Baby K: 8 Weeks

This was a big week for us so this post is going to be longer than the others! We had our first prenatal appointment, which was mainly medical history, asking and answering questions, setting up my other appointments, and a surprise ultrasound to see the BABY! We chose to switch from my regular OBGYN to a Physicians and Midwives collaborative practice, and I couldn’t be happier with our decision after my first appointment with one of the midwives. I will explain more later about why we chose that type of practice, but I know it’s what is right for us and what we want for prenatal care and delivery. I wasn’t expecting an ultrasound at this appointment, but they squeezed me in so that I could alleviate some of my anxiety and have a picture to show family this weekend. I learned that the baby is measuring perfectly for 8 weeks with a due date of September 26th. It’s heart is beating strong at 158 beats per minute! It was amazing to see the heart flickering on the screen!

The other exciting part was finally telling some family. We broke the news to Kevin’s sister and her fiance first, then later that night we told Kevin’s parents. We’re going to Pennsylvania this weekend and we will be telling my family! We wanted to announce creatively, so we planned different surprises for all of these people. I will write a separate post about all the ways we announced later. Exciting stuff!!

What’s Happening With Baby?

This week baby is the size of a raspberry!

BabyCenter tells me that baby’s tail is almost gone, and he or she now has grown webbed fingers and toes!  The brain is developing rapidly and nerve cells are beginning to connect. The Bump says that baby is growing about a millimeter a day at this point, and is about .63 inches long and weighs .04 ounces. The baby is also developing taste buds and is apparently moving his or her arms and legs around like crazy! I can’t wait to feel those movements in a couple of months!

How I’m Changing

The only change this week that’s really noticeable is my skin. I really hate to complain about something that is superficial and vain, but it is just TERRIBLE. It has never been this bad even when I was a teenager. I’m talking acne everywhere, but especially my chin and neck. It’s painful and not attractive and there’s really nothing I can do about it since it’s all due to hormones. Before getting pregnant I used a face wash with a good amount of salicylic acid, since my face hasn’t been that great after getting off birth control pills. I stopped using it because I read that pregnant women should avoid salicylic acid. I switched to a more natural face wash without any chemicals and I actually love it- it’s done some great things for my skin. I just think this acne is something I’m going to have to deal with for right now!

How I’m Feeling

I’m still feeling pretty good. I do go back and forth from feeling amazing to feeling upset, annoyed, tired, and nauseous at times though. It all comes in waves and it hits me out of nowhere for no reason. The biggest issue is that I am so tired all the time from my sleep constantly being interrupted because I have to pee, or because of a crazy dream, or just because I wake up for no reason. Every day when I go to work I feel like the day is going to take forever to get through. Some days drag more than others, but most of the time it’s over before I know it and I’m back at home and on the couch.

When I found out I was pregnant I signed up with BabyCenter, and they assigned me to the September 2012 Birth Club. This is forum where other expectant moms with due dates in September can write posts and respond to others. This forum has been a blessing and a curse at the same time. I’ve learned a lot from it, but it also makes me worry at times. There are constantly people writing on there that they had a miscarriage, or started bleeding, or had some other scary complication. There are others that are always writing about their terrible symptoms and morning sickness that has them on IVs. I guess it makes me nervous because compared to these women, I’m getting off really easy. I know I should be thankful about that but at the same time it worries me that I ‘m not having these symptoms for a reason, and that maybe something is wrong. There are some days that I feel pregnant and others that I don’t at all. I know I just need to stop worrying and remember that every pregnancy is different. Believe me, I’m thankful to have mild symptoms compared to others! I just want to make sure everything is okay in there. The ultrasound really helped put my mind at ease. Although I know that anything could still happen, it’s nice to know that there really is a baby in there!


What I’m Eating/Not Eating

This week I had a lot of trouble with raw veggies and preparing food from their raw ingredients. For example, on Saturday night we were making homemade pizza like we usually do the night before our long runs and I couldn’t stand the look, smell, and feel of the raw veggies and uncooked pizza dough. I started rolling the dough out and almost gagged, so Kevin finished making the pizzas. I had no trouble eating it once it was finished, but for some reason the preparation of food makes me feel extremely sick. This is true when I make my lunches in the morning. I can’t even look at the spinach and raw veggies I used to put in salads everyday, so instead I have been bringing a sandwich with hummus and avocado. At first I was a little worried about not getting enough veggies but I’m doing fine with eating them (cooked) at dinnertime, and I’m taking my prenatal so I know I’m getting the nutrients I need.

How I’m Staying Active

I actually got up early to run THREE times this past week before work! Victory! And I felt great all day because of it. I wish I could get myself out of bed more to exercise before work but it’s been almost impossible since I haven’t been sleeping well. I have been doing fine with running in the afternoons, but I miss my mornings and have always preferred AM workouts. I was also very excited to hear that my midwife fully supports my running and maintaining my current activity level as long as I feel good. She even told me if I am able to keep running as much as I am (20 – 30 miles a week) that I’d be fine to walk/run one or both of the marathons I had planned, if I feel comfortable doing that when the time comes. She told me I would be okay because I am not doing MORE than I was before. So I can continue running, taking Body Pump, swimming, and everything else as long as I am able to. At this point, I’m not sure what I’m going to do. I can’t tell what will happen in the future and how I will feel, so I’m just taking my running day by day and trying to keep one long run in per weekend. So far so good! I will write a separate post about my new plans at a later time!

  • Run: 29 miles
  • Swim: 1300 meters
  • Strength-training: 2 Body Pump classes, 1 at-home strength circuit (20 minutes)
  • Yoga: 40 minutes

Week 8 Summary:

  • Weight gained this week: +0.8 pounds
  • Total weight gained: +0.4 pounds… finally reached the plus side after my initial weight loss!
  • Belly is looking: bloated and lumpy, like I ate too much. Even though I haven’t really gained weight, it feels like all of my weight has been repositioned into my middle. The midwife says this happens to protect the uterus and baby.
  • Gender predictions: I still feel like it’s a girl and so does my midwife- based on the chart of my cycle and the timing of ovulation and our “attempts.” Everyone else thinks it’s a boy though!
  • Hours napped on Saturday: over 3! That’s a new record for me.
  • Best thing eaten this week: Valentines dinner at the Melting Pot… Mmmm!
  • Days until we go home to PA to tell my family: only 2 more days!

For more pregnancy posts, visit the Baby K page!


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