Baby K: 5 Weeks

Another week has gone by! I’m counting down the weeks until we can tell family and friends. I never knew how hard it would be to keep it quiet. We are waiting because I want to tell my family in person when we go home to Pennsylvania. I’ll be 8.5 weeks at that point. We don’t want to tell many people because it’s still so early and anything can happen. We’re thinking positive but you just never know! Anyway, onto the 5 week update!

What’s Happening With Baby?

This week Baby K has grown from a poppy seed to a sesame seed! BabyCenter says that baby looks like a tadpole this week and that it’s heart and circulatory system have formed. It’s heart will even start beating by the end of the week! That is crazy. The placenta also starts functioning this week, bringing nutrients and oxygen to the baby through its teeny tiny umbilical cord.

How I’m Changing

I had an appointment scheduled on Friday for my annual OBGYN appointment. I told the nurse right away that I thought I was pregnant and had taken 4 pregnancy tests. It was strange to say it out loud because she was only the second person I told. The first was my regular doctor when I called to ask about testing my thyroid levels now that I’m pregnant- and I cried when I said it over the phone because it felt so surreal. Anyway, the nurse was excited and congratulated me, and told me she would take my blood to test my hCG levels as well as my thyroid levels since I am hypothyroid. A few days later the results said that my levels were 345, which were consistent for someone who would be in their 5th week. I also found that my thyroid levels were normal too, which was great news. Since I have hypothyroidism, they want to monitor my levels every 6 weeks to make sure they are stable and not too low or high.  Pregnancy can change your thyroid functioning a lot, and an unstable thyroid can be dangerous to babies and mothers. If it’s not controlled it can lead to babies with lower IQs and even birth defects [Source]. I knew this, which is why I called my doctor right away to be safe. As for now, so far so good!

As far as other ways I’m changing – I’m still experiencing the headaches, dizziness, crazy dreams, frequent urination, and the bloating in my lower belly. This week I’ve also had a lot of changes in my skin. It’s gotten really dry and it is breaking out like I’m a teenager again. My skin hasn’t been the best since I went off birth control last summer, but it’s a lot worse now. I think it’s from the hormones.


How I’m Feeling

Still very tired. This is made worse by the fact that I no longer drink coffee, but I am still able to get through the day and get my work done so that’s good. I’m very bloated in my lower stomach, which makes it uncomfortable at times to wear certain pants. This gets worse as the day goes on. When I wake up my belly is pretty flat but by the end of the day it looks like I’m 4 months pregnant. I bought a Belly Band that goes over the top of pants so you can leave them unbuttoned and it doesn’t show. This has helped a lot. I’ve also noticed that there is definitely something happening down there. I am constantly feeling a pulling and stretching feeling on the left side of my lower abdomen. It feels like my uterus is growing or something. Then I actually woke up in the middle of the night a couple of times with a sharp pain/cramp on my other side, which scared me to death. I was scared that something bad was happening but it was nothing.

Which brings me to my next feeling: anxiety. I can’t help but feel extremely anxious and worried that something will happen to the baby. I know that the chance of miscarriage is high in the first trimester (I’ve heard there’s a 20% chance), and I’m already someone who worries a lot. This combined with overactive hormones making me emotional is not a good thing! I know that chances are good that I’ll go on to have a healthy baby, but I need to stop looking things up on the internet because I just get scared and worked up over nothing.

What I’m Eating/Not Eating

Still loving the Mexican food. This week I’ve also been loving cereal as a snack before bed. Specifically, Kashi Heart to Heart with a scoop of peanut butter in it. Yum! I’ve still been able to eat a salad everyday for lunch which is great. I hope I don’t develop any aversions to veggies like I’ve heard some women do, because I know it’s so healthy for the baby.

How I’m Staying Active

I still feel the best I do all day when I’m exercising. Most of my workouts have been moved to the afternoon, because I’m just too tired to get up in the morning to work out these days. At my doctor’s appointment I asked my doctor about my running and she said it’s totally fine to continue with whatever I was doing before I got pregnant, and to just be careful not to do too much and listen to my body. I feel good with the amount that I exercised this week, and I know I’m not overdoing it because it’s less than half of what I was doing before I got pregnant. I still plan to run the half marathon on March 17th (more about my race plans in a future post), so I’m still doing a weekend long run of 10 miles. I feel myself getting tired sooner than before but it’s not bad yet. Running makes me feel like “me” when there are so many unfamiliar things happening to my body. I love it and I hope to keep running through my pregnancy if I can.

Here’s how I stayed active in Week 5:

  • Run: 23 miles
  • Swim: 2800 meters
  • Strength-training: 2 Body Pump classes


Week 5 Summary:

  • Weight gained this week: -.2 pounds [?? I don’t get it]
  • Total weight gained: -1.2 pounds
  • Prenatal appointments made: 1 for February 14th!
  • Maternity items bought: 2 – my “Running for Two” shirt from For Two Fitness, and a Belly Band to wear with my pants to help with my uncomfortable bloating.
  • Crying episodes: 3
  • Times I’ve woken up to pee in the middle of the night: a million

For more pregnancy posts, visit the Baby K page!


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