My Updated Goals and Race Plans

Back in January I wrote about my Goals for 2012 and my ambitious plans to run 3 Marathons in 3 Months. Then, SURPRISE!!! I got pregnant, and suddenly all those plans needed to be adjusted. Here were my goals for 2012, taken straight from the original post:

  • Complete my first ultra-marathon in March. *** This goal is currently put on hold… obviously! This was was supposed to be next weekend. It was just too much for my body to train for an ultra during pregnancy, especially since it was a brand new distance that I had never attempted before. However I WILL run this race someday! Probably not next year at only 6 months post partum by maybe in 2014 🙂 ***
  • Run a marathon in LESS THAN 4 hours. ***Again, this goal is a big one of mine but is going to have to wait. My current PR is 4:00:04 … so close! Before getting pregnant I was 100% confident that I was going to do it in one of my May or June races. I know I can get there again eventually ***
  • Be active in other ways than just running. ***I’ve been doing well with incorporating more stretching and strength training into my weekly routine. I was also doing well with swimming for a while, but I’ve put that on hold for now. My rationale is that I still feel amazing while running, so I’m going to take advantage of my ability to run while I still can. Later in my pregnancy when running is harder for me, I will replace some runs with swims. I am so, so, so  thankful that I learned to swim correctly when I did! I know I will love it later on! ***
  • Save money and stick to our new revised budget. ***Since we redid our budget at the beginning of the year we have tried hard to stick to it and remember our priorities. It has been really successful so far. We’re putting away a LOT more money each month than we used to, and we’re realizing what is important and what isn’t ***
  • Be on time! *** Morning sickness (actually all day sickness) made this difficult for me in the first trimester, but it has gotten a lot better since then and I’ve gone back to being punctual… most of the time! ***
  • Sleep more. ***Ugh… I’m trying! But I just cannot sleep soundly through the entire night. I wake up a lot for various reasons. But I should probably get used to it because I know that won’t be changing any time soon with a baby on the way ***

Now that things have changed, I have some new goals to add to the list.

  • Run and stay active through my pregnancy as long as I can. I have done a lot of research about the benefits of maintaining your running/exercise routine during pregnancy, and how staying active leads to an easier pregnancy and labor, as well as healthier babies. So my hope is to continue running as long as I can, and my doctors and midwives support this 100%. At the same time, I definitely plan to respect my body and its limits. I have already done this by slowing down my pace, taking walking breaks, and extra rest days. I lucked out because I was training for an ultra before getting pregnant, so I was in the best shape of my life running 40-50 miles a week. I have since cut that in half and am still doing a weekly long run (up to 15 miles right now). Some people think that I’m crazy for still running like this, but it is really all relative to what you were doing before. This feels easy compared to that! Plus, my doctor said I’m okay to do anything as long as it feels good, just not MORE than what I was doing before getting pregnant. I’m actually doing much less than that, and I feel comfortable with where I am and what I’m doing. But I am not naive. I fully expect to get slower, walk more, and cut my mileage more in the future.
  • Eat well. I’ve always been very aware of nutrition and eating well, especially since I’m a vegetarian runner who is always looking to make sure I get enough calories, protein, and other nutrients. Even when I wasn’t feeling well in the first 11 weeks, I still tried my best to eat well for the baby and eat ‘quality calories’ rather than ‘junk calories’. Yes, I’m craving things like cheese and chips and I eat them occasionally but I’m practicing the whole ‘moderation’ thing. I know gaining weight is an obvious and important part of pregnancy, but there’s no need to go crazy and gain 50-60 pounds, using the excuse that I’m ‘eating for two.’ Gaining too much weight causes health risks for both baby and mother, and makes life post-pregnancy a lot harder than it already is. My doctors and midwives recommended that I gain 25-35 pounds and eat an extra 300 calories a day starting in the second trimester. I also make sure to eat more on the days I run so that I’m balanced at the end of the day. No more caloric deficits for me. I have a baby to grow!
  • Worry less. I have been a worrier all my life. I worry about little things, big things, everything! This has only gotten worse with pregnancy, but I’m working on it. Kevin is a big help with that. He helps me realize what’s important and not important to worry about and is always there for me when I have meltdowns (it’s the hormones!) Every morning when I wake up I try to make the choice to worry less and go with the flow more, and to enjoy this crazy rollercoaster ride called pregnancy!

As far as the races I signed up for and my “Training Plan” … well, the truth is that I don’t really have any set plans for anything anymore! How can you plan for something when you cannot predict how you will feel and what life will be like weeks in the future? This is all so new to me and I enter each day not knowing what to expect from myself and my body. I honestly just do the best I can and take it week by week, sometimes day by day. Sometimes I don’t feel like running and I don’t. Sometimes I run fast without any effort and sometimes a 10:00 minute mile pace feels hard. The only thing I do know is that running makes me so happy, and I don’t want to stop. So I’m not going to! Even if my “running” is more like walking or waddling in the later months, I’m just going to keep moving as long as I can. With that said, here are the races I am currently signed up for:

Rock & Roll USA Half Marathon @ 12.5 weeks pregnant!

Will I run these races? I just have to wait and see how my running is going at that point in time to decide. Right now I am still running long distances up to 15 miles and feeling very comfortable. However, I can pretty confidently say that I will not be running the full marathon distance in Seattle. I may be able to do Delaware but that’s a HUGE maybe and if I do, I will run/walk the whole way. Most likely, I’ll do the half. It also depends on the temperature on race day. If it is going to be very warm, I probably won’t run at all because I’m afraid of overheating. So as you can see, it’s all up in the air… and I’m okay with that! Like I said, I can’t predict the future and I would never do anything that would harm the baby or myself. Kevin is going to run most of these anyway so I’ll be there regardless. I guess we will just have to wait and see! For once in my life, I have no plan and it actually feels good 🙂


One response to “My Updated Goals and Race Plans

  1. Katie: Good luck with the updated goals and expecting!
    Kevin: Good luck in attempting to meet all of Katie’s pregnancy cravings and odd demands!

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