will use until he or she is here!

How I’m Changing

Well my regular jeans really don’t fit anymore! I can’t button them at this point, so I’m resorting to the hair tie trick or my belly band. It’s a little sad to give them up but I know I will see them again later this year.

Earlier this week I was feeling some weird cramping which worried me for a while. It almost felt like menstrual cramps. But nothing else happened after that and they didn’t get worse. Eventually it just went away and I haven’t felt it since. I am guessing it was just growing pains from baby and my uterus.

Other changes include my hormones bringing back my crazy dreams and making me cry at everything! I cried watching Biggest Loser, watching A Baby Story (I really shouldn’t watch that show), at the Titanic commercials on TV, and much more. I feel like a big baby but I can’t help it!


What I’m Eating/Not Eating

There’s not really much that I’m NOT eating these days. It’s actually pretty amazing  how much I am eating. No matter what I eat, I’m hungry again 2 – 2.5 hours later. So I’m listening to my body and feeding it! I try to keep my snacks and meals healthy and focus on whole foods. I snack on cashews, smoothies, eggs, and things like that. I am really surprised I only gained 0.2 pounds this week, but I guess my body really needed it and put those calories to good use growing this baby.

How I’m Staying Active

I had a GREAT week of exercise. I did a lot of running and tons of Body Pump classes. I ran my second race with baby, the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler and somehow PRed! I felt amazing and strong running this race. No discomfort or pain at all while running, and none of the round ligament pain afterwards like the Rock & Roll half two weeks ago. I think it helped that the morning of the race was nice and cool. I just ran yesterday afternoon and it was 70-something degrees, and it was TOUGH. I had to stop and walk a lot, which is fine because I know the biggest concern with running while pregnant is being sure not to overheat. I am definitely going to have to take it easy this summer.

I’ve been reading the Runner’s World Guide to Running and Pregnancy and loving it. I really liked this part called “The Three Tenets of Running Through Pregnancy.” It gave me a great perspective on what my focus should be when running during this special time.

1. Accept that you’re the mom. That means the little person inside of you is your first priority, even when she is no bigger than the tip of your shoelace. Run safely, hydrate well, and stay cool. And shelf your competitive urges; you can dust them off later.

2. Remember that pregnancy is not a permanent condition. Envision your pregnant running as a bridge that provides continuity in your life as a runner. Instead of dropping out of the fitness world, you are staying on course; when you reach the other side, you truly will hit the ground running.

3. Enjoy your running. You’re undertaking an entirely new adventure- not a competition, more like a cross-country tour with someone you love. Try not to evy your husband or running group when they train for the races you completed last year. Find new goals, like trying other sports or seeking out scenic routes.

Love that!!! 🙂

  • Run: 28 miles
  • Strength Training: I went to 4 Body Pump classes! Whoa!

Week 14 Summary:

  • Weight gained this week: +0.2 pounds
  • Total weight gained: +4.0 pounds.
  • Gifts for baby: 3 more baby books from my best friend’s mom 🙂
  • Items we bought for baby: nursery furniture!
  • Next book to read: Ina May’s Guide to Natural Childbirth <– excited about this one!
  • # of days left in Spring Break: 5 😦
  • # of days until next prenatal appointment: 6. Can’t wait to hear baby’s heartbeat again!

For more pregnancy posts, visit the Baby K page!


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