20 Perfect Miles

I’m still in disbelief over my 20 miler this past Saturday. As I wrote about earlier this week, I have been running faster than ever lately and I’m not entirely sure why. However, even though my pace has dropped significantly, I wasn’t sure what to expect for the first 20 miler on my training plan. The fastest I’ve ever run 20 miles in the past was the Air Force Marathon where I PRed, and I hit the 20 mile mark right at 3 hours (9:00/mile pace). Every other time I had run 20 in a race or in training it took me closer to 3:10 – 3:20 to finish, not including multiple walking breaks. 20 mile runs are no joke and they always take a toll on me. So I decided to go into this run without any expectations and run by effort, not worrying about time. I mapped out a pretty hilly but familiar route that I have ran many times in the past. I ran at a pace that felt comfortable, that I could maintain without huffing and puffing and without burning out my legs, and this is what resulted.

Total Time – 2:54:25Average Pace – 8:43/mile

Mile Splits:

  • Mile 1 – 8:47
  • Mile 2 – 8:48
  • Mile 3 – 8:48
  • Mile 4 – 8:49
  • Mile 5 – 8:53
  • Mile 6 – 8:54
  • Mile 7 – 8:45
  • Mile 8 – 8:59
  • Mile 9 – 8:50
  • Mile 10 – 8:41
  • Mile 11 – 8:31
  • Mile 12 – 8:36
  • Mile 13 – 8:46
  • Mile 14 – 8:36
  • Mile 15 – 8:41
  • Mile 16 – 8:40
  • Mile 17 – 8:33
  • Mile 18 – 8:47
  • Mile 19 – 8:38
  • Mile 20 – 8:23

I felt amazing the entire time during this run. Like last week’s 18 miler, I kept waiting to feel bad or hit a wall and I never did. My nutrition was on point, my legs felt great, and my mind stayed positive the entire time. I didn’t have to stop once. It was perfect 🙂 I even ran a negative split – my second half was two minutes faster than my first half!

Thumbs up for a great run!

I also was lucky enough to have the most amazing husband EVER come out and find me while I was running to take a few photos. The last time he did this was back in August when it was about 60 degrees warmer and Hurricane Irene was due to visit any minute. He loves being my running photographer 🙂

Checking my watch after a mile beep - am I really running that fast?

It doesn't look cold but it was, and the wind made it worse!

Switched out my Camelbak for a water bottle around mile 12.

Chewing on some Honey Stingers... my fave 🙂

Big hill right at the end! I think I can, I think I can...

I'm almost done and still smiling!

Alright, time to go home and eat.

Since I’m in training I’m starting up with a weekly run down once again. Here it is:

  • Monday: Rest
  • Tuesday: 4 mile run (37:15 / 9:18 pace), Body Pump (40 minutes – cut short for swimming), Swim class (30 minutes)
  • Wednesday: 6 mile treadmill run (55:15 / 9:12 pace)
  • Thursday: 6 mile run (50:55 / 8:29 pace), Body Pump (1 hour)
  • Friday: 1,150 meter swim (1 hour)
  • Saturday: 20 mile run (2:54:25 / 8:43 pace)
  • Sunday: 10 mile run (1:30:05 / 9:00 pace)

I ran a total of 46 miles, went to Body Pump twice, and swam twice. The only thing that was missing was yoga! I need to go soon! This week is a cut-back week. My body is thankful for that!

Until next time...


7 responses to “20 Perfect Miles

  1. Good job!!!! Look at you with your negative splits! The hubby got some great pics, that’s awesome that he’ll play paparazzi for you.

  2. Wowwie Katie..really awesome….

  3. Good job with the 20 miler… Nice time!


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