Sharing Our News With Friends & Family

When we found out we were expecting, we knew we wanted to announce it to our family and friends in fun, creative ways. Here are some of the ways we told the people we love our special news. Stay tuned for a video compilation of our friends and family’s reactions to these surprises at the end of this post!

The first person I told was one of my best friends Ashley. I told her only 3 days after we found out, because I had planned to go to her house for dinner that night and I knew I couldn’t keep it from her all night. I told her to close her eyes and put out her hands, and I gave her the pregnancy test. She actually guessed that I was pregnant before I even gave it to her! She was super excited, and so was I because I was so happy to let someone in our own secret!

A few weeks later we decided to tell Kevin’s sister Kara and her fiance Brandon. One of the things we love to do together is go geocaching, like I wrote about in this post from last summer. We decided to invite them to go geocaching and made a special geocache that we hid ourselves. Kevin spray painted a tupperware container black and we put two baby bibs inside that said “I love my aunt” and “I love my uncle.” We put a paper inside that said “Congratulations, you’re going to be an aunt and uncle!” and the official geocaching document on top so that the secret wouldn’t be given away immediately. We got to our location ahead of time and hid the container, and when Kara and Brandon got there we let them find it and open it. It took them a little while to get it, but once they did their reactions were awesome!!!

That night we told the rest of Kevin’s family. We decided to go over to his parent’s house for game night. We brought Guesstures (one of our favorite games) and played for a little while. Eventually, it was Kevin’s turn. He acted out his first three cards. Then, for his final card, he pretended like he had the word “pregnant” and started to gesture like he had a big belly, and pointed to me. It took a long time for his parents to get it and when they did, they jumped out of their seats and sprinted over to me, almost knocking me down in the process! Priceless!

We also told his other sister, grandma, and aunt over Skype and the phone that evening. Their reactions are in the video at the end too 🙂

A week later we went home to Pennsylvania to share the news with my family. For my sister, we put a little blue hippo that she got me into a box filled with blue and pink M&Ms. The blue hippo signifies the goddess of fertility, and she gave it to me at my bachelorette party because she’s been dying for me to give her a little niece or nephew. I put a sign on top that said “It worked!” so that she would see it when she opened the box and then look to see what was underneath. When we got to PA I took her out to get ice cream and gave her a ‘late Christmas present’ in the car. She opened it up and didn’t understand at first, but then it clicked 🙂

We decided to tell my Dad by putting our ultrasound picture at the end of a wedding photo book that I had made for him. We gave him the book as a gift and watched him look through the pages. When he got to the last page he paused for a few seconds and stared at the ultrasound photo. He was shocked and excited for us!

 To tell my best friends from home, I made cookies with pink and blue M&Ms and brought them to my friend’s house one night for a little get-together. I told them I brought a special dessert and showed them the cookies. At first they thought they were for Easter (LOL) but they realized quickly what they really meant and we had a good old fashioned shriek fest!

Once I reached 12 weeks, we both told our bosses and the staff at our workplaces. There was an interesting mix of people who were totally surprised and others who claimed they knew it all along! (How did they know?!) Later that evening we announced it on Facebook by having a little photo shoot with our sneakers and baby sneakers, and me in my Running for Two shirt. Then we created this image and posted it when I hit 12 weeks. The response was amazing and so supportive. I had something crazy like 94 ‘likes’ and 45 comments, and Kevin had the same on his page. We felt the love!

These are not the only people we told ahead of our ‘public’ announcement, but the rest of them were told either over the phone, over dinner or at some kind of get-together, or by showing them the ultrasound picture.

Here is a video we made that has the reactions of the people we caught on camera  as we surprised them with our news 🙂

Announcing our pregnancy was so exciting and fun. It was great to feel the love and support from everyone. This little baby is already loved more than he or she knows. We are so lucky!


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