What I’m Loving: First Trimester

The first 14 weeks of my pregnancy were quite an adventure. There were so many changes happening to me physically, mentally, and emotionally that were out of my control. I really had to take it day by day most of the time or else I would get totally overwhelmed. Here are some of the things that helped me get through the first trimester!

  • Running: Of course this has to be #1 on the list. This was by far the one thing that saved me throughout the first third of my pregnancy. I’ve said it before, but it made me feel like “me” when so many crazy changes were happening, it gave me back the energy I didn’t have, and it took away many of my symptoms like nausea, headaches, and “digestive issues.”

  • Kevin: Yesterday I wrote all about my amazing husband and why he is the best. He is so supportive and the main reason I didn’t lose my mind during the first trimester. I love him!

  • BabyCenter: This website was my main source of information during the first trimester when I was worried 24/7 and googling everything I could think of. I especially loved the support and community I found in the forums. I was automatically put into the September 2012 Birth Club because of my due date, and I also joined a few other groups that looked interesting. I love reading people’s posts, commenting, and getting to hear from other expecting moms that are due around the same time as me.

  • The Panic Free Pregnancy: I read a bunch of books in the first trimester, but I think The Panic-Free Pregnancy is the one that I find myself going back to the most. It’s written by a doctor and gives you the truth about what you REALLY need to worry about during pregnancy and what you don’t. It helped me relax and enjoy my pregnancy more, without worrying myself to death!

  • Snoogle Body Pillow: Almost as soon as I found out I was pregnant my sleep became terrible. I would wake up constantly and could never find a comfortable position. I did some research and found the Snoogle pillow, which many other moms were raving about. When I got it in the mail I was surprised by how huge it was, but I grew to love it instantly. It can be used for many different sleep positions, and it has improved the quality of my sleep so much! I have a feeling this will be a necessity throughout my entire pregnancy.

  • Hair Ties: In the first few weeks when I was really bloated and my regular jeans were really uncomfortable, I learned a trick that was my savior! You use a hair tie, loop it around your button, put it through the button hole, then back around the button. It extends the waist of your pants by a few inches and helps them stay up at the same time. This was the best trick ever and made me so much more comfortable!


  • Belly Band: The belly band from Baby Be Mine Maternity was one of the first maternity items I bought. It goes around your waist so that you can unbutton/unzip your pants without it being noticeable. I wear it most often with my work pants. It doesn’t always stay in one spot and does need to be adjusted occasionally, but it’s worth it if it means I can keep wearing my work clothes! I’m trying to make it to summer break with my regular work clothes so that I don’t have to buy maternity ones.

  • Maternity Jeans: I started wearing these more toward the end of the first trimester. My regular jeans started to get way too tight in the waist and wearing them was like torture, even with the hair tie trick. I found these at Target (Liz Lange maternity brand) and they are so comfy and cute! I have a feeling I’ll be getting a lot of use out of them from now on.

  • Victoria’s Secret Lounge Bralette: I went to Victoria’s Secret shortly after I found out I was pregnant because I needed some comfortable but supportive bras to wear around the house and to bed (they hurt!!!). I found these and bought 4, and I love them! They’re so comfortable. I bought them a little bit big and I’m so glad I did, because I have already grown into them nicely, LOL.

  • Salt: I could not get enough salty foods! Chips, pickles, popcorn, soft pretzels with tons of salt on them… mmm.

  • Breakfast Foods: Cereal, bagels, pancakes, eggs… all so delicious and so comforting. I could eat these types of foods for every meal!

  • Milk of Magnesia: I only used this 4 times during the first trimester, since my doctor told me to use it only when I really needed it. It’s a natural and gentle way to help food move through the digestive tract (a.k.a. relieves constipation). I truly did NEED it each of the times I used it, and when I did I felt soooooooo much better.

  • The Couch: Ooh my couch. He was my BFF during the first 14 weeks. If I wasn’t working or running I was planted on the couch. I was so exhausted that I had no energy to do much else. Now that it’s the second trimester and my energy is coming back, I am hoping that my butt imprint on the couch will disappear!



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