New Gear I’m Loving Lately

Back in July I wrote about a few of my favorite running things, and since then I’ve discovered a few new loves to add to the list!

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12

I’ve been wearing Saucony Hurricanes for the past couple of years. They were great for giving me stability and correcting my overpronation problems. However I had heard that the Brooks Adrenaline shoes were almost the same as the Hurricanes, if not better. I also liked that they were cheaper (I bought mine for less than $100, the Hurricanes are usually $120 – $130). I go through shoes quickly, and it really adds up! I was nervous to switch to a new shoe but I’ve been LOVING them. Compared to the Hurricanes, they feel lighter yet more supportive. I think they do an even better job of correcting how my ankle rolls inward, and they support my high arches as well. I’m a Brooks convert now!

Zensah Compression Leg Sleeves

These have been my savior on my double weekend long runs. I wear them during both runs and the compression works to support the calves and shins. The sleeves also keep the oxygen flowing to the legs so that blood circulates well. I have worn these two weekends in a row- when I did a 16 miler on Saturday and 10 miler on Sunday, and then a 10 miler the following Saturday with an 18 miler on Sunday. I was amazed by how fresh my legs felt as I was running and even the next day on my second run. Usually my legs are dead tired and feel as heavy as bricks- not with these sleeves! I also haven’t been sore at all. I also wear my compression socks for recovery after running but these are the best to wear during a run. I’m so thankful I found them!

Injinji Lightweight Performance Toe Socks

When I went to the running store recently I was talking to one of the guys there about how I tend to get blisters and calluses, especially in between my toes. He recommended these toe socks which I was unsure about at first, because I thought they would feel weird between my toes. He was so convinced that I would love them that he gave me a pair to try for free. I tried them on my long run that weekend and absolutely fell in love. They felt good and my 8 mile run was completely free of any friction, and I could feel the muscles in my feet and toes working independently instead of one unit confined into a regular sock. They’ve kept my feet in great shape- callus, blister, and pain-free! I went back and bought two more pairs, and I’m sure I’ll be back for more later.

Mizuno Breath Thermo Layered Running Tights


These aren’t exactly new- I bought them last winter- but I’ve been loving them lately. They have special thermo technology inside the fabric on the inner thigh and calf that converts moisture (sweat) to heat to warm up your body. These tights are AMAZING. They are my go-to pants any time the temperature goes below 30 degrees. They keep my legs nice and warm 🙂

Lululemon Headbands

I don’t own anything from Lululemon except for these headbands. I love everything Lululemon and I know the clothes are amazing quality but it’s just too expensive for me right now. I already gave Kevin the hint that a gift certificate or an outfit might be nice as a special gift for a holiday 🙂 Anyway, I do love these headbands. Unlike other headbands that refuse to stay on my head, these will remain where I put them for hours. I wore the gray one last week on my 18 mile run and it barely moved at all.


I bought this with a gift card that I had to Walmart (LOL) because I wanted a way to do some strength training at home. I love Body Pump, but the classes at my gym don’t always work with my schedule.  I looked up some Kettlebell circuit workouts on Youtube and it’s been a great alternative that I can do on my own time without having to leave my house.

Fruit & Protein Smoothies

I guess this isn’t considered ‘gear’ but I’ve definitely been loving smoothies lately. It’s kind of strange because it’s winter, but I cannot get enough! We got a new blender for our wedding and it’s made all the difference in making deliciously smooth smoothies 🙂 My current favorite is frozen banana, strawberries, peaches, almond milk, and Sunwarrior protein powder.

Kindle Fire

Again, this isn’t really ‘gear’ but it has helped me with one of my most dreaded tasks – running on the treadmill. Kevin got me the Kindle Fire for Christmas and it’s been a lot of fun, but especially great for keeping me occupied and not bored to death when I’m forced to run on the treadmill. I love downloading books and reading them. It makes the time fly by!

What new gear have you been loving lately?


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  1. Some nice gear


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