Baby K: 9 Weeks

Another very exciting week! This past weekend we went home to tell my family and friends in Philadelphia our news. We told my dad and sister on Friday night, three of my best friends on Saturday, and aunt, uncle, and a few cousins at brunch on Sunday. I called my other family members that live on the west coast on our drive back to Virginia and told them too. So many hugs and so much excitement. Telling people the news is so much fun! It will be even better when it’s public and I don’t have to feel like I’ve hiding something all the time!

What’s Happening With Baby?

Baby K is the size of a green grape this week!

The Bump tells me that the baby has exited the embryo stage and is now officially a FETUS! Exciting! He or she is beginning to develop facial features. I keep wondering what it will look like- most likely it will have blue eyes like Kevin and me. But will it have my family’s “Nagel nose” or Kevin’s cute ears? I can’t wait to find out! Also, according to BabyCenter, the baby is now almost an inch long. It’s heart has divided into four chambers and it’s tiny teeth are developing. The placenta has developed enough to start taking over the job of producing hormones for the baby.

How I’m Changing

My sister told me while I was home that she could see me showing a little bit. It was just bloating in my lower belly but weird that it was noticed by someone other than myself. I feel like my middle section is definitely thicker even though I still haven’t gained anything (down .6 pounds from last week actually). It’s like my weight has been redistributed all to my middle to protect the baby 🙂

How I’m Feeling

Just so tired! My sleep has gotten worse and I feel like I wake up a million times per night for no reason. The constant state of tiredness is hard to deal with during the day when I need to be productive. It makes me unable to concentrate and remember things. Seriously, things go in and out of my memory in no time! It’s so weird. This week I napped every day since Friday for at least 30 minutes. I am NOT a nap taker!


What I’m Eating/Not Eating

I have been craving cheese, eggs, cereal, pickles (so typical) and salty foods. I can’t get enough. Still not eating most raw vegetables, but I am working on it!

How I’m Staying Active

I did a little less this past week than in weeks before, because my complete exhaustion limited me a little bit and we were traveling and busy over the weekend. However, running still feels amazing. Kevin and I ran 12 miles at a 9:12 average pace while we were in hilly Pennsylvania on Saturday. We took a short break at the halfway point but I felt great the whole time. Most of the time when I run I don’t even feel like I’m pregnant at all. I hope that it stays that way for a while! I was actually going to swim today, but it was so nice outside that I couldn’t help but run instead. I figure I need to take advantage of it while I can!

  • Run: 25 miles
  • Swim: None! 😦
  • Strength-training: 1 Body Pump class
  • Yoga: None! 😦

Week 9 Summary:

  • Weight gained this week: After finally gaining some weight  last week I lost .6 pounds this week. I don’t get it.
  • Total weight gained: -0.2 pounds
  • Belly is looking (and feeling): Less bloated than last week. Maybe this is why my weight went down a little bit?
  • Naps taken: 5!! That is by far a record for me.
  • # of times I almost ran out of gas: 1 (due to pregnancy brain forgetting that I was completely on empty while driving to the gym with no wallet… smart!)

For more pregnancy posts, visit the Baby K page!


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